Silly Strawberry Smiles {Target $100 Gift Card Giveaway}

tom's of maine silly strawberry natural toothpaste

Have you taken a look at your child’s toothpaste ingredients lately? I know I haven’t…just getting the task of tooth brushing x4 once or twice a day is enough to keep me occupied.  However, Tom’s of Maine recently challenged our family to do the “Silly Strawberry Swap” and replace our current toothpaste with their natural children’s toothpaste.

The switch was no biggie.  No complaints, no refusals, no “can I skip?” requests. Just a lot of silliness…but that pretty much comes with the territory around here, (especially at bedtime).

kids brushing teeth bedtime routine

I like that Tom’s of Maine uses natural ingredients -no artificial dyes or sweeteners (no saccharin, no red dyes, sucralose unlike other kid-brand toothpastes). I also feel good about giving it to our kids because it’s the only natural kid’s toothpaste to receive the ADA’s approval for effectiveness.

The “strawberry” on top?

Four clean strawberry breath smiles that are ready for bed!

silly smiles boys ready for bed

Now this should bring a smile to YOUR face…Tom’s of Maine is offering a $100 Gift Card to Target for one of our readers!

Just leave me a comment in this post telling me about how you choose a toothpaste that’s right for your kids and you’ll be entered to win.

{This giveaway ends December 4th – so be speedy. Winner will be notified via email.}

They are also offering our readers a free sample of Tom’s of Maine Strawberry Natural Toothpaste (quantities are limited).

Cue more Silly Strawberry Smiles!

*Special thanks to Tom’s of Maine and The BabyCenter for sponsoring my efforts on this post, for providing the toothpaste, and the toothy grins.

664 thoughts on "Silly Strawberry Smiles {Target $100 Gift Card Giveaway}"

  1. Erin says:

    Any toothpaste that’s on sale and gets them to brush consistently and protects them from cavities makes it into my shopping cart. I will have to try out Tom’s!

  2. April Menking says:

    Tom’s of Maine toothpaste is the one I choose for my children. They love the Silly Strawberry. I appreciate that natural products like this are available for my children.

  3. Therese K says:

    I have a terrible time picking out toothpaste. There are WAY too many options! I only like mint flavors so I usually start there. Aside from that, I honestly just see what’s on sale and go from there. My sister uses this Tom’s toothpaste but I haven’t given it a try yet.

  4. jodi says:

    We actually already use Tom’s toothpaste and our girls love it! Makes tooth-brushing a little bit easier everyday! Would love to win this giveaway!

  5. Ashley S says:

    We use Toms of Maine for our son and he loves it! We picked it mainly because other kids toothpastes were full of artificial ingredients. If I don’t let him eat those types of things then I certainly don’t want him brushing his teeth with them!

  6. Samantha O says:

    I research most of the products that I buy for my son, but I have never once looked at the back of the toothpaste bottle. Crazy. Thank you for bringing a healthier alternative to my attention!

  7. Rachel G says:

    I bet my girls would think this is fantastic. I’m pretty big on brushing but hadn’t checked out the labels until your post – oh my. I’ve always picked based on price and what flavors/characters my girls preferred. Now I’ll def look a little closer at what is in the toothpaste!

  8. Malena says:

    I have five year old triplets and up until recently I was getting the kid toothpaste, usually whatever was bubble gum flavored. But we’ve had some financial hardships so now the kids use our grown up toothpaste, just the size of half a pea, if even, does the trick 🙂

  9. Jodi M says:

    I love anything natural or organic for my kids. I will be buying Toms toothpaste next time I go to the store. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Crystal says:

    I’ve always loved Tom’s of Maine products, but I haven’t tried their kids’ toothpaste yet. Would love to!

  11. Erin says:

    I just received a travel sized sample of Tom’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste. I love that it is all natural for my son. I haven’t bought any yet, because I buy whichever one is on sale and I have a coupon for.

  12. MaryBeth says:

    I love Tom’s of Maine for my kiddos, but I haven’t found one of the adult flavors that I like yet! Thanks for the chance to win $$!

