Murray “Crew-Cuts”

You are in for a great post….The Murray Crew’s 1st Haircuts! I can’t get over how handsome and grown-up they look! I’m sitting here chuckling as I post this, because it truly has the appearance of Extreme Makeover, Hair Club for Men, or something along those lines…..

Warning: If you are a grandparent, aunt, future attendee of the birthday party, etc. and you want to be see the haircuts in person on their birthday- EXIT NOW!!!

Ready or not…Here’s their amazing Before and After Transformations! (Before on the left; After on the Right in case you needed a clue)





I love how they even look happier their “after” pictures. Classic!

Here’s some pictures of the “work in progress”…….

Clark -fascinated by the fish on his cape

Henry – Would have loved to figure out how to spray the water bottle

Isaac – Sad to see the mullet go

Brooks – Give me my hands back!

Don’t you think Phyllis did an amazing job? I think they were the best-behaved quads she’s ever cut! (Well, maybe the only ones too!)

Do you think they look ready to party?

26 thoughts on "Murray “Crew-Cuts”"

  1. Kelly says:

    Aww! Clark looks very pleased w/his NEW LOOK! They all look so different!

  2. Leah says:

    Oh my gosh…they are soo handsome!

  3. JAMIE'S CREW says:

    Jumped over from the Steece blog! The boys do look grown up after their haircuts! I remember that with my boy/girl twins and my singleton. For some reason, I thought I needed to wait until they were a year old and their hair looked so scraggly – and then when we had that first little trim done – I was so happy to have done it and a little regretful that I waited!

    Clark imparticular looked so proud!

    Good luck to you all! And Many Blessings!

  4. Anonymous says:

    so handsome……could I see a picture of them all sitting together. Im curious if it makes them look more alike or not. Thanks for sharing…finally. ha


  5. Awwww…really, where did your babies go? They look like little men ready to take on the world. They are so handsome.


    They look so cute!My boys wore the very same cover when they had their first hair cuts!:)

  7. Jenny B says:

    TOTALLY precious! so does mommy get to go and have a few hours at the spa now that her kiddos have had their “man-ification” cuts done? it’s only fair ya know:)
    I love it! their totally cute…ya know i’ve got 2 very precious daughter to marry off in about 25 yrs…i’m all about arranged marriages:) ha!

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are so cute!! I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! Thanks for sharing the Murray crew cuts! 🙂 Love them!!

    Emily Fay

  9. Suzanne says:

    DUDE! 1st: i cannot BELIEVE the tornados!! freaking scary! (i was in a tornado one time! the roof was ripped off over our heads and the rain was falling down on us–super scary)…so i don’t play around with T’s…i FREAK OUT! SOOO glad you are ALL safe and sound! sheesh

    2nd: hoooooooly cow those boys are drop dead gorgeous! LOVE the haircuts and the smiles…SOOOO BIG. SOOOO CUTE.

    keep thinking about you nonstop this week! very exciting!!! can’t believe you almost have one year olds! i know it is bittersweet, but more happiness than “heart pangs” for your tiny little babies. i’m already feeling that, so i will probably be a basket-case when they hit one year! love you, murray crew! have a blast this week/wkend!

  10. ok, this is def my favorite post yet! I must admit i fwd your link to everyone i know because i LOVE ALL their smiles and this may sound mean, but my fav is Isaac…crying. if they only knew what a luxury and pamper party a new do can be… 🙂

    love ya!

  11. Lynne UK says:

    Oh yes, they look very smart boys! (I meant “smart” in the British sense, we say it as an alternative to “pretty” for boys, but I’m sure they are “smart” in the American sense as well!) I noticed they were all smiling very nicely in the “after” picture as well! Best wishes to you all.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! They look so handsome and grown up!! It is so hard to believe they are almost one! Love to all of you

  13. Kelly says:

    Too cute! What great pictures! Lookout girls, here they come!

  14. ~Amber~ says:

    Adorable!!! Brooks looks so much older now!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    They look precious! They all have so much hair, my children didn’t have that much hair until they were two! I noticed some “cow licks” too, we also have those in our family, at least that’s what we call them. That’s including one girl! Looks like the boys were wonderful and I know she was priviledged to cut their hair! Thanks again for sharing I love ready you blog! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

  16. Darla says:

    So sweet – amazing how much older they look after a little snip her and there – haha!
    A D O R A B L E!!!
    Have fun on Saturday.

  17. How precious!! They look so handsome and grown up!! My almost one year old doesn’t have enough hair to worry about cutting….he still looks like a baby (for a little while) 🙂
    So cute.

  18. Devin says:

    They all look so sweet Jen! I have to say that my favorite picture is the one of Clark, just looking so proud of his ‘after’ do!

    Great pics, and such handsome little ‘men’ you have now!

    Devin in Illinois

  19. Andria says:

    I am AMAZED at the “transformation”! Gosh, you are so lucky you had such good “victims” that you could take pictures! What a milestone moment. Can I cry with you? It’s such a drastic infant-to-toddler phase it seems.

    Beautiful cuts on those beautiful boys. I hope their birthday celebration brings lots of joy, laughter and a few less tears!

    Happy Birthday, Murray Crew!

  20. Crystal says:

    Adorable haircuts! And they really do look happy with their new dos!!

    Happy Birthday boys!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I, somehow, happened across your blog a couple of days ago. I think it all started at Julie ( or Julia’s (Hippogriffs), hopping from blog link to blog link……and now, here you are on my favorites!

    I have been fascinated by your experiences; reading your archives has been fun – yet leaving me with a sleep deprivation of sorts. I work as an OB nurse in Wisconsin for a large Mayo affiliated hospital and I am still fascinated by the miracle of birth and what the human body is able to do. And, what faith is able to do that medicine cannot.

    I am awed by your accomplishment with these boys……sometimes medicine isn’t the real key (many times), faith and trust in God is what trumps all. Honestly, can anyone explain how your pregnancy was anything but textbook (to the good, obviously) when the deck is stacked against you? Not in a strict medical sense, for sure.

    Thank you for sharing your story with complete strangers. I didn’t feel right reading all of your experiences without introducing myself and saying well done, along with congrats. They’re handsome boys who are obviously thriving in your capable hands. (Who would have thought that your hands were capable of quad care last year at this time? I’ll bet you didn’t! 😉 ) It amazes me the calmness you convey in your posts. Fabulous. Truly fabulous. I will certainly keep checking in to see what the boys and their parents are up to!


  22. Gramma Kat says:

    My guys a gorgeous but they have been since day one. Gramma Kat can’t wait until Saturday to wish them all Happy Birthday #1. They are growing up too too fast. I agree with the blog that says mom needs some pampering. Let me know when you want to go Grandfather Thomas Gene and I will come stay with the little men. Love ya all, Gramma Kat

  23. They look great!! It’s amazing what a haircut can do to change their looks. Grayson has already had 2 and is due for another already! We have a cute kids haircut place here, but pricey. Be VERY thankful for your Phyllis!

    Happy Birthday Boys!

    Michelle, etc.

  24. Drea says:

    Very cute 🙂 our 1 year olds due for a trim. he kinda has a mullet beginning to shine through 😀

  25. Sara says:

    very cute – love how it looks like they’re happier in the after photos, how did you manage that?

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