We are still unpacking from a fantastic long weekend in Nashville, TN.  I attended the Thrive Conference for Young Living Leaders and we decided to take the family along. Good weather, good friends, good family time. 


It was a great balance for me of some quality family time and some professional growth time. {Thanks, Brad for all YOU did to make this part possible!}


This was the 70 or so of us that represented our Oily Families Team at Thrive. When I signed up for Young Living, I had NO CLUE my feet were landing in such a SOLID group of individuals who have encouraged, educated, and empowered me this past year.  It’s been an absolutely invaluable component to my own family’s successes with essential oils as well as my professional growth of making YL a full-time income!  INCREDIBLE.

So don’t just sign up randomly for essential oils or get them off the grocery shelf. Getting plugged in to resources and education is vital! Thankful that I can pass this along and encourage others in this way as they have demonstrated to me! {I’d be happy to hold your hand through the essential oils learning curve too. Check out this post for more!}


I certainly could not do it without these two. Myra pursued me for over a year, but it was all about timing and how God used them in my life during a time of grief and physical challenges to win me over. Emily I knew of through blogging, but since has become a daily mentor.  So glad we had the opportunity to finally meet in person. I’m so thankful for both of their friendships!


While I attended sessions on Autism, Women’s Health, Personal Development, Team Development, etc. they enjoyed time at the hotel, visiting a Civil War battleground, touring the John C Tune airport {thanks to my cousin Connie who works there}, swimming, and exploring the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.


The cutest bunch of Cowboys I’ve ever seen. 😉 


Sunday we enjoyed our last few hours in the south together with some Jack’s Barbecue, and racing around the Parthenon.


I posted about this a little on Instagram on Sunday on our trek home, but every time we travel, we grow.  There’s something about getting away, being together, experiencing new things, and even toughing it out through challenges that come with being away from home that unifies us as a family. I came home so refreshed and filled with gratitude for this role that God has given me as a mother. I love the perspective that comes from re-evaluating, learning from others stories, and being more intentional.


We are encouraged all the more to not just exist but to THRIVE in our faith, our relationships, and in our roles. 


Thanks, Nashville, for your warm southern hospitality that we adore, the warmer temps, the food, and the take-aways. We can’t wait to come back, and maybe next time maybe Mama will take some boots home as a souvenir! 

How about YOU?  Have you been able to get away lately with your family? Did you come back feeling renewed? 

4 thoughts on "Thriving"

  1. Bridget says:

    It was so glad meeting you!

  2. It seems like just last week we were riding the bus at Walt Disney World at #DisneySMMoms sharing “elevator stories”. Then I look at our kids and know that it was a bit more than a week ago. Your boys are growing up so beautifully! I’ve enjoyed reading about them and running into your family here and there at blogging events. Sending “hugs” and love!

  3. Diane says:

    Your boys are so blessed to be yours. I was truly inspired by your post. The part about traveling together and getting to come home, closer, because of all that was experienced was especially meaningful. Thanks for sharing so honestly!! PS…I also use essential oils and LOVE them!!! 🙂

  4. Covington Grandma says:

    I think you enjoy traveling because your guys are so excited about going new places and are good travelers. They always learn alot and enjoy new experiences. I love to hear them tell me all the details.

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