Does My Heart Reflect That Children Are a Blessing?


I firmly believe that our children are better at hearing our hearts in our words than we are. They pick up on even the slightest negative tone in my voice; they hear every word I say under my breath.  They notice when I am annoyed at them, no matter how much I try to hide it.  I believe they also know when I am disciplining them because I am mad at them instead of correcting them because I love them and desperately want to mold them into the man God wants them to be.  GUILTY…

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One thought on "Does My Heart Reflect That Children Are a Blessing?"

  1. Valarie Johnson says:

    I, mother of now 3 boys, struggle with this on a daily basis. Every time I raise my voice or say something even the least bit negative I am so angry with myself and vow to do better the next day. Then…. that moment of no one listening and mass chaos occurs and there I am again raising my voice!

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