Wait ‘Til They’re Good and Ready…

It’s been a big week here at Casa de Murray…

1st Baseball Practice
Running Club
And Riding Around the Block with No Training Wheels! {Like A Boss}

when to teach kids to ride bikes without training wheels

Our mantra around here has always been “wait ’til they’re good and ready”, which has been super helpful with major milestones like sippy cups, potty training, and the like.  We’re not rushers.

I remember when they were babies and being around other moms who wanted to pay the comparison game whenever we got together.  Are they rolling over yet?  Have you started feeding them cereal? Are you planning their college and retirement funds?

Hold the phone.  I want to enjoy every stage right where they are at and not miss it wishing for the next big moment.

Last year, the boys probably could have figured out balancing on 2 wheels eventually, but this year when Brad took the training wheels off, they were all riding up and down the street on their 2nd and 3rd tries.  Now they are bikers who own the sidewalks. 😉

Bonus points?  We saved our spines and sanity at the same time.

Perhaps we’ll just wait until they’re 20 to date and drive. Kidding…Mostly. 




5 thoughts on "Wait ‘Til They’re Good and Ready…"

  1. sl says:

    Precious!! Those boys will enjoy the fun of bikes all summer!! So fun!!

  2. Siob says:

    I love your patenting style! I agree wait til they’re ready! I never liked the comparison game. I’m with you..enjoy the moment they are in!!

  3. Covington Grandma says:

    I have always believed in waiting for signs to show that your child is ready to do various accomplishments. My Mom used to use the example of picking a tight rosebud and forcing it to open instead of waiting for it to open naturally. Her wise comments are still in my heart.

  4. I can SOOOO relate to this! My Sarah figured out two wheels last year (I remember it was on Easter!) and her brother has been trying this week during spring break. He was SO excited to finally get it yesterday! We celebrated with our first bike ride of the season at the park this afternoon. My youngest still has training wheels but he’s riding well enough to keep up with the twins. So awesome to have all three self-propelled!! yeah!

  5. The Funster says:

    I remember when my daughter first learned to ride her bike in early spring, you thought she had won a million dollars! But it was such a thrilling accomplishment for her as she enjoyed riding all summer. What a great event in the life of your child. Thank you for sharing this! Great post.

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