The Road to Becoming a Work at Home Dad {Part 2}

the road to becoming a work at home dad


It’s been on Brad’s heart to share with you our 3 year journey of unemployment to self-employment with young kids. So many of you have faced or are facing similar career and financial struggles, and we hope that our own journey can be hope and encouragement to you! {Read Part 1 Here}

…so I nervously got back in my car and headed back to work.  When I arrived I saw Steve cleaning out his work space, I headed directly for my boss Ben’s office to confirm my job stability.  I had convinced myself for a number of reasons that I was probably being overly cautious, but I had to know for sure.  I stepped into his office and was immediately concerned by the surprised look on his face, “that can’t be good”, I thought to myself.

“Ben, I just heard about Steve on my email after I got home.  I have to know before I leave for Florida tomorrow, is my job ok?”  His face fell and he said, “I talked with Dan (my supervisor) about it and he told me you had already gone home for vacation, he convinced me to let you go enjoy your vacation rather than calling you back in, I’m sorry, we have to let you go too.”

I thought I had mentally prepared for that moment, but to my embarrassment and amazement, the room spun a bit at the news.  I tried to smile and put on a brave face, saying “seriously?”  Then it happened, totally out of my control, tears began to roll down my face uncontrollably. I didn’t sob or totally break down, but I literally could not control my emotions.  It had actually happened to me, I was unemployed.

I spent 20-30 minutes gathering my personal things at my desk.  I was not angry with Woolpert or my boss.  In fact, I think I understood what they were doing and supported it.  They were making very difficult, but necessary decisions to keep the company stable during extremely difficult economic times.

Personally, in spite of a determination to trust God with providing for my family, I was very scared.  I had 4 two year old boys and a wife at home that I thought depended on me to provide for them. I was dreading taking the news home to Jen and the kids. It was hard to fight the emotional attack which told me that I had failed my family.

I got in my car to head home and felt like I had a huge knot in my chest.  My mind was racing.  How would I break the news to Jen?  How would she react?  Would we still get on a plane and go on our trip to Florida?  What was I going to do for a new income? Where would my career go from here?

I decided this news would be best broken personally, not over the phone.  I drove the 15 minutes home and as I walked into my house Jen knew immediately what had happened.  The next few minutes are a bit of a blur in my memory as I recounted what had just happened at work.  We both confirmed that we trusted the Lord, but had no idea what was coming next.

Over the next few hours we decided to cancel our trip to Florida in favor of saving money for the unknown months to come.  Although we had no idea what was next for my career, God had already prepared a path for us that was much different than anything I was thinking that day.

One that would prove to be difficult, but so very rewarding…

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9 thoughts on "The Road to Becoming a Work at Home Dad {Part 2}"

  1. 4thFrog says:

    Reading this story is like watching an episode of Downton Abbey…I don’t want to wait a week to know what happens next.

  2. Crystal says:

    Reading stuff like this makes me glad Nick is in the Air Force. Although, you don’t have to deploy….

    1. Brad Murray says:

      Crystal, I’m glad there are thousands of guys like Nick serving us like they do!

      1. Crystal says:

        Sometimes, as a wife who wants her husband with her (or at least in the same state), I wonder if it would be better if he were a civilian. Then I read stories like this and I think, well, I guess there is one good thing about being in the military! 🙂

  3. I just shared Part 1 and 2 with my husband. In this uncertain times he is so afraid of not being the bread winner and not being able to provide for our family that our relationship has strain on it.

    I hope that through you he can see that he can be a provider and at home in the same breath.

    1. Brad Murray says:

      There is no magical thing that will cause this learning curve to be instant. If you trust scripture to be 100% true as I do, you can find great comfort there in these times. Hang in there, it’s a season!

  4. stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing this. As my husband just lost his job 1 week ago today. The uncertainty is so difficult. We are both trying to have faith that his new journey has meaning. We are both scared but trying to be positive.

    1. Brad Murray says:

      God is your provider, not that job. As much as it feels like a nightmare now, the vast majority of people I have known who lost their jobs end up in something better. Pray pray pray! I will pray for you guys too!

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