Contigo® Striker AUTOSPOUT Sports Water Bottle Giveaway {25 Winners}

contigo no spill water bottles for kids spill proof


Spills are a frequent part of my life, like this doozy of a spill that took place over the weekend…


A FULL half gallon of Oberweis Chocolate Milk in a glass bottle ended up on my kitchen floor and tiny pieces of glass shattered into the living room. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the process, but cleaning up milk and glass for an hour and a half on a Saturday morning wasn’t in my weekend plans!


Thanks to our Contigo® No-Spill Kids Cups, our van/backpacks/lunchboxes have stayed spill-free! {Did you see that? A piece of my sanity just returned to me!} And I’m not sure about YOU, but I would clean a kitchen floor 99 times to 1 over cleaning out car seats and the van. 

I simply LOVE Contigo products.  The No-Spill Trekker Cups have worked beautifully for us, and now we’re trying out the AUTOSPOUT Striker Kids Water Bottles

Things I love about the Contigo® Striker Water Bottles?

  • Spill/Leak Proof – upside down, shake, shimmy, throw, you name it my boys have tried it! (even with the spout up)
  • Perfect for on the Go
  • Encourages Hydration for My Active Kids
  • One-Handed Drinking and One Touch Button Make for Easy Operation (Age 3+)
  • It’s FUN – the “AUTOSPOUT” magic factor and a great design
  • Dishwasher Safe

But don’t take MY WORD for it…

Here’s a quick clip of the things my boys like about their new water bottles and you can see the No-Spill magic with your own eyes! 

{Also, after doing my first giveaway for Contigo®, I had overwhelming feedback from other moms who were extremely pleased with their purchases!}

You can find this Contigo® product to purchase at,, and other retailers like Target, Meijer, Williams Sonoma, and Kmart for under $10! {Great stocking stuffer!}

 Contigo® is generously providing 25 of their new Striker Water Bottles to YOU!  {25 winners means you have an EXCELLENT chance, People!}

contigo no spill water bottles for kids spill proof

Simply tell me in the comment section…

“WHERE is the worst place that you’ve cleaned up a disaster of a spill?”  

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Thanks again to Contigo® for sponsoring this giveaway, allowing me to try out your product, and rewarding my time and efforts in promoting your brand!

181 thoughts on "Contigo® Striker AUTOSPOUT Sports Water Bottle Giveaway {25 Winners}"

  1. Jenny says:

    a gallon of milk all over the basement floor

  2. These look awesome! I think the worst spill I cleaned up was milk (with yogurt mixed in) off the wall and carpet. It was on a side table and got hit w/ a ball and splattered everywhere!

  3. Leah says:

    Worst spill? When I was a kid, I dropped a full gallon of milk while getting it out of the fridge, and it shot up milk alllll into the fridge, and it took me hours (and sour milk smell) to clean out every.single.thing in the fridge.

  4. Traci Best says:

    Liquid laundry detergent off of vinyl floor. 😛 YUCK!

  5. Kelly Olsen says:

    The worst spill I can remember was a brand-new HUGE jar of pickles. Crash! Over the side of the counter and onto the floor. Sticky, smelly, glass everywhere! Ew! PS – Posted my favorite Contigo mug onto my Pinterest Board!!

  6. Sommer says:

    The worst and messiest spill we’ve had to date was when my oldest was a toddler and he spilled orange tempera paint on the carpet in the playroom. We have tried for years to get that stain out with no luck! And, of course there’s the time my oldest son threw up in the hallway and the same playroom after just drinking bright red pedialyte!!!! And, no luck in getting that stain out either!!

  7. Jenny Lloyd says:

    the worst place i’ve cleaned up a spill at…a very bad leaky sippy cup of chocolate milk at church

  8. Amanda says:

    A leaky sippy cup that dripped down side of car door, into floor board, underneath car mat.

  9. Sarah Johnson says:

    Just the other day, my grandson was standing next to me while I was on my laptop and his cup tilted spilling just a little bit (fortunately) into the keyboard. While thanks to the Lord’s grace it could have been worst, I would love to prevent that in the future!

