Early Birthday Surprise: Toy Story 3 On Ice Tickets

The boys received a early birthday surprise this weekend from their Aunt Kristy and Uncle Ryan: Tickets to Toy Story 3 on Ice! I can remember going to Disney on Ice when I was their age as one of my first memories. They LOVED it and hopefully they’ll remember it for years to come!

taking the family to disney on ice

Hardly ever a perfect family picture, but worth trying! =) They were so excited to have their own tickets and thought they could use them to watch another show the next day! (I wish, Buddies!)

disney on ice 2011

We waited eagerly for the show to begin!

toy story 3 disney on ice

toy story 3 on ice

It was so fun watching the boys cheer as each of their favorite characters skated out for their introduction.  Clark loves Rex and Buzz the most, Isaac loves Woody and Ham, Brooks loves Jessie and Buzz, and Henry loves Bullseye and Buzz.

disney toy story 3 characters

Disney put on a great show, just as you would expect from Disney.  Great costumes, acting, music, talent, and all round fun family entertainment!

balcony seats at disney on ice

Loved taking this in with a boy (or two) on my lap! Seeing it through their eyes is THE BEST!

 disney on ice toy story 

Henry provided some comic relief during intermission.  

family trip to toy story on ice

THANK YOU, Aunt Kristy and Uncle Ryan, for making this birthday so special already! The boys have been practicing their ice skating (on the carpet) and acting it out ever since!  Thank you for loving on our boys!

disney toy story on ice

 “We are eternally grateful.” – The Toy Aliens


7 thoughts on "Early Birthday Surprise: Toy Story 3 On Ice Tickets"

  1. Dianne Hands says:

    another of my bordem buster on a winter day is ice skating in the house give every child two pieces of wax paper and let them skate on carpet or hard wood floors till they can’t skate any more…

  2. Soooo adorable. I bet they’ll remember it for years.

  3. Asia says:

    Wow, this is a great post. Glad they had fun and I am sure they will never forget that day!!!

  4. It looks like so much fun! The same show will be in Detroit in March I think. We thought about going but haven’t decided for sure yet. I know they’d enjoy the characters but my older two would love the ice skating, too!!

    Happy (early) birthday to your boys!!!

  5. Hoping to go this year too – my 3 year olds first time! 🙂 Great pics!!

  6. AmazingGreis says:

    How fun!!

    Can’t believe your FOUR boys will be 4 soon!

  7. AmazingGreis says:

    How fun!!

    Can’t believe your FOUR boys will be 4 soon!

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