Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle {Big Mama}

sparkly green earrings by big mama melanie shankle book review

So I started reading Sparkly Green Earrings from Melanie Shankle (Big Mama, one of the first blogs I ever read), and it’s been keeping me up past bedtime and chuckling through my day ever since…I thought I was going to wake up Brad from shaking the bed with laughter. 

And I couldn’t help but want to pass these laughs on to you all…because chuckling by yourself isn’t nearly as fun as losing it completely with friends.

We NEED some good belly laughs in motherhood, don’t we?  We need to feel like we aren’t alone in this dance of loving these little people that have been given to us, and feeling completely floored by the responsibility of raising them.

Here’s Melanie explaining her inspiration behind the book, her daughter Caroline, and how she changed her world…

{Of course the frugal mama in me spotted it for only $5 on Kindle and had to pass on the deal portion too! Best five bucks I’ve spent in quite some time!}

I hope you enjoy Sparkly Green Earrings at least half as much as I am, and it encourages your walk through this mayhem we call  motherhood!  What’s your favorite motherhood read?


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