  10. Gail says:

    Cleaned up a can of soda that exploded in the refrigerator!

    Annapolis, MD

  11. Sarah Johnson says:

    I entered this giveaway on one of my Pinterest boards, Busy Bags Ideas/ Toddler Fun

  12. Krista says:

    A bag of carryout food with two containers that both didn’t have lids on tightly — soup and pasta sauce slowly soaked out of the bag and onto the back seat. My idea of a laid back evening without cooking, turned into an evening of cleaning my car!

  13. Susie deGeneres says:

    Had to clean an entire gallon of milk out of the back of my SUV. Not fun and the car smelled for DAYS !!

  14. Sharon says:

    I pinned this to my contest board (shronc).

  15. Crystal says:

    An entire Costco-sized tub of Vaseline all over a bathroom thanks to my 2-year-old little sister. That stuff is WAY harder to clean off surfaces than you would think!

  16. Valerie says:

    Worst spill- the van. Stubborn carpet smells!

  17. Sharon says:

    Not sure where my worst spill clean up would be. Right now we live in a trailer (small space) so the majority of spills are in the living room & kitchen. Probably milk in the kitchen .. being a small space even a small spill gets everywhere!

  18. Valerie says:

    I repinned your post…

  19. Krista says:

    A tub of Vaseline…out of my nephew’ hair and clothing…as well as my bedspread, pillows, carpet and beside stand!

  20. Megan says:

    I love their other cups, and am excited to possibly try this one too!

    The worst spill I’ve had to clean was when a full bottle of laundry detergent (liquid) fell off the top of our washer during the spin cycle and busted open all over our utility room floor. Just so you know, its SO hard to clean that stuff up! You wipe it all up and the film is still on the floor. And when you try to mop it, it just suds up!!

    Moral of the story: don’t keep detergent on top of the washer.

  21. Josephine says:

    The worst ws probably milk all over the table including down in the cracks between the “leaves” puddled in the floor and down the furnace vent…

    Or the water bottle that spilled in the backpack all over the library books…lunch box, homework, backpack reading book and ws finally noticed when my 5 year old ended up with a puddle in his pants & shoes due to it continuing to drip! (Thankfully that was water but SO much of it!!) 😉

  22. Gretchen says:

    My worst spill cleanup was in our van, but it was my Dr. Pepper after a long vacation car ride. I was in the back area and my husband went over a big bump and I dropped my bottle and it splashed and spilled everywhere. Hit the ceiling, got in the stow and go under seat storage, the carpet, everywhere. I tried to clean it, but ended up just paying to have the carpet cleaned and the van detailed to get it all out and not get ants.

  23. Rachel E. says:

    A shattered glass bottle of foundation all over the bathroom floor and up the vanity.

  24. Christina B says:

    Our worst spill was INSIDE our diaper bag. All those crevices, pockets, and items in the bag made it a nightmare! I’d love one of these!

  25. Laura Sager says:

    Spilt Sippy cup of juice under the couch! Of course I picked up the cup but didn’t notice the spill until a couple days later when it started smelling pretty funky!

  26. Emily J says:

    I think that the oil based salad dressing in the back of my car or the bottle of cough syrup the tipped between my bed and dresser tie as worst spills I’ve ever had to clean up.

  27. Jess K says:

    Worst place I’ve ever cleaned up a spill? Definitely the van or the couch – there’s just so many crevices to get into!

  28. Ellen says:

    I spilled an entire jar of minced garlic in the back of our car once. Man, that stink didn’t come out for a LONG time…

  29. Samantha O says:

    Where hasn’t there been a spill?? Having a toddler in the house means that we are in for plenty of spills!

    My son would love this cup. I have one similar that he insists on drinking from all the time. If he had one of his own, it would solve both of our problems!

