Who Needs a Get Well Card When You Have This…

11 11-02-50 AM

One of my biggest worries of going through with my surgery was how the boys would handle all of the changes and time away from their routine/surroundings. I’m so pleased with how they have adjusted to me being out of commission.  They honestly seem to “get it”.  They have been so patient with my recovery and have been so gentle with me. They have been flexible to stay overnight with family, play with friends at the park, having people in our home, etc.  I think each day has been a new adventure for them.

Instead of whining and complaining about me not being able to help them, they’ve said things like:

“Mama, you can’t run right now. You can just walk, but SOON you can run like me!”

“Mama, would you like my stuffed animal?” “That’ll feel you better.”

“I can’t wait til you’re better, Mom.” “Then you can tuck me in.”

So Precious.

They have grown up soooooo much in the last two weeks.  This recovery is starting to drag, but I’m so thankful that I have 4 little entertainers who are patiently waiting for me to be back on my feet for good!

Thank you for continuing to love on our family!


4 thoughts on "Who Needs a Get Well Card When You Have This…"

  1. That’s so precious!! Kids do step up and become nurturing sometimes, I always love it when mine do that!

  2. gilloth says:

    This is very sweet and touching :’-)

  3. christa says:

    kids make all of life so much easier, don’t they? when i had our recent miscarriage and whenever i am sick, my sweet lil girl rubs my back and wants to lay in bed with me to “cuddle”. she truly has her daddy’s heart in taking care of me. so glad to know you have 4 (plus daddy)! blessings and hoping/praying for a quick recovery!

  4. Lana says:

    It’s funny how resilient kids are. I think they sometimes roll with the flow better than we adults do. So glad they are taking care of their momma! Keep healing.

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