Things That Make Two “Terrific”


Since we’re off at BlogHer, this is a repost from a little earlier this year. I have sooooo much to blog about…like a year’s worth of blogging material.  (You can follow me on twitter for more real-time updates.)The boys are LOVING this Quadyssey for sure!  We are soaking up this time as a family and truly enjoying meeting readers and other incredible bloggers!


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Being on the other side of a major illness, has it’s way of making things seem much "easier". Through our journey of raising quadruplets, there always seems to be an ebb and flow of challenges and smooth sailing. Although it is subject to change at any moment, we are currently soaking up a less difficult stage. Of course every day has its challenges, discipline, and work, but it seems small in comparison to the load of the last few weeks.

We’ve been hearing, "Wait ‘Til They’re Two" since before they were born, and I’m sure there are many difficult days ahead, but we also know that perspective and attitude have an enormous influence on our daily lives. Each day is truly a gift, and as my triplet mama friend explains it so well, "No matter how terrible the day, the good ALWAYS outweighs the bad". We are determined to make TWO TERRIFIC

Here’s some things we already LOVE about TWO:

The little boy in them is coming out more everyday.

They love to sing and are learning words to songs. Some of their favorites include: The Wheels on the Bus, ABC, The B-I-B-L-E, Old McDonald, Night Night Baby, and Jesus Loves Me. Sweet, sweet little voices.

They are learning to be little helpers. (See video)

They are becoming hilariously good at imitating us (tone of voice, body language, words).

They can climb to the top of our neighborhood play set and slide down the slide.

Their bond of brotherhood has never been stronger.

They understand so much more and can follow simple directions.

They are developing a great sense of humor. (They are gonna need it!)

Their curiosity is fascinating.

They have a better understanding of turn-taking. (But oh do we have a ways to go!)

They can answer a yes/no question with better accuracy, instead of saying "no" to everything.

They are increasingly affectionate and lovable.

Here’s some video "proof" of how we are enjoying two.  This was taken before bedtime the other night, which is why they are wearing their sleepsacks. 

(Side note: Sleepsacks are one of my favorite things of all time.  They are wearable blankets, known as "nigh-nights" by our boys, made by Halo. We’ve been using them since the boys were about 2 months old, after being introduced to them by our friend Carrie. I’m convinced they’ve kept "stinkies" in their diapers and boys in contained in their cribs, as well as kept them warm.  They reverse zip from top to bottom, and once they figure that out, I plan on having them wear them backwards to hopefully buy us some more time!  (And no, Halo did not pay me to write that – it’s just a honest to goodness recommendation!)

37 thoughts on "Things That Make Two “Terrific”"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Darling as ever. I had no idea they could walk in the sleep sacks! Amazing! So glad everyone is finally healthy. Hugs to all.

  2. Lauren says:

    Such sweet little boys! You guys are doing a marvelous job of raising them. You’re great @ handing out the praise. 🙂 I LOVE the pic of the boys on the dryer … is it in a frame, or is that something else?

  3. A&EMom says:

    I’m not sure how age two got such a bad rap, I happen to adore that age! I figure each age has their pros and cons and you’ll like the ages that mesh best with your personality. Four was kind of hard on me, but my husband loved it!

  4. Oh my gosh, was that ever cute! Your boys’ wives will THANK YOU for teaching them how to clean and do laundry! That was really fun to watch with calm Daddy’s voice and adorable boys! Got just a glimpse of Mama!

  5. BreezieGirl says:

    They are too sweet… and cuter every day!!!

    The twins I nanny for had sleep sacks that they started wear backward at about 2.5. I loved them.

  6. So cute Jen!

    I love you.

  7. Melissa says:

    I’m a huge fan of two-year-olds! There’s nothing “terrible” about it! Of course, there are challenges that come with having a two-year-old (or 4 in your case), but honestly, there are challenges with every age!

    Your boys are simply precious! 🙂

    Melissa 🙂

  8. Suzanne says:

    YES! i believe that attitude is everything! we make a choice to be positive…and on the worst of days, the good always outweighs the bad! the boys are too cute! glad you are all feeling so much better!

  9. SarahSLP says:

    Two was great for us with Caeleigh. It was 2 1/2 or 4 when the sass mouth came…but you have boys, so hopefully they don’t get “sassy!” (And at nearly 8…still sassy!)

    I did register for some of those sleep sacks after helping you with those boys. I love them!!!

  10. I loved HALO sleep sacks, too, however, once my little boy started to walk, I didn’t let him wear them anymore. From watching your boys, I definitely should not have given up so easily!!!

    Jen, just wanted to know that I truly admire your wonderful attitude about the boys turning 2. You are such an amazing mama, Sister!

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  11. Anonymous says:

    The boys are precious….just wanted to let you know at the beginning of the video it says Feb. 2008 instead of 2009….just wanted to let you know so you can change it…hope you have a nice week!