  30. Jan says:

    Probably the worst and FUNNIEST was when my son didn’t want to eat the required one bite of whatever casserole we had for dinner. He sat for a couple hours and dumped his small portion down the furnace vent finally (when I wasn’t in the room). He proudly came and informed me that he had eaten it all – but his mom didn’t believe it. 🙂 The next time we had a stand-off, it only took him an hour of sitting there stubbornly before he decided to dump it behind our buffet, where it ran down the wall and on the carpet. A story to put in the books! 😀

  31. Jen Hep. says:

    The worst place that I’ve cleaned up a disaster of a spill was in the fridge. I was trying to pull out a container of leftover soup and as I tilted it, the lid popped off and spilled all over the inside of the fridge as well as splattering all over the kitchen floor and myself. No fun!!!

  32. Mar H says:

    The FREEZER! Put a smoothie in to firm up a little bit and it spilled all down the racks, freezing to things as it went…

  33. Tara says:

    The worst spill I ever had was when our dehumidifier leaked for hours all over our basement carpeting (because I forgot to put the little plug in the back…ugghh). We had to rip up all the carpet…it smelled that bad!

  34. Those look awesome! My worst spill – definitely in the van – car seat crevices are the worst and never seem to completely get clean – and I hate uninstalling and taking covers off. These would be a great product for us to try with my triplets!

  35. Lindsey Scheibe says:

    Our worst spill was juice in the kitchen. All over the curtains, the wall, the floor, the chair and the table. Ugh.

  36. tess says:

    spills in the bed- soaks right to the mattress.

    cant wait to try this out…woohoo
    tcogbill at live dot com

  37. MollyH says:

    Definitely the car – all down the carseat, in all the crevices, under the floor mats, you name it. There was weirdo smell in there for a LONG time.

  38. Rachel says:

    Where? My mom’s house this past Sunday. She was at church and my not quite three year old shattered two of her casserole dishes. I couldn’t find a dustpan or trash bags, and it was quite the search for the vacuum!!

  39. Hilary says:

    I can think of two bad spills off the top of my head that happened in the past month or so: 1) dropped a full bowl of tomato soup (at work, unfortunately) and it splattered EVERYWHERE 2) opened the fridge to find a pitcher of water on its side. Luckily it was just water but I spent forever wiping/cleaning it up

  40. Lisa says:

    Worst spills, hands down, are the ones that happen in their carseats! With 3 in carseats, I’ve had my share of cleaning carseats. I pinned this to my “Kids” board. Thanks!

  41. Carrie M says:

    While we have had bad spills (broken glass, keeping kids away while cleaning, etc.) it is the frequency with which my 3 year old spills his milk daily that would make a “big kid” water bottle more appealing than a sippy cup. Thank you!

  42. Sharon says:

    My least favorite place to clean up a spill is in the refrigerator. It gets all over everything and goes down into the crisper drawers.

  43. juliea says:

    Worst place I ever cleaned a spill from was when a cousin dropped a pitcher full of lemonade behind the refrigerator. It was two quarts of sticky sweet liquid that went everywhere! It took four of us an hour to get it all wiped up and I think I still smell lemonade every time I open that refrigerator. Thank you so much.

  44. Lia B says:

    A beverage completely emptied in the back seat of my car (milk based…yuck) after it flew out of his hands trying to avoid being hit but another drive. Not his fault of course but not fun to clean and the $60 detail bill was no treat either to get the milk shampoo’d out!

  45. Leslie says:

    those look awesome!!

    worst mess… one of our pyrex dishes shattered when it was removed from the oven….. glass & dinner EVERYWHERE!!!!

  46. Sarah L. says:

    I dropped a glass container with leftover salmon on the floor a couple of months ago, and just like your milk, it shattered everywherr. It went into the laundry room and dining room and I lost the delicious salmon I was going to have for lunch.

  47. Diane says:

    These containers look so great!!! They will be perfect for my crew. I am going to look them up right now!!!

  48. Diane says:

    whoops! I forgot to talk about my worst spill… It would have to be a large fountain Coke spilled onto the end table, down the wall behind the couch, and onto the carpet during a pillow fight 🙂

  49. Erin says:

    I had a similar spill recently..a half gallon of milk! Luckily, mine wasnt glass!!

  50. Leah K. says:

    Under the fridge spills are the worst! It’s a rare occasion that I clean under the fridge, so it’s already gross, and then to add liquid to it makes it 10 times more disgusting.