  13. Meredith says:

    Very cool! We’ve had to be very careful in just about every ingredient that we choose for our diet, skin care, laundry, etc., due to my seizures. Thus, we are very cautious with what we choose for our new little one, as well. We look to avoid all dyes, natural flavors (rarely are these actually good for you-MSG counts as a natural flavor in its unprocessed form), etc.
    Thank you for sharing this with everyone. One of the PAs that I used to call on with work told me that they’ve found with every child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, if they can get the parents to completely cut out Red 40, they have yet to have to medicate! That is huge!!! Red 40 has already been outlawed in so many countries since it is such a potent neurotoxin, yet we put it in everything here (even Tylenol)!!

  14. Melissa says:

    My husband loves Tom’s and I am hoping my daughter will love the Silly Strawberry

  15. Nikki Lewis says:

    I usually buy what is on sale. My kids prefer the toothpaste that doesn’t taste hot or minty. Tom’s of Maine sounds like it would be a perfect fit….taste good and has natural ingredients!

  16. Leah says:

    Such cute smiles! We tried the Tom’s of Maine as well and liked it here too!

  17. Sarah Partain says:

    I love Tom’s of Maine both for us and our kids!!
    ladypartain at gmail dot com. 🙂 awesome giveaway!!

  18. Lauren says:

    My daughter is 13 months old and we actually haven’t started using toothpaste yet. We have some “my little pony” themed toothpaste that came with the brush, but I didn’t even think about what was in it. The Tom’s sounds yummy too! Thanks!

  19. Maureen says:

    It’s so hard to find a toothpaste for a toddler…cant wait to try this one and I think I just saw a commercial for this product the other day. Does it make your toddler brush his/her teeth even that much better? 😉

  20. Amy says:

    I’ve been choosing based on sale, but I’d love to try this one.

  21. Becky Beckham says:

    Well, sadly, I choose based on price and flavor. I’ve used Tom’s for adults in the past and quite frankly, thought it was kind of gross. However, I have to believe that if they are making it for kids, it must be better. Can’t wait to give it a try. Who knows, I may start using it myself!

  22. Carrie M says:

    I pick toothpaste for my kids based on the selection with no flouride in it as they still swallow it. From there, it’s up to my 4 year old. I have never really paid attention to the ingredients though and will take a look now. Thanks!

  23. Samantha Brewer says:

    We live in Scotland and like some people have said above I used to choose by price. However when my son was in the hospital a few years ago – there was a group who went round all the wards providing kids with free toothpaste which I thought was a great idea. I had run out of this children’s toothpaste however a few weeks ago my son’s school handed out the same children’s toothpaste, so we are stocked up again.

    My husband is American and is coming over in December and he would love to spend the gift voucher as we both miss Target alot.

  24. Theresa Wallace says:

    My infant son does not have teeth yet, but I will consider Tom’s of Maine when his teeth do come in! 🙂

  25. usually colgate, the cheapest. however, i was not aware that there was an option such as Toms. so i will need to check it out if it is available in my small town, that is…

  26. Allie says:

    We use crest for our oldest and just water for our 1 year old as she is too young yet for toothpaste. Our four year old loves to show off her bright smile with crest. I would be interested in trying the silly smiles strawberry toothpaste.

  27. Amy mathison says:

    We love Tom’s toothpaste…for adults and kids alike! I love that it’s natural.

  28. Jennie says:

    I chose toothpaste by the color :). I hate, hate, hate seeing sticky blue toothpaste slobber all over the bathroom sink. I can live with pink, but that blue toothpaste just drives me bananas!

  29. Carrie says:

    Actually, I hadn’t ever thought to look at what is in my son’s toothpaste! I always just bought the first thing I could get my hands on. Now I know better!!

  30. Dawn says:

    Sounds great – I am going to try it – does it have fluoride in it – not sure if we can use it yet.

  31. Cindy says:

    Honestly, since I do the shopping, my kids just use my favorite brand.

  32. becky says:

    we only use Tom’s in our house. Something about the all-natural that makes our teeth happy!!

  33. Jennifer says:

    I’m ashamed to say it, but for us it is whatever is on sale or if our youngest is with us, whatever grabs his attention. I’ll have to look to look at Tom’s (he loves strawberries).

  34. Elisha says:

    I buy whatever is on sale or if the kids are with me I’m usually talked into a toothpaste of their choice.

