No more bedrest, please…..

Today’s been a rotten day in the bathroom (‘nuf said) and my good ‘ole bed. Seems like a tummy bug and hopefully it’s hit me the hardest and now it’s on it’s way out of our house. He is not welcome here! It’s been a tough day to hear my babies in the next room and not be able to play with them, hold them, feed them, and watch them laugh out loud (one of THE BEST new milestones). Brad has been doing such an awesome job today of being Mr. Mom. He is such a champ….so glad he asked me to marry him. I can’t imagine all you moms out there that have been on bed rest with children – that must be killer. Soooooo, since today has been less than stellar, I’ll blog about the rest of our weekend.
Some highlights:

1. Isaac is such a happy fellow. He loves to do this hilarious cat/monkey scream of glee. He has sat up for about 2 minutes now – pretty good for a chunk! Henry is also “talking” more and is fascinated by playing with Isaac’s face. Clark loves to rollover and sleep as close as possible to Brooks. He smiles at everything! Brooks has been our wake-up call lately, usually because of a dirty diaper – it’s a great wake-up smell. He loves his bath, and soaking the bather. They all LOVE the exersaucer. I never thought plastic could be so entertaining!

2. Updating our blog with a new header and a few touch-ups….what do you think?

3. BIB OVERALLS!!!! I’m so excited to have now collected 4 pairs and they all fit at the same time! LOVE THEM!
Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac sporting the BIBS

4. Our first birthday party….It started off wild, but we made it! The Schleper’s who we’ve met through a local multiples group celebrated their babies Lauren, Drew, and Jack’s one year bday. It was such a sweet collection of friends and family that have helped them through a challenging year. It made me so grateful for each of you who have had a part in getting us through this adventure.

The Murray and Schleper Multiples (Trips and Quads, not something you see daily)

5. Free burrito day at Moe’s. Although it doesn’t sound good at all now, it was yummy at the time. We ate in the van during nap time, our closest thing to “dining in”.

Well, hope this post finds you on a better diet than peanut butter crackers, Gatorade, and sprite! Tomorrow is a new day. His mercies are new EVERY morning – our theme around here!

11 thoughts on "No more bedrest, please….."

  1. Laura says:

    Love the header so much!!! Adorable pictures too. I am so sorry you are sick, YUCK!! Hope you feel better. I am impressed Brad manages the babies so well, what a keeper! I love hearing about your outings!

  2. Jenn Brothers says:

    Absolutely adorable pic of the boys and your new pic is also cute. Love the hair cut – VERY Mommy friendly! The bug hit our house last week too, thank goodness Jackson could stay with Mamaw!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear that you are sick and hope that you are better soon! I hope it isn’t something you picked up at the party. We were so glad you made it and honored that we got to be the boys’ first birthday party (and worthy of mention on your award winning blog!)! I love the updates to the site and the pictures are adorable! The Viewmaster is my favorite, so far, though! 🙂
    God bless,

  4. Anonymous says:

    I happen to know someone who is currently unemployed and would love to come over and see you and the boys. I’ve lost your number in the move. Please email me when you get the chance so we can get together.
    Amy Cornell

  5. Anonymous says:

    I”m sorry you’re not feeling to hot – will def pray for a speedy recovery!! but on a lighter note, i LOVE the new header and all the fun pics. I totally hear ya on the exersaucer – my fav invention these days! and i can’t wait to hear their precious laughs. I”m hoping to make a trip to indy soon! love ya and keep the pics coming!

    Jaimie Z

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are you feeling better today? I’m so sorry you were sick! Your sons are just too precious! I admire your positive outlook on life! It’s very inspiring! You know I’m right around the corner should you ever need a “minute”. I love to hold those boys! Take care! Thanks for the updates!

    Mandy Hines

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jen the Hen! It’s Allyson (Kiesel) Long! Laura Garn has me hooked on your blog and I have been reading it since you guys were pregnant!! I look forward to seeing updates! Love the new header and your picture with Brad too!! God has really blessed you all beyond imagination! We live in Avon so maybe we can arrange a visit to your place in the near future!! If you get time, shoot me an email at

    Do the boys have Butler Basketball onesies for basketball season yet?? Gotta show their BU Pride!

    God Bless!


  8. angie says:

    Great new look for your blog. Love the header and title.

  9. Suzanne says:

    LOVE the overalls and i love seeing pics of you guys out and about! gives me hope of not being a recluse for the next 4 years! 😉 hope you are feeling better! YOU ROCK!

  10. I love the new header!


  11. Donna says:

    From one overalls junkie to another….

    When I found I was pg with BB twins, my first thoughts were little blondies in overalls…kind of “Dennis the Menace-Like”. Your boys are so cute.

    When my GGGG quads came along I O.D.’d on pink and white striped Osh Kosh overalls- pants and jumpers. I so love little ones in overalls!

    At 5 and almost 7, my crew is no longer in them (sigh)

    Your babies are such cute, chunky little guys.

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