  51. Allyson says:

    Worst spill most recent … thawing out one of my last bags of frozen breastmilk (liquid gold to me) … come out to find that there was a hole in it and at least 3 oz was all over the top of the stove top! They say don’t cry over spilled milk … I DID!! Whoever created that saying never had to work hard to get all that bmilk!

  52. Amanda says:

    Am I the only one that finds snack crumbs in her bra on a regular basis? And not my crumbs, but crumbs from the crumby little people. As for clean-ups, a recent “favorite” was post-bathtime water clean up halfway up all four of the bathroom walls. I mean, how in the world?!

  53. MommaKristi says:

    Probably my mother in laws camper! No fun!! Quatromom if you say this cup is good then I’m gonna try it!!!

  54. Meredith says:

    Ugh, a bathroom floor with baby wipes!!

  55. MommaKristi says:

    I pinned it!!!

  56. Sara says:

    Worst spill recently was apple juice all over my bed. Nothing like climbing into bed only to find a sticky mess!!

  57. I would say that the worst was when a “spill proof” water bottle leaked all inside my purse. WHAT A MESS!
    I love Contigo products and would love to have one of these in the House of Hills!!

  58. Melissa @jonahbonah says:

    Definitely the crib. And the wall. And the floor. Hopefully, you never had a mess like that with four boys.

  59. Teresa says:

    Messiest spill- cleaning pink shampoo out of my daughters carpet. The more water you added the more bubbles you got!!!! Never got the pink out either :p

    Would love to have one of these for my kids lunch boxes! 🙂

  60. Dana says:

    Not a very dramatic place at all, but my daughter spills her cup at the dinner table all.the.time. Would love to try this cup!

  61. Amber says:

    My worst spill was when a gallon of milk slid behind the stroller in the car. I didnt see it when I brought the groceries in. It got hot and exploded all over the back end of the car. It smelled awful for weeks!

  62. Worst spill would be milk that went UNDER the refrigerator. Ugh! Then it’s not just a spill, it involves moving major appliances!

    I’ve never tried a Contigo product, but I’m curious!

  63. I’ll take FIVE of ’em. 😉

    Worst spill? Does vomit count?

  64. Those are super cute! I love my Contigo cups.

    I know this is SUPER DUPER gross, but I threw up in our car and it got in the AC vent. That was so supremely disgusting. For a long time. And it was ME!

    1. Paula says:

      I take it back, she wins!

  65. Senika says:

    No “worst spills” yet as my four are just getting to the age of being able to spill! This sounds like a great product for the 4 Little Tyk’s future beverage consumption needs! 🙂

  66. Laura says:

    The car is definitely the worst place. I still shudder when I think of the time my daughter’s bottle of formula spilled and it got underneath the floor mat & soaked into the carpet. Yuck.

  67. Cris says:

    Oh definitely the car…oh man.

  68. erin clagett says:

    Just cleaned a whole sippy cup of milk out of my coach purse. Hate cups that leak. Would love to try a cup that does not leak!!

  69. Michelle says:

    Ironically, I saw the photo of the spill and thought it looked reminiscent of the woman who dropped her CRATE of jugs trying to open the second door to Oberweiss when I was in there last week (I was at the counter and didn’t see her until after I’d heard the crash – I would have opened the door had I known someone was there). THAT is a bummer for you.

    My worst spill was when my colicky, allergic to dairy (but we didn’t know it) infant spewed half digested breastmilk INTO the open fridge as I was reaching for a snack for Mister Man. It was awful. Especially post partum 🙂

  70. Meghan says:

    In the middle of the mall……during the holidays. Yuck.

  71. Paula says:

    The bed – anytime I give in to the ‘I promise I won’t spill it!’ phrase something ends up spilled in the bed.

  72. Ashton says:

    I cleaned up milk, cereal and broken bowls/cups by not one kid but 5 kids and it was a large mess…Then the person who was asked to take the towels to the laundry forgot and sooo…the next morning it was mildew smelling in the room. It was very nasty.

  73. Amy Tilson says:

    The worst spill to date has been milk on the sofa seat and throw cushions. Ick! Tedious!