  35. Heather Bonner says:

    This like ones that are sparkly or have stripes. And they don’t like bubblegum flavor. So I try to stay within those parameters!

  36. Krystyn says:

    Usually, I let them pick it! If they pick it, it’s much easier to brush their teeth!

  37. Stacey G says:

    I have honestly never thought twice about looking at the ingredients on my kid’s toothpaste! Thank-you for bringing an alternative to my attention!

  38. Martha says:

    The first tube that I bought and still am using is just a training toothpaste without flouride (it’s not dyed either which I look out for!) The next time I buy toothpaste I would be very much interested in Toms or similar natural type. I like to steer clear of dyes and saccharin/sucralose too.

  39. Jenny says:

    My kids dont like mint so any non-mint flavors.

  40. Dawn Gearhart says:

    I try to buy on sale (or almost free with coupon) so whatever is cheapest gets my vote. However, I do try to pick flavors that my kids like.

  41. Jill says:

    We actually use Tom’s in our house. We like that is it natural and the kids like the taste.

  42. Lindsey says:

    I hate to admit it, but I buy whatever is the most inexpensive. If I have a coupon for it and it is on sale, it goes in the cart.

  43. Chris says:

    If it is approved by the ADA and my kids will use it, then it is a go! Bonus if it is on sale at the store!

  44. Kaia says:

    I don’t have kids yet, but have been looking at the ingredients of MY toothpaste lately and thinking I need to switch to Tom’s or some other natural one! Like most products, there’s way too many “extras” for my liking!

  45. A&EMom says:

    My kids LOVE Tom’s and I LOVE Target 🙂

  46. Correen says:

    I buy toddler toothpaste for my 2 yr old son, whatever brand is cheapest, and Colgate for my daughter because it has Dor on it an I need her to help convince the girl to brush her teeth.

  47. Jan says:

    How do I choose our toothpaste? Weeelllll…sometimes the boys get to choose each their own. Meaning one of those with the popular characters on front. No regard for natural ingredients, those boys. Sometimes it’s MY turn.

  48. Jessie C. says:

    I choose natural or organic products for DDs, among them, they get to pick flavors.

  49. Sonya says:

    I didn’t know they made such a thing! It sounds good. Can adults use it too? 🙂

  50. Alice says:

    A long time ago there was a Tom’s of Maine grape tooth gel I used for my kids, but haven’t seen it in ages. Just the other day I was even thinking how I should probably switch back to a more natural toothpaste… my kids have been sucked into wanting whatever has a character that they like on the package, etc. But my sons are autistic and I really think it would be an extra benefit to them to switch back to the all natural Tom’s of Maine- this post was a nice reminder! And Tom’s of Maine, if you are reading, please bring back the grape!!! 🙂

  51. Angelita says:

    I have to be extra careful what I use for my child as they are allergic to a lot of things due to a bad allergy to certain products. I’d love to be able to try the all natural product Tom’s is offering.

  52. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t have kids, but “I” would like to try the yummie sounding toothpaste!
    Go Murray boys! Love your smiles!!!

  53. Chanale says:

    I reach for the Dora and princess toothpaste but this post will be changing that!

  54. Jenn says:

    I tend to change it up based on what is on sale or what flavor/new kind looks good. I love that Tom’s is all natural and tastes great. I want to give it a try for my kids. Thanks for the rec!

  55. Mami2jcn says:

    I hate to admit it but the character on the toothpaste has a lot to do with the choice. Spongebob is a popular one around here so my son has Spongebob toothpaste.

  56. Krissy says:

    My twins love this toothpaste, and I am glad you reminded me to look for it again on my next shopping trip!

  57. Kat says:

    Never have looked at the ingreidents but tonight I will! My kids pick it based on who is on the tube… please don’t judge because that sounds terrible as I type it!

  58. Melissa says:

    I don’t have kids… and I’ve never really thought to look at ingredients in toothpaste. I do try not to get ones with lots of “special” stuff advertised, and no weird bright colors. I would love to try a more natural toothpaste!

  59. Deanna says:

    I read the ingredients!

