Foodily = Food I Love You

Foodily = Food I Love You!


I’ve been dying to let you in on the newest secret of the internet: FoodilyYou all are going to discover it and LOVE it. 

It’s launched just in time for you to find some crowd pleasing Super Bowl recipes!

For instance, I just searched guacamole in the search bar – and I’m given a stunning selection of recipes from all your favorite sources – Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Food Network, and Bloggers that you love and trust!  All in one place. FINALLY.


Gone are the days of searching multiple sites and not knowing what to trust as a good go to recipe. These recipes are rated by your FRIENDS (via Facebook login).  You can compare recipes side by side based on your preferences, create menus, share recipes with your friends, etc.

So. User. Friendly. Yay!

Food.  What’s not to love?  Like it. Love it. Share it.


Foodily and Clever Girls Collective have asked me to be a Foodily Ambassador as they launch this site.  Thank you for sponsoring my efforts in testing the site, providing feedback and recipes, and sharing this awesome resource with you!

One thought on "Foodily = Food I Love You"

  1. Jamie Reese says:

    Hope everyone is on the mend. Not a fun way to spend a week X4! Especially Birthday Week. Praying that all the boys get well soon, and that You and Brad stay well! Happy 4th Anniversary of your miracles. Jamie

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