  74. Karmin says:

    My spills always happen in the kitchen, and unfortunately, my kids are not often the cause of them. My most recent was when the big container of vanilla yogurt fell out of the refrigerator, and splattered all over the floor and small kitchen rug….yuck!!

  75. Erika says:

    The worst place I ever had a “kid spill” was out eating. I had a full, but luckily cooled-down, huge mug of cocoa. I was distracted by a friend I was talking to. My 2 year-old was sitting on my lap, and he grabbed it and spilled the whole thing all over himself, the table, the seat, in my purse, and on me. We were soaked and the mess was everywhere. Maybe I am the one who needs to Contigo sports bottle- for me! Haha.

  76. Andrea says:

    A gallon of Orange juice…Sticky mess!

  77. Andrea says:

    I pinned it. 🙂

  78. Sara Joy says:

    Carseats. Ugh. 🙂

  79. Erika says:

    Pinned it! 🙂

  80. Katie says:

    Any carpet. It’s horrible.

    Oh, or milk in the car. That’s worse actually.

  81. Mandi says:

    Spills in the car! Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. 4thFrog says:

    Is it bad that my kids are old enough I can’t remember the worst place? But my nephews have created a big mess or 10 in recent times. If I win one, my sister will be quite happy.

  83. JessieLeigh says:

    Worst spill? A jumbo sized jar of glitter ALL over the kitchen– so fine my vacuum couldn’t get it all. Ah, memories…

  84. Tara Pendleton says:

    That’s awesome something that doesn’t leak. I would love to try it out! I really dislike spills in the car 🙁

  85. Lori Cundiff says:

    The carseat, for sure! It took about two hours to clean, then another 24 hours to line dry!

  86. Lori Cundiff says:

    I pinned on Pinterest!

  87. Amanda F says:

    worst spill…oh to count them all up. milk in the carseats…ugh…second only to vomit in the carseat. or glitter…yep…that might have been worse. or a massive bucket of tiny multi-colored perler beads…we still find those ALL the time. 🙂

  88. An entire bottle of olive oil all over my kitchen floor. I still tense at the thought of it all the glass shards and slippery oil. The only redeeming aspect was the room had a nice aroma for days. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Amanda F says:

    oh…and i have pinned my fav contigo product to my pinterest board 🙂

  90. Dora says:

    Wgen my 3.5 yo slammed two eggs o.y kitchen rug. That rug went straight into the trash! Lol

  91. Sarah Reaves says:

    Worst spill ever….32 ounce glass jar of spaghetti sauce all over the kitchen (floor, ceiling, cabinets, fridge, stove, everywhere…. boo!)…and then the next week dropped another on the floor in the garage…at least the car was easy to just take through the carwash!

    Pinned it!

  92. Megan says:

    A gallon of milk in the kitchen…at least it’s hardwood and not carpet, but under the fridge, stove, pantry door…yuck!

  93. Laura says:

    Worst spill was behind the toilet … have to clean the spill and the toilet … not my fav

  94. Ann-Marie says:

    Are the no-spill cups available in adult sizes, to hold coffee perhaps? Because our worst spill was my husband’s coffee on our newly cleaned carpet.

    These cups interest me as the next step up from a toddler’s sippy cup.. Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. Sarah says:

    Worst spill had to be the giant plate of spaghetti sauce on white carpet or the red punch on a friends carpet. These look great! Love that they are dishwasher safe!

  96. we get oberwise too. I recently spilled a 1/2 gallon on whole milk in my entry way. I feel your pain.

    But the chocolate milk you pictured hurts even more, because it’s so delicious!

  97. Carrie says:

    Pick me, pick me! Love contigo cups but haven’t seen these yet! Thanks for sharing!!!

  98. Jen says:

    One of my boys spill a dozen eggs. He managed to get the inside of the fridge the floor and of course it also ran under the fridge…seriously gross!

  99. Punkinmama says:

    Worst spill was kool-aid on the kitchen floor when I was a kid, home with my little brother. Had to clean it up myself. Sticky, sticky floors forever.

  100. Jill says:

    The worst spill was in the bathroom….I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say it still gives me nightmares.

