Too Cool for School Pool

four year old summer swim lessons

The first “twinzies” (Clark and Brooks) have completed their swim lessons, and the other set start this week. It went WAY better than I could have imagined.  The only tears were the ones that came when we told them they had to get OUT of the pool!

In 6 short sessions, Clark and Brooks can jump into the deep end and swimming to the ladder, go underwater to fetch for diving sticks, take “rhythmic breaths” to the side while they are swimming, and have gained so much confidence in the water.

Much of the credit goes to their FABULOUS instructor, Miss Kaitlin.  The boys were so at ease with her, and she taught them so much in a short amount of time!  Who would have guessed that when she was feeding our 1 month preemies, that she would teach them swim lessons 4 years later?!!

Isaac and Henry can hardly wait for their turn this week, but they’ve enjoyed the 1 on 1 time or 2 on 2 time, while we’ve waited for their brothers swim lessons to be over.  Library trips, ice cream, throwing rocks in the lake, the farmer’s market, and trips to Lowes have been the highlights.

6 lessons down, 6 lessons to go until they are all officially “too cool for school pool”!

4 thoughts on "Too Cool for School Pool"

  1. Cool! Did you do private lessons? We are starting this summer’s round of swim lessons tomorrow night. Its a 5 week session in a class of about 10 kids. The goal is to swim unassisted the length of the pool by the end…we’ll see! I’ll def just be happy if they’ll put their head in or get splashed without freaking out!!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Yay! Hope it goes “swimmingly”!

      Yes, we did private lessons with a family friend. It worked out great for us.

  2. christa sanders says:

    that’s so cool! maybe they trust her more b/c they “know” her! my daughter has a super special bond with my sister that came to stay with us the 1st two weeks after she was born (i had a c-section). my sister was THE ONLY person my daughter would stay with up until recently. so maybe there is a special connection!

    my daughter is doing swim lessons right now too and just LOVES it. of course this has been an AWESOME summer to live in the pool 🙂

    how r u feeling this week?

    so awesome that you got to have special times with “just” 2 this week!

  3. leah says:

    wow, i can’t believe in only 6 lessons that they can jump in and swim around! that’s awesome progress. i’ve hesitated to start my older two (4 and 3) in swim lessons b/c i thought it would just take so looooong, but maybe i need to be a little more optimistic =)

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