  60. Dee says:

    I don’t have kids but I do help out with my nieces after school while my brother and sister in law are still at work and I have to say that little kids respond to the taste of the toothpaste. Overly minty doesn’t appeal to my nieces and they want something fun and sparkly so that they are more motivated to brush their teeth without a fuss 🙂

  61. lilly says:

    i don’t have any preferences, only white and clean teeth

  62. Nancy says:

    Sadly, I often choose toothpaste based on the characters on the tube. Or if it’s on sale.

  63. Chris says:

    i usually ask around and read the ingredients! this toothpaste looks great!

  64. My daughter picked this toothpaste out last time we went shopping and liked it. She’s really picky about flavor so I was impressed that she stuck with it – she’d passed along 2 other tubes that she’d ‘tried’ and didn’t like before that.

    My son usually picks whatever character is on the front. My daughter definitely goes for flavor.

  65. Jackie says:

    Whatever is cheep

  66. Miranda says:

    My little guy has 6 teeth now, so we’re just starting a brushing routine. We’ve only had to buy 1 tube as of now, so we went with the standard kid’s crest 🙂

  67. Amber says:

    I use Tom’s for my toothpaste and when our girls come home I will use this. I love Tom’s! 😀

  68. Susie says:

    My kids love strawberry toothpaste, so anything with that is good for this house!!

  69. connie ashenfelter says:

    I usually go for any cavity fighting brand on sale…with 5 kids, price is an issue, since we go through it faster than the average family. But I am sure you understand that!:)

  70. Salt in Suburbia says:

    I have tried Tom’s of Maine before, but not the Kid’s variety. Still looking for a better “no mess” tube design :-). Thanks for the chance at the gift card!

  71. Kathleen says:

    I typically buy whatever is on sale, but my hubby will be happy I read this because he uses Tom’s for him 🙂

  72. Lisa says:

    My son loves the characters on the tubes, so that is how I make my purchases. After reading you post, I plan to look more carefully at the labels. Thanks Jen!

  73. Carrie S. says:

    I never thought about the toothpaste my twins use but I definitely will now! I’m going to try Tom’s of Maine and see how my boys like it!

  74. tracey says:

    I love tom’s – we use them all the time. Kids never complain!

  75. Nicolle B. says:

    I am careful, in that I don’t purchase the normal/adult tubes, but I also don’t buy into the toddler-foofoo-character stuff. It smells foofoo & I don’t think it works on my kids very well. Right now we use Crest for Kids, but I’d love to try something natural.
    Thanks for the chance!

  76. Jen H. says:

    So far, I’ve chosen toothpaste based on flavor and the type of tube. We don’t have any drawers in the kids bathroom so I like one that will stand next to the sink.

  77. Leslie W says:

    I admit my daughter gets the kids Aquafresh toothpaste. I used it as a kid and to be honest there are a lot of kid toothpastes to choose from. I don’t remember that many when I was little. I do buy Tom’s occasionally for me and the hubby, although now I’m gonna have to run out and see if I can find the kids line )

  78. Libby says:

    Hehe just wish my lot would follow the ‘pea’ size toothpaste recommendation.. the longer the stripe they can get on the brush the better!

  79. Amy L says:

    My kids prefer gel, but my husband and I prefer paste. When we only had 1 bathroom, I always got gel, because I knew they would brush better with what they liked. Now that we have 3 bathrooms, we can all have what we like. We tried some of the fruity flavors, but we all seem to like the mint toothpaste best.

  80. Jennifer T says:

    I often pick up the stuff with the characters my son would love BUT I will be sure to pick up some Tom’s:)

  81. Sharon says:

    I always have used the Orajel Training Toothpaste since I started brushing my boys teeth, but I did get a free sample in the mail of this brand of toothpaste for them, they love it!

  82. katie says:

    We use the Creast sparkle fun because they had free (full size) tubes of it in Pampers easy ups boxes at one time and I guess it just worked for us so that is what we buy. I signed up for the free sample I hope my 5 year old likes it!

  83. Jeanne says:

    Sounds like a great toothpaste. My grandson loves strawberry so we can’t wait to try it.

  84. Susan Crenshaw says:

    I am brand loyal usually, and so I usually stick with Colgate, just regular flavor. I do not typically fall for the gimmicks designed to tempt kids. I am very committed to natural products though so for awhile I have been wanting to find a good natural toothpaste that is effective and pleasant tasting. It is hard to know where to start without a recommendation. I will definitely try Tom’s, Jen, so thanks so much for posting about it. My kids love strawberry flavor!