  101. Erin says:

    we routinely clean spills out of carseats and the van seats. The worst I can remember was a spill involving the laptop :/

  102. Beka C says:

    I had a sippy cup of milk leak in my purse. It didn’t just trickle out either. I forgot to put in the rubber insert. 🙁 I had to dump the milk out of my purse! Gross!

  103. Hillary Redden says:

    In the bathroom for me – having boys, which you understand, makes spills in the bathroom a daily occurrence!

  104. Sale a Woodrow says:

    I hate to say that the worst spill for my house was milk in my bed–yucky -_-

  105. Katie says:

    The worst spill (so far) I’ve had to clean was my son’s raspberry/blueberry smoothie on my ottoman. Never thought it would come out, but club soda got it all out!

  106. Jennifer Gaskill says:

    A gallon of milk in the kitchen

  107. Sharra says:

    Red slurpee across the back panel of in-laws’ minivan. Didnt actually see it until a day or two after the incident. Ugh! “I dont know how that happened” strikes again!

  108. Carrie says:

    had my 3 boys 5 and under at my future brother-in-law’s house for a weekend of wedding preparations before he married my sister. our first visit to his house and on day 1, my kids spilled an entire mug of coffee on his WHITE CARPET!!! their marriage still went through, thank goodness. 🙂

  109. Alice says:

    Worst spill, maybe rotten milk in a lost sippy cup under a car seat… which you didn’t realize until the smell, ew!!!

    I’m sort of a bottle fanatic. I will enter for the heck of it, but seriously the BEST BOTTLES EVER are Hydro Flask!!!!! TRUST ME. Check out the reviews on Amazon people. I own a handful of those babies now 😀 They insulate like crazy!!! Steel is better than plastic and they are don’t sweat!! Hydro Flask does an AMAZING job holding temps too! I swear I don’t work for them, I am a mom of 3 who became slightly obsessed with bottles since having little ones with sippy cups! 😉

  110. jennifer says:

    The worst disaster to clean up would have been cokes spilled in our car in a tray of 6 large cokes from KFC…delivering food to our movers. Mom in car with kids…they can’t hold a tray…so it went to the floor…GIANT stick mess. We love water bottles, and it would nice to have some grown up ones for our 6 year old…he doesn’t like sippy cups any more!

  111. Allison says:

    Who am I kidding, I need this for me…I spilt tea all over our white carpet, while chasing down one of my kids, who was refusing to put a diaper on.

  112. Joanna S. says:

    Worst spill was milk in the van. Yuck.

  113. maren says:

    Spaghetti Sauce in my kitchen–broken in the jar!

  114. Heather says:

    Worst was a brand new bottle of maple syrup all over the kitchen floor.

  115. Wendy says:

    I agree cleaning up a spill in the car/van is definitely the worst!

  116. Laura J says:

    My son spilled an entire smoothie all over the backseat of my car during a 2.5 hr car ride to the doctor’s office!

  117. Barbara C says:

    The worst spill to clean up was…chocolate milk on the backseat floor, left in the hot Texas sun all day…we didnt know about it until the following morning…I’m not sure what was worse, the mess or the smell….

  118. meg says:

    It may not be the worst, but I spilled baby food carrots and had to clean them off of the cabinets, floor, & ceiling….

  119. Jenny says:

    I pinned my two favorite products, the kids cup and the water bottle, we use both every day! And the worst spills for me were always in the carseat when my daughter was younger!

  120. Mollie says:

    I spilled a large sweet tea in the entire front half of my SUV. The lid popped off as I was trying to pick it up and the cup collapsed. I cleaned what I could with the napkins in my glove compartment but the rest dried into a sticky mess.

  121. Cathy Lange says:

    The worst spill I ever had to clean up was when my 2 year old thought she could help pour a newly opened gallon of milk into a cup on the floor! What a disaster!

  122. Milk is always a yucky spill for me. Stinky and sticky!

  123. Julie Haldeman says:

    The rug in the car…old milk….oh the stench!

  124. Rosalind says:

    In my car….i don’t let the kids drink anything but water. WELL, my hubby took MY car, and my then 5 year old, and let him have fruit punch….in a parking garage, going in circles, the lil one dropped the cup. Even after professional cleaning, there are still red stains because they CANNOT get it out!

