Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 22}: Hands on Farm

Day 22 Visit a Farm Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys

Visit a Farm or a Farmer…


  • A Working Farm
  • Farm Equipment
  • Farmer

There is so much to learn about our land and food from some of the hardest working members of our nation. Every farmer we’ve been in contact with has been more than willing to take time with our boys to show them their equipment, answer questions, and share their knowledge of all things farming.  And the boys “eat” it up!  They learn so much about the planting to harvest process, and even some economic lessons along the way. We really can’t thank our local agricultural heroes enough!

Getting to know them personally is a great experience. And after all, what boy doesn’t love to climb into a tractor and check out all of its bells and whistles? Better yet, maybe you can hitch a ride!

visiting a farm with kids outdoor adventures for boys 


  Helpful Tips/Resources:

* Check with your local co-ops, agricultural department, and/or meat markets to learn more about farms in your area.

* Local and State Fairs are another great opportunity to get your hands on farm animals, equipment, and materials. 

visiting a farm with kids simple outdoor adventures for boys

What kind of agriculture is your area known for? 

2 thoughts on "Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 22}: Hands on Farm"

  1. Crystal says:

    Oregon is the nationwide number one producer of Christmas trees, grass seed (Linn County is known as the “Grass Seed Capital of the World” — seriously) and filberts. Although everyone else calls them hazelnuts, I’m not sure why. 🙂

    I grew up in the country and started driving hay truck when I was 8. Can you imagine your boys driving in just a few more years?!?!

  2. Courtney says:

    I live in Lancaster County, PA, so we are all things farming! I went to Ag Days at Penn State this year and learned how to compost! lol One thing that people probably don’t think about for this area is that I believe we are the #1 grower of mushrooms.

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