A Sand Table is a Poor Replacement for The Beach…

…but a great source of entertainment, nonetheless.

The boys took their first field trip to the Children’s Museum (thanks, Joy, for the inspiration!) over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I had no idea how much they would be able to already enjoy at this age!  We feel fortunate to have such a nice toddler-friendly excursion so close to us, especially now that the cold weather has us cooped up inside most days. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, because I was busy dodging the masses, counting kids (1,2,3…where’s 4???? Oh there he is!), and watching their wonderment as they checked out each play area.  The sand dome, the huge water table, playhouse and the train table were HUGE hits!  Brad and I were tickled by how there seemed to be a 4:1 adult to kid ratio, while we remained out numbered. I guess everyone brings back-up reinforcements, but we enjoyed being our "little" family of 6! We plan on returning for an encore visit soon!


13 thoughts on "A Sand Table is a Poor Replacement for The Beach…"

  1. Anonymous says:

    We always LOVED the indy children’s musuem, too! How cool are those pictures!! I love how you put them together like a colage, too! I bet all four totally loved it there =) thats so cute, family of 6! wow!! how’d you go from 2 to 6?!! thats incredible, isn’t it!!-sioby-

  2. I am thrilled for you that you have a children’s museum near by. They are the greatest places in the world for little ones to explore, have fun, and learn.

    Have you looked into buying a yearly pass, which is usually quite reasonable if you are going to visit often. (I get a yearly grandparents pass to our Museum, and have used it almost every time the grandies visit!)

    Looks like the kiddos are having a wonderful time!! Love the pics!!

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh I am so glad you found the children’s museum… my little nephew loves it so much, and his baby brother is getting his first year-long pass to there as a christmas present (He is only 9 months right now too but he will be able to enjoy it shortly). Hope you get to go back many times!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I told you that you would love it!! A mom’s best friend in the winter!!! Hooray for all of you!

  5. Suzanne says:

    oh how fuuuuuun!!!! i wanna go!

  6. Looks like LOTS of fun!!!

  7. Brittany says:

    We love that place too! It’s time for a return visit for us too. The thing I like about Indy’s is that there is one door in and out so if you can man the “escape route”, you’re good to go.

    We went to Chicago’s last year and it’s not nearly as nice as Indy’s, IMO. I was surprised.

  8. Looks like they had a great time! We have 2 children’s museums near us – neither are big but still fun to go to. We’ll surely have to get to them over the winter break and before the baby arrives!

  9. debi9kids says:

    Just adorable!!!

    I’ll give you one of my tips for those kinds of outings so you can stress less… I always dressed my kids alike and in some obnoxiously loud color (like orange or red) so that I could just look for the color and count… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… LOL
    Seriously, jen, it made it that much easier on me and I was able to get more pictures too.

    ps yes, having extra hands there to help makes it easier, but when it’s just the two of you and your kids, well, then you know you can do it, by yourselves, and it’s that much more special.

  10. Cyn says:

    What an amazing experience for them! Looks like everyone had fun!

  11. susan says:

    looks like fun…wish we had something like that here!!

    My husband and I never take more adults with us so we are always ‘outnumbered’ too but we like to just hang out with all the kids….
    I like the idea of dressing them all in a similar “loud” colour so they are easily spotted…may use that when the twins come and are eventually mobile and we take [let] them on outings!!!!

    Susan :):)

  12. Hilary says:

    Gosh those boys are getting big…looks like fun was had by all 🙂 Have a great holiday season..

  13. Sarah says:

    The Children’s Museum is a great source of entertainment! I know Luke loves going there now too. and that is hilarous about the ratio…that is so us! but it’s usually 3:1 hahaha!

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