Budget? What Budget?


Before the kids were born, Jen and I worked hard to live our lives on a budget. We were literally on a budget each month where we documented where every cent was going. It was something Jen introduced to me in our first few weeks of marriage, and it paid off both financially and martially. I sincerely believe that those early days of budgeting spared us from much heartache.

What happened to our budget?

Five years ago quadruplet boys “happened” and everything about our lives and routines changed. This is probably the case for most couples when they have their first child, it may have even been magnified a bit for us with four. We were determined to hold things together and keep our marriage strong, but budgeting didn’t make the priorities list at that time.

Continue reading Brad’s post on how we are getting back on the Budgeting Bandwagon at Family Your Way…{including our budget items and printable}


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One thought on "Budget? What Budget?"

  1. Cherie says:

    We LOVE using YNAB software (You Need A Budget). It has been a true godsend for us since having the triplets.

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