St. Vincent’s Annual NICU Reunion Picnic 2011

kiddie train ride

It’s always hard to put into words what the annual St. Vincent’s NICU Reunion Picnic means to us.  I’ve attempted for the last four years, but it always feels inadequate. Sure, St. V’s knows how to throw a great summer party in the park with games, bounce houses, a petting zoo, snacks, train rides, etc. However, getting to thank the docs and nurses that helped saved our babies lives…nothing beats that. It’s phenomenal to be surrounded by so many little miracle lives and to try and comprehend all that they have overcome. However, it’s sobering to be reminded how many each year loose their battle to prematurity.

We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude to our hospital and staff and how God used them in the lives of our four boys.

St. Vincent NICU Picnic 2011

We also love the opportunity to see familiar faces from our month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as well as celebrate with all the other multiples families we have gotten to know.  This year, I think we broke a record with 8 (Yes, EIGHT!) sets of quadruplets. Here’s a picture with Dr. Sumners and 5 sets he has delivered in the past 4 years. Incredible, right?

five sets of quadruplets in Indiana

Don’t you think he should offer a free quad parents night out? It could be a great thank you gift from us parents. {giggles}

teeter totters for 4 

Our boys love the picnic more every year, and I think they comprehend a little more each year what we’re celebrating.

Celebrating life. Celebrating accomplishments. Celebrating people that God has put in our path for a purpose.

2 thoughts on "St. Vincent’s Annual NICU Reunion Picnic 2011"

  1. Every year that you post this, I think its more and more awesome that they do this for the families and staff…but now that the boys are getting older and realizing what its all about – even more special!!

  2. Courtney says:

    I think it is so cool that your hospital does this! And that’s a lot of quads! haha Looks like a great time!

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