Best of 4tunate 2011: Part 3

I’m taking the week off of blogging to enjoy Christmastime with my family and to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.  However, I’m taking a look back at 2011 and some of my favorite moments here on 4tunate.  I’ve been very blessed once again this year to share our adventures, several of our bloopers, some of our lessons learned through parenting, and a glimpse of our lives with our miracle boys. Thank you for continuing to support us by showing up here regularly, reading our words, and encouraging us in multiple ways.  YOU are all a wonderful gift to us!

2011 Held It’s Share of Laughs, Sweet Moments, Lessons in Parenting, and Pain:


best of 4tunate part 3 halloween costume_______________________________________________________________________


  • Thank you for walking with us through the difficult days of my abdominoplasty recovery and for loving on our family.

best of 4tunate abdomnioplasy_______________________________________________________________________

  • Thank you for allowing me to share my struggles in parenting and what God has been teaching me, like in this recent post about Battling the Mom-Guilt.

best of 4tunate part 3 mom guilt_______________________________________________________________________

What was YOUR favorite post on 4tunate this year?