Best of 4tunate 2012: Motherhood

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This week I’m taking some time off blogging to enjoy the holiday week and looking back on some of the best posts of 2012 on 4tunate, including MOTHERHOOD.  In case you missed a few or would like to re-read a couple, here’s some words to hopefully encourage your hearts!

1. 5 Things I’ve Learned as a Boy Mom

best of 2012 5 things i've learned as a boy mom

2. Finding Rest in the Motherhood Mayhem

best of 2012 finding rest in motherhood mayhem

3. On Being Brave and Having Super Powers

best of 2012 on being brave and having super powers

4. This Motherhood Gig

best of 2012 this motherhood gig

5. 7 Ways to Raise Boys to Be Men

best of 2012 7 ways to raise boys to be men

6. To My Four Kindergarteners

best of 2012 to my 4 kindergarteners

Thank you for helping me through this Motherhood Gig this year!  You have no idea what an encouragement and support you are to me in this wild, unpredictable, and wonderful journey!

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