  85. Karla says:

    I don’t have kids, but I think natural toothpaste is great for everyone!

  86. I was raised using Crest toothpaste so naturally when I had children that’s what I chose for them as well. With the grandchildren Crest is still a staple for their teeth. Maybe something natural with a strawberry flavor is something new to consider though.

  87. Sarah L says:

    I have a 14 month old so we are still on the fluoride free toothpaste. And, still on the first tube actually. I’m picky about my toothpaste texture, but I like the idea of giving my little one a natural toothpaste when she is ready to move on to “big girl” toothpaste. I can’t imagine brushing x4. Just one more thing those of us with only one child don’t think about.

  88. tess says:

    ok- if its on sale and i have a coupon- thats the toothpaste we get
    tcogbill at live dot com

  89. Alison says:

    We just recently entered the toothbrush phase, so at this point I just grabbed whatever I saw at the store. In the future I’d like to be more intentional!

  90. Erica says:

    I usually just let my daughter pick out a toothpaste, in hopes that will help her “want” to brush more often! I’m glad to know there are better options out there, and with our love for fruit, I’m sure we’d all like this! Thanks!!!

  91. Kim L says:

    We use aquafresh for kids mainly because it is cheaper (my kids go through a lot of toothpaste!) I bought 10 of them when they were on sale for a buck!

  92. sl says:

    I like Tom’s cause is the natural. I have not tried the strawberry favor. I use mint!

  93. Kelly says:

    We just tried Tom’s with a free sample recently and my kids love it! So it looks like I’ll be making to switch to using it from now on.

  94. Michele says:

    I have tried the character toothpastes thinking it would encourage my son to be excited about brushing. He just wants to use what mommy and daddy uses.

  95. Okay, Jen….I just could not resist commenting on this post. Since my son has grown and moved out you know I only have the fur-kids at home know. Well did you know that I actually brush my basset hounds teeth. We have a beef flavored toothpaste that is made for fur-kids. They really like strawberries though so maybe since this is all natural it could be used for my fur-kids as well. BOL Do you know does the company offer a toothpaste for fur-kids. 🙂 I actually took some pictures of Amiee getting her teeth brushed the other day. She is so silly and loves it. Have a great day! Sherri

  96. Erin Steele says:

    I just got a sample of Toms strawberry last month and my 3 year old LOVES it and he has never likes any toothpaste we have tried. I love that it has all natural ingredients and is kid approved. He actually asks to get his teeth brushed now! I have a feeling it will be something we will have to order,once this tube is gone.

  97. sariah says:

    Actually, I haven’t given much thought to how I choose my children’s toothpaste. I typically just let them pick one out at the grocery store and they use it happily. This post has got me thinking about this….THANKS!

  98. Allyson says:

    I try to make sure they are free from sodium laurel sulfate another nasty filler!!

  99. mary j says:

    I try to purchase a sugar free brand. I look at the ingredients on the tube.

  100. Rosalind says:

    we love Tom’s of Maine around here! no fussing about it being too “hot” and they love the taste!!!

  101. Mar H says:

    Honestly – I let my kids pick the character on the toothpaste as incentive to brush. I should probably pay more attention rather than allowing them (and me) to be marketed by the label.

  102. Suellen says:

    Like many others, in the past we have chosen by character. Sad, but true. Toy Story usually wins in our house. I think we could both get on board with strawberry toothpaste though (especially if it’s got natural ingredients!)

  103. Katie says:

    We’re still in “safe to swallow” land…so I usually buy whatever is on sale at Target. But I’m intrigued by Toms!

  104. Jess K says:

    I talk to the dentist about what is best but usually we end up with something that has super heroes on it 🙂

  105. Susan says:

    I don’t have kids, but I love Tom’s of Maine! Especially the Lavender scented bath wash.

  106. Stacy Flores says:

    I choose a toothpaste with flouride in it. I have less than great teeth so I do everything I can to keep my kids teeth strong!

  107. Kerry says:

    Ironically I was going to your site for the first time after I read your pelted with snowballs tweet. FUNNY then I noticed you have quads! WOW!! They are all so cute and I love your clever title! Glad I found your blog. great read!

