Twinsie Time


Brooks and Clark are finishing up a little “twinsie time” while Henry and Isaac are at my parents enjoying some 2 on 2 time as well. We’ve done this swap a handful of times now in a variety of combinations and it’s always a sweet time of benefiting from a little lighter load and stepping back to take in their individual qualities.

Departing meant an awesome impromptu group hug. They miss each other even for short breaks. Brooks and Clark yapped at Isaac and Henry on the phone last night like teenagers.

The timing of this one was especially needed after an intense week of parenting last week. I love these boys and their brothers something fierce. Sometimes it takes stepping away from the everyday to appreciate and fall in love with them all the more.


Brooks and Clark are like an old married couple when they get time together – finishing each other’s sentences, joking with each other, coming up with schemes and ideas, goofing off…cracks us up! Definitely some fun identical connection.

Today we will all be back together again and it will feel whole again, but I’m thankful for these little reprieves and our time together 2 on 2 with “Frick and Frack”, and looking forward to some time with just Isaac and Henry soon.


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  1. Crystal says:

    That’s a great idea! I know that Jack and Jude are totally different little men when they are separated. 🙂

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