Finding the Hero Inside of Him


As a girl, we grown up with the desire to marry our hero.  From an early age, we dream of our future husband being strong, fearless, protective.  Although the prince on a white horse may be childish and unrealistic, the desire to marry a hero is not.

My four 3 year old sons are starting to show some of the characteristics that can develop them into heroes. Although I may selfishly want to shelter them and keep their childlike innocence as long as possible, I do not want to get in the way of teaching them to discern evil from good…

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 Mothers of Boys

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One thought on "Finding the Hero Inside of Him"

  1. purejoy says:

    it’s so cool to watch kids adopt gender roles. and weird, too. i remember my daughter would nurture a rock like a baby, put it down for a “nap” and my son would pick it up and pretend it was a gun…
    your boys are quite handsome!! and i’m sure they’re heroes in your book!

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