Epic New Year Resolution: “Holding It”


***Disclaimer: Bathroom Humor and An Overuse of Quotation Marks Were Used in the Making of This Post***

Although I had high hopes that January 2010 would be the “Month of the Underpants”, it just wasn’t in the cards.  As soon as we found out we would be able to travel to Walt Disney World on a 2,000 mile road trip, I knew we would have to “hold it”!

After getting unpacked and readjusted to home life, I also thought we would start right in on “Booty Camp 2010”, but we’ve had one with some serious “Big D” for several days and with my dad being in the hospital we’ve gotten “stopped up” once again. 

I was able to talk to some experts from Pull-Ups last week, and they really encouraged us to keep it as fun as possible and to wait until you can dedicate the time to be consistent.

So for now we’ve been watching Elmo’s Potty Time DVD* and talking it up, but we are “resisting the urge” until we can dedicate an uninterrupted few days to “Booty Camp 2010”.

Go with the “flow”, right? 

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7 thoughts on "Epic New Year Resolution: “Holding It”"

  1. Love it… particularly since we made the big switch this weekend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Elmo's Potty Time really does work. Good luck Jen and Brad. Crystal Williams

  3. Caralyn says:

    I just went through potty training with my soon to be three years old twins, cannot imagine it with 4 of them! Great plan to wait until they and (almost more importantly)you are ready. We had a 5-day Potty Training 101 that was actually shortened to 3 days b/c they did so well. I was amazed, especially considering how hard it was to potty train my(now)7 year old. Just continue to "go with the flow", it will happen when all SIX of you are ready. Good luck!

  4. HT says:

    Elmo's Potty Training video is what I think "broke" my one daughter into going number two in the potty! She absolutely refused to go do number 2 in the potty until she saw "Curly" go to the potty!

    All I can say is….thank goodness out potty training days are over!

  5. Krystyn says:

    Yes, waiting until they are ready is key. Daycare helped us D.R.A.G. it out so much because they were pushing when she wasn't ready. It is worth waiting until they are ready.

  6. Emily says:

    I'll come help 😉 It would be good training for (hopefully) someday 😉

  7. Oh my. That really is quite a lot of potty puns. 😉

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