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I love when a book on my wish list goes FREE on Amazon!  Several people in my circles have talked about Beyond Ordinary and the impact it has had on their marriage, and so I started digging in {for FREE} last night!


I loved this quote in the first chapter.

Ordinary is the biggest enemy of a great marriage. Ordinary is characterized by dissatisfaction, misunderstanding, and stale love. Ordinary is the birthplace of adultery.  Ordinary is a place where divorce looks better than staying together. Ordinary is the subtle trap that convinces you that your marriage is as good as it will ever get.  Ordinary marriages lose hope. Ordinary marriages lose vision. Ordinary marriages give in to compromise.

Perhaps your marriage isn’t in deep peril or strife, but I think any of us who have been married for a while, can relate to some of the ordinariness that can creep into life and know that marriage requires constant upkeep and hard work in order for it to grow.

This isn’t a typical “self-help” marriage book that addresses a behavior to change or adapt.  This is a Justin and Trisha’s personal perspective and insight of their own mistakes and how they saved their relationship from dissolving through the transformation of their hearts.  I think this book can be an encouragement to both marriages that need rescued, and ones that need some minor maintenance.

I look forward to digging in deeper to their personal stories and perspective this summer in Beyond Ordinary and would love for you to join me! 

{Don’t forget you don’t have to have a Kindle to enjoy the free book!  You can download it to your computer, phone, or tablet! You can find out more here.}


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2 thoughts on "Free Books on Kindle: Beyond Ordinary"

  1. Lisa~ says:

    This is awesome Jenn thanks! Lisa~

  2. Loraine Branan says:

    I have read a lot about this book, now it looks like I need to get into it’s pages. There are so many things out there that tell you how to save your marriage and relationships, but until you are in it you don’t know what you yourself need to do. I am not a fan of self help in general but there are a few great philosophies out there, Mae Chinn Songer has a blog I follow religiously, her concept on the neuroscience behind what our brain does and how it affects out self is pretty interesting, her blog is at if anyone is interested, I recommend it, if nothing else it does bring up some good things to think about.

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