  125. Beth says:

    Worst spill was a sticky sauce that spilled/leaked all over the inside of the fridge. It started at the top and went down to every nook and cranny in the fridge. I think it took a couple of hours. Everything had to be cleaned out!

  126. Andrea says:

    It’s a tie between the homemade vinaigrette that spilled all over the van floor (on the way to a dinner party of course!) and the mayonnaise that shot out of the bottle when it was dropped covering my kitchen.

  127. Allison says:

    Milk. From the toddler’s “no-spill” sippy. In the car. Only I didn’t notice it until it started to smell a few days later. It is HARD to clean under seats, people.

    Almost, but not quite, as bad as cleaning up after my 3 yr old got sick in the backseat of the van.

  128. Allison says:

    I pinned both the kids bottle and the cup! They look awesome and I love the color choices b/c I have color-coded my boys.

    Also, my new rule in the van is NO FOOD and ONLY WATER. It. must. stay. clean!

  129. My kiddos just spilled their sippy cups FULL of milk ALL over our couch… still trying to clean it up so it doens’t make the house smell like spoiled milk… P.U.! :/

  130. juliea says:

    I pinned the Morgan double wall travel mug to my Great Ideas board. Thank you so much.

  131. Cleaning spilled sippy cups of milk our of my purse is the worst….and stinkiest!

  132. April says:

    The worst spill was the gallon of milk that involved cleaning the wall, floor and pulling out the refrigerator.

  133. April says:

    I pinned the striker bottle to one of my boards : ) Thanks!

  134. Heather says:

    Milk on the carpet and a drenched baby/carseat from her shaking her sippy of milk all over … those “spill proof” cups were NOT!

  135. Mert says:

    Orange soda in my car!

  136. Mert says:

    Pinning this!

  137. Katie Ault says:

    My son once dropped a dozen eggs on the floor. That was a “fun” mess to clean up!

  138. Jennie M. says:

    Our worst spill was in the car, and of course it was on a long trip to visit Grandma!! At least I had help with the cleaning when we got there 🙂

  139. Jennie M. says:

    I pinned the water bottle too! looks wonderful

  140. Meagan says:

    I must admit, my kids only drink water — ever — so we haven’t ever really had a disastrous spill (KNOCK ON WOOD!) that was drink related. We did have a pretty spectacular “spill” last week that required a double shampooing of the living room carpet, but that was more of a bodily “spill.” Ew.

  141. Meagan says:

    Oh – and I pinned this giveaway! 🙂

  142. Abby says:

    Milk… on my husband’s grandmother’s rag rug. So difficult to know how to clean, and what an awful smell if you just leave it!

  143. Abby says:

    Oh, and I pinned the giveaway. Thanks!

  144. Jessica says:

    Spilled milk under the seat of my car, for sure! The problem is not discovering it until it got stinky and it was in such an awkward spot to clean.

    I pinned this to my “Kid Stuff” board! 🙂

  145. Worst spill was actually Daddy’s fault….after he just told the kids to be careful and not spill their red juice/koolaid (I can’t remember what it was other than RED…), he turned around and knocked a cup over, onto the light colored carpet. A reddish stain still sits in the shadow of our dining room table!

  146. Kathy Austin says:

    worst spill was a just poured full glass of diet soda all over my end table running off so it’s all over the front of the table and onto the carpet. It even got on the recliner next to the end table. It was awful. The glass was full of crushed ice, too. Such a mess!!

  147. Kathy Austin says:

    pinned to my baby board

  148. Shay says:

    The worst spill I can remember was the Sippy cup of milk that rolled under my daighyet’s bed and then slowly leaked not days, we could not figure out why her room smelled so bad. We emptied the diaper pail, did the laundry, changed her sheets. After a few days we discovered the leaky cup and the smell was awful. Awful.

  149. Nicole says:

    Amelia is only one so we haven’t anything too crazy but she did have a particularly embarrassing situation with a purple veggie pouch on a light wood floor in a not really kid friendly restaurant! lol

  150. Nicole says:

    Pinned it!

