Thanksgivingpalooza 2013



Oh these little Turkeys!  I’m so grateful for the joy they have brought into our lives these past 7 Thanksgivings!

It’s Thanksgiving week, and since we have 79 days into our 1st grade homeschool semester, we’re taking the whole week off!  We don’t have far to travel, since our families are within an hour away, so we’re planning on a low-key week of togetherness.

So what’s on our agenda?

It should be a great Thanksgiving week!  So what’s on YOUR agenda this week?  Traveling? Hosting family? Keeping it simple? I’d love to hear about your plans too!





3 thoughts on "Thanksgivingpalooza 2013"

  1. Janet says:

    My kids are super excited to ride the train with Santa from Fishers to Noblesville. They are counting the days! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. robbin says:

    Is Hammond, Ind too far for you? They have the most awesome display from the movie A Christmas Story, its fascinating, FREE, different activities on different days, Santa is there for pictures, etc. As an adult I love, love, love, going there, love taking new people there cause they are always so fascinated, and of course love watching childrens faces, I go AT LEAST twice each year, more if I can. I’ll give you more info if interested.

  3. Crystal says:

    We’re spending Thanksgiving with some friends we just met. It beats staying in the hotel room alone.

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