  12. PletcherFamily says:

    There is a lot to love about 2. It is nice to see them become a little more independent, a little closer to potty training, and a lot more vocal and fun! And I am sure those first days with 4 babies were really challenging that actually, two may look like a picnic!! 🙂

  13. our two two-year-olds are terrific, too! We have yet to face anything too terrible *knock on wood!* They also love to help out – I honestly CAN’T change a load of laundry myself…both run to help. They love to help unload the dishwasher (I Just have to be quick to unload the glass stuff before they do! haha!), and the are usually good about picking things up. Oh, and if they see something on the floor or if something spills, its a race to get a dish towel to wipe it up!

    Oh, and now…there’s things to do to help with the new baby…get me a diaper, a wipe, a blanket, etc. They love being mommy’s helpers!

    Great job Jen and Brad! The boys get more handsome every day! You’ll love the terrific twos!

  14. Blair says:

    My youngest cannot sleep without her sleep sac and like your boys, is a pro at walking around in it! We joke that we are just preparing her for potato sack races when she gets older.

    And a FYI – they do make them for older kids. Check out One Step Ahead (;=85179&categoryId;=86181). I don't see it in that cool camo print though.

    Love seeing the boys grow. And glad two is so great!

  15. Whitney says:

    We loved our sleep sacks too! My trio figured out how to unzip them right after their 2nd birthday so I am hoping you get a lot more time out of them. I wish I had thought about turning them around!

  16. PRECIOUS Boys!!! Seriously…they are HILARIOUS and just so darn handsome 🙂

  17. Mary D says:

    Do they make them in adult sizes? I want one. Mary Drewery

  18. debbale says:

    You are so luck they havn’t figured the sack our yet. Our little ones di at 20mo and even putting them on backwards did not help with the girls but duck tape did! No kidding duck taping the zipper up stopped them from getting them off until about a month ago. They turned two today!

  19. Margot says:

    They are adorable! We are about to try some stronger meds. I’m nervous about the shot part but I am praying that it works for us. I’m glad you’re all feeling better.

  20. ASHENFELTERS says:

    they are adorable!!!!I love how they “help” you with the laundry!(good job cutting out the last thing grabbed!:) @ is great…3..hmm. God gives us grace,thank goodness!:)

  21. Terrible two’s…huh…my twins are TERRIFIC TWO’s!!!
    I cant stand people saying exactly what you said bout the terrible two’s…my girls are now 3+ and there was nothing hard about them being 2…I think you just have more + and – during the day…but at the end of it I LOVED them just as much if not more. YOu are truly amazing and doing a FANTASTIC job 🙂

  22. Jenny B says:

    Loved the video! so cute! what little men they are now:)
    We LOVE our sleep sacks! Definitely a good buy!
    :)glad to see things are getting back to normal around your house!


  23. Abby says:

    My son is 22 months and that list sounds so familiar! Especially the one about answering questions, it is so nice to hear “yes” after months of hearing NO to every question – even though he meant yes most of the time!

  24. kathy says:

    So adorable! I found you by way of the giveaway printer and I have a new grand baby. I love reading your blog and watching your adorable children grow.

  25. Kalle says:

    Such good laundry helpers and absolutely adorable boys.

  26. Kalle says:

    Such good laundry helpers and absolutely adorable boys.

  27. Your boys are so so cute!! I’ve been *teaching* by boys (who are 10months old) how to empty the dishwasher and mop. They watch from their high chairs after dinner. I keep saying that they will know before daddy where everything goes 🙂

  28. Anonymous says:

    I want a sleep sack!! hahahah!!! how smart are they anyway?!! Look how well they obey & take directions!!! SO SWEET 🙂 Sioby

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am sooo glad that you love them as much as I did. It is still my first gift I buy a new mom!!
    *I am so glad you all are feeling better!

  30. HOW CUTE!!! I cant wait for that age, not matter what people say 🙂
    They are just precious…

  31. rightonmom says:

    Just found your blog. Your boys are adorable. My son just turned 3 and everyday his personality shines through more and more. Hard work? Definitely, but like your friend said, happy and good times always trump anything negative! Enjoyed my visit here.

  32. Andria says:

    How cute are they??? Such little helper they are… until they learn “no”. 🙁 My 3yo LOVES doing chores… I hope he keeps it up, and that at least one of your four can be that extra helping hand (or more!) Congrats on their little milestone. What a fun group of little men. I love it! I’m totally in love with this age!

  33. You are right…2 is teriffic! It’s 3 that’s the pits.

  34. cenzluccsmom says:

    Beautiful boys!! I have twin 2 1/2 yr old boys and I will tell you the 2s are fun! Each month gets better and better and they are so funny now! Enjoy!!

  35. rebecca says:

    The Sleep Sack is an awesome invention! I get so tickled watching my 18 month old little girl shuffle around in it just prior to bedtime.

    Your boys are so adorable and growing so fast. Thank you for sharing their little lives with all of us!


  36. Anonymous says:

    wow they are so cute!

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