A Pumpkin Peace Offering…

Trick-or-Treating was cancelled in our town last night due to the weather.  It was the controversy of all controversy.

“When I was a kid we trick-or-treated in the hurricanes and monsoons.  Nothing stopped us from ringing doorbells.” 

“I’m leaving my porch light on from 6-8 on Thursday only. Get the candy then or else.”

Nevertheless, we made a fun rainy night of it.  Brad’s parents came over for dinner and pumpkin pie, and got to see a dress rehearsal for tonight’s neighborhood trick-or-treating.  And then some friends dropped by in costume. And there was some candy consumption, of course.

All that to say, I don’t have any Halloween costume pictures for you just yet.

But can I interest you in a Pumpkin Peace Offering from Henry?


I thought that would hold you over…

So How Was YOUR Halloween weather and trick-or-treating? 



3 thoughts on "A Pumpkin Peace Offering…"

  1. Rachel says:

    We heard it all yesterday, too. Our town postponed Trick or Treating until tonight due to strong winds and rain. Adults went on a rage. I personally would think that dragging kids through the rain just to get candy and endure high winds and lightening sounded like a nightmare. I’d gladly sign up for a root canal instead…which I might need if I don’t get my hands out of their candy buckets! 😉 I think tonight will be more fun (and safer!).

  2. Leah says:

    Here in Jersey, it was the first time Halloween WASN’T cancelled in two years. So we thoroughly enjoyed our unseasonably warm weather =)

  3. Crystal says:

    Wait, how can a town keep people from walking around? What are they going to do, hand out tickets???

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