How To Egg Your Neighbor’s House {Easter Style}

One of my quad mama friends Jen, updated her Facebook status about getting ready to “egg” her neighbors with her quads.  I was instantly intrigued and knew we HAD to throw our own “Egg-Stavaganza” in our ‘hood.

plastic easter eggs picture-1

So when it started to get dark (which takes forever these days!), we started packing eggs with jelly beans, chocolates, and chewy treats. And then we snuck out in our pajamas to “egg” our neighbor’s yards.  So fun!!!!

how to egg your neighbors for easter

We nearly got caught by a neighbor getting ice cream out of her garage fridge, but I assured her there was nothing to see and she giggled back inside.  I’ve received a couple of texts this morning from another neighbor trying to figure out who would have “egged” them!

Good times in the neighborhood! Have YOU ever done anything sneaky to your neighbor’s house? Time to fess up in the comment section!!!!

14 thoughts on "How To Egg Your Neighbor’s House {Easter Style}"

  1. amy c says:

    i’ve done something similar for halloween!

  2. Jenn says:

    Love it!! What a fun tradition to keep spreading!

    Happy Easter!!!!

  3. Wow, that is the neatest idea I have seen. We only have 3 houses on our neighbor hood and they might not see the humor. You will have to come to our blog next week and check out our post on the HoundDog Easter Egg hunt. We have an Easter Egg hunt with our 3 hound dogs in the back yard and it is quite funny. They are filled with dog treats. BOL

    Hope you guys are doing good.


    1. Courtney says:

      We hide pieces of “Pupperoni” around the house for our dog. You’re right; it is funny to watch!

  4. Sarah says:

    Cute idea, Jen! I love that it’s both super-fun and teaches the boys how nice it feels to do something kind for others.

    You’re such an awesome mom! Can’t believe how big your babes are getting! Happy easter!

  5. Melissa says:

    My church youth group flamingoes yards. They sneak over in the night and set up about 50 lawn flamingos all over the yard. They also happen to offer flamingo clean-up service, for a price. Oh, you can also bribe them to flamingo someone else’s house, or even buy flamingo insurance to protect yourself from the flamingos! It’s a great fundraiser 🙂

    1. Monique says:

      Melissa, this sound hysterical! Love this idea!

      And Jen, I love the idea of egging others houses with treats!

  6. Emily says:

    I am totally going to remember this and do this when I have kids! That is such an awesome idea!

  7. Courtney says:

    Cool idea! And I agree with Emily!

  8. Ann-Marie says:

    I *love* this idea! We do a “You’ve been Boo’ed” in our ‘hood around Halloween, but I haven’t heard of anyone “egging.” I may just have to start this tradition for my peeps here. (pun intended).

  9. Monica says:

    Ding Dong Ditch. Leave a box of Hostess DingDongs and a note, “You’ve been DingDong Ditched.”

  10. This is such a fun idea!! Sadly, there’s no one around us to do it with (3 vacant homes and 2 we’d rather not really associate with…). Would be so fun to have done in the neighborhood I grew up in!

  11. Lara says:

    Love this!

    As a fundraiser for our church Relay for Life team, we used a very large tractor tire, and stood it in people’s yards with ‘Tired of Cancer’ painted on the wall of the tire.

    The payment set up was a lot like Melissa’s flamingo fundraiser…they could pay us to take it to someone else’s yard 😉

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