Texas-Sized KidVentures: Tractor Rides

Turns out everything IS bigger in Texas…even the KidVentures! We had a generous helping of adventures last week during our trip to Texas, and I’ll be sharing those here this week.


As if steering the Gator around the property wasn’t a thrill enough, Pop-Pop pulled out the big guns on Monday and let the boys take a spin in his tractor. Brad took them for rides two at a time, and they even got to scoop up dirt from a pile.


Pop-Pop said that he’d never seen his tractor go so fast before…Brad had never driven a tractor and it showed in his need for speed. (Watching a video of him racing across the field like a Indy 500 driver got us quite the laugh later.  And he wondered why he kept killing it!)


Cheap thrills on the ranch. =)

Have your kids ever gotten to ride in a tractor or another large vehicle?


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2 thoughts on "Texas-Sized KidVentures: Tractor Rides"

  1. Dawn says:

    Oh yes! My son is a complete tractor nut! We can’t go to Papaw’s house without at least 4 or 6 tractor rides 🙂 He is convinced that he is old enough to drive it himself already – at age 3!

  2. Crystal says:

    I started driving tractor solo during hay season at age 8 and hay truck by age 9. Jack started driving tractor with my dad last summer at age 4. I’m sure he’ll be going solo soon. 🙂

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