  151. Jessica says:

    Of course it had to be at the checkout of the grocery store! Of course it was by my husband though when he dropped 2 large size baby food jars.

  152. Melanie says:

    Most recent spill that comes to mind is five year old trying to pour by himself (juice) and completely missing the cup..

  153. Linda Stewart says:

    My bed 🙁

  154. Jennifer S says:

    Milk in a carseat from a supposedly spill proof cup – all over the seat and the kid.

  155. Kelly says:

    It would have to be cranberry juice all over the fairly new carpet!

  156. Becky says:

    My son “spilled” a bag of flour all over the pantry and then proceeded to toss the flour around with a wooden spoon. Huge mess, but couldn’t help but laughing at the sight of the pantry and my son covered in flour!

  157. Christie says:

    My neighbor’s brand new office. He hired me to do some faux finishes in his new house. I was in his office shaking a gallon of paint when the lid flew off and spilled all over me and all over the floor. I took my pants off to wring out the paint, and right at that moment he came home. I threw back on my paint covered pants and he walked in to see me in a huge pile of paint. Luckily I got it all cleaned up before it dried, and we had a good laugh about it later.

  158. Megan says:

    Pinned some contigo cups!!

  159. Gianna says:

    My carpet.

  160. chrisy hinesley says:

    Roofing tar down the stomach of my 18 month old. Don’t ask.

  161. Kelli Kelly says:

    My worst spill was milk all over the kitchen, just like you. However my floor has these little crevices and it was a pain! I have an almost two year old, who could use one of these bottles!

  162. Becky says:

    Wicker chair doused in milk in kitchen. Yuck! By the way I have twin 5 year old boys and let me just say I am in awe of you. 😉

  163. Kelley F says:

    My daughter spilled strawberry soda on the seat and floor of my car.

  164. Jennie says:

    I was making school lunch for my kids one morning and realized I had no juice boxes in the fridge. I grabbed a couple out of the garage and threw them in the freezer to get cold. Unfortunately, I threw them in the ice maker and when we got crushed ice that morning the crusher crushed the juice boxes and juice exploded all over my freezer (even came running out the bottom)…and then froze. What a pain! Those sports bottles would be awesome for lunches. No more juice boxes!

  165. elizabeth says:

    In my car

  166. Sara says:

    Apple juice in my purse…from a “leak proof” cup. It was in everything…my wallet, my phone, kids books, etc. A very sticky situation. 🙂

  167. Definitely the worst place was in the car, and not knowing about it!! My Gosh, if you live in the south like I do, then you know what I encountered when it was found…yuckkkk!!!! no matter what, heat, humidity and spilled anything leave mold, mildew, and smell in the car.. not fun! would love to review this cup with one of the littles!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dotcom

  168. pinned my fave Contigo mug to pinterest… I wish I could review this one.. it looks awesome!

    Cathy B pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  169. Lindsey says:

    The worst I’ve ever cleaned up was in my kitchen- a full bottle of vegetable oil that my son poured all over the floor

  170. Diane L. says:

    The worst spill I’ve ever cleaned up was when one of my kid’s friends spilled a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper in the car!

  171. Anna Maloy says:

    I had to clean up spilled chocolate milk all over the carpet of my van…in 100+ degree heat. Talk about a mess and smell!

  172. renrn says:

    Would have loved this when a guest at a party at our home left the ice tea dripping from a container with a spout which he left wide open! It took 2 weeks to get the “sticky” off the floor. Sweet tea drinkers here could benefit from this!

  173. Kim says:

    I think the worst was a jug of red koolaid that was spilled in our fridge. It went everywhere and was a nightmare to clean up. At least it didn’t smell bad. 🙂

  174. Lennis says:

    A gallon of chocolate ice cream sauce on my carpeted kitchen floor as the first guests were arriving for our twins graduation party! MEGA MESS!

  175. Christie says:

    Don’t know if you’ve already drawn for this, but Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that melted in the cup holder of my <2 month old car, down the sides, and into the carpet. I thought I'd gotten it all, but Dairy + heat = stench.

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