Read. Reading. To Be Read.


I love sharing what we’ve been reading and getting good book recommendations from YOU, so here’s some of what we’ve read, what we’re reading, and what’s up next on our reading lists. Personally What I’ve Read so Far in 2016: Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genova – I really enjoyed this author’s book Still Alice, …

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Finding Beauty in the Brokenness: Books


  There have been so many things pushing me through this loss and grief.  First and foremost is my hope in Christ. I honestly cannot imagine walking this road without His hand leading us, comforting us, caring for us, and faithfully providing for our needs. We would simply be left to wander aimlessly. I’m all …

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Library Book Haul: Favorite Check-Outs from October


I’m a little late in sharing our Library Book Haul, our favorite library check-outs of October with all the Halloween festivities.  However, it’s not a reflection of our enthusiasm for this month’s reads. Out of Our 43 Books That We Read from the Library This Past Month, Here Are Our Top 10 Favorites:     …

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Library Book Haul: Favorite Check-Outs from August


When we make trips to the library, often my book stack looks like this one that I posted last week on Instagram… I look like a crazy woman hauling a giant bag of books that I can barely muster out to my minivan – but someone out there needs a laugh for the day, and …

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60 Summer Picture Books for Kids

Hooray for Summer Reading! There are some awesome summer reading programs happening at your local libraries, and even online.  Now all you need is some good book suggestions and we’ve got you covered with some great summer-themed reads! Ocean/Beach Picture Books: Big Al Beach Fish is Fish The Snail and The Whale All About Sharks …

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Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle {Big Mama}

So I started reading Sparkly Green Earrings from Melanie Shankle (Big Mama, one of the first blogs I ever read), and it’s been keeping me up past bedtime and chuckling through my day ever since…I thought I was going to wake up Brad from shaking the bed with laughter.  And I couldn’t help but want …

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13 Good Reads for 2013

I love getting a good book recommendation, it’s like a gift that keeps unwrapping itself within each page.  Once Brad bought me my Kindle {just the basic cheap, easy on your eyes one} I reclaimed my reading groove after kids. Reading is my selfish unwind time that I sneak into my busy days.  A 1/2 …

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