  108. Melanie says:

    I usually help them select it so they will be excited about brushing their teeth! 🙂 Right now, they are really excited about “Thomas the Train” toothpaste.

    Love your blog!!! Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas. You all are so precious.


  109. We still use baby toothpaste since Libbie hasn’t learned to spit yet. So my choice has been limited to whatever they have at the grocery store!

  110. Julie A. says:

    I look for something safe to swallow since my boys aren’t consistent about spitting it out. I usually buy Orajel toddler toothpaste because it my boys like the flavor (and it has Thomas the Train on it, which they love).

  111. I choose a toothpaste for my daughter based on what her dentist suggests. I like having a professional’s opinion.

  112. Melissa says:

    Usually whatever I have a coupon for!

    My daughter is allergic to strawberries…I would guess this toothpaste would give her a reaction. 🙁

  113. Melanie says:

    I’ve been talking to my son about his teeth. I think he has another cavity. I told him we’re switching all his “kid” oral care products for adult ones because of the sugar in them. Why brush their teeth with sugar?!

  114. Katherine says:

    Whatever is cheap/I have a coupon for.

  115. Amanda says:

    I choose all natural toothpaste for my child.

  116. Betsy says:

    I am guilty of the character thing, too. I am trying to transition to the big kid toothpaste and for me, cost is a big factor. However, I know that ingredients are also a big deal. I don’t know too much about toothpaste, but natural ingredients are really important to me in other aspects of life.

  117. Carie says:

    I let my kids pick the toothpaste, but since reading this I am going to read the ingredients on ours and probably make the switch.

  118. Laurie says:

    I recently bought this for my daughter. She’s 16, but she does not like mint flavors, which rules out most other toothpastes. The strawberry is a hit. 😀

  119. Amanda Leach says:

    My kids seem to like toothpastes that arent normal looking. LOL. crazy colors make them more excited to brush their teeth.

  120. I have two kidos, we actuallly already use Tom’s because of the all natural ingredients. My oldest is Autistic and we try to use the best products that we can. 🙂

  121. Heather N. says:

    I choose whatever fights those cavities, tastes good and makes them smell yummy.

  122. April Kindall says:

    Honestly, whatever is cheapest at the time. 🙂

  123. Camille says:

    We use all natural and fluoride free and my kids LOVE Tom’s Silly Strawberry! They sometimes don’t like the flavors of the all natural toothpastes, but Tom’s was a hit from the start so I’ll probably stick that one for a while.

  124. megscole64 says:

    We got a sample of Tom’s Strawberry and my boy LOVES it! Now to get him to actually brush instead of just suck on the toothbrush. He’s 2. 🙂

  125. Jen says:

    I choose by taste. My kids love berry flavors! 🙂

  126. Bronya Richards says:

    I let the kids pick out their own toothpaste, that way I don’t have problems with them telling me they don’t like whatever I pick out. I think I’ll have to check out the strawberry toothpaste though 🙂

  127. Rebecca McMath says:

    I make sure it has fluoride but it can’t be minty. My 3 hate minty toothpaste! They say it burns!

  128. eryn says:

    I chose what is cheap or will leave our breath “minty clean”

  129. heather ballengee chandler says:

    We chose Burts Bees because we like natural products and have enjoyed their baby wash. Never tried the Tom’s Toothpaste but will now. Thanks!

  130. mandie says:

    My kids Love Tom’s toothpaste! I was hooked by their all-natural-ness and the kids like the flavor!

  131. Jackie Green says:

    Like others, we’re still in “safe to swallow” land so we are pretty limited in our current choices. I would definitely be interested in a natural “safe to swallow” toothpaste.

  132. Barb Barker says:

    Well sad to say I usually try to use whatever I have coupons for.

  133. Lisa ML says:

    It’s rough to my niece to brush! I just got a sample of Tom’s and I’m hoping it’ll help. I trust the brand!

  134. Jana says:

    I buy whats on sale!

  135. Annagrace says:

    We are actually trying to get away from fluoride, so that is what we have been looking at when we buy toothpaste.

  136. Sharon Turner says:

    I choose the one that my granddaughter will use. If she wants Colgate with Dora we get that. If she decides she wants Hello Kitty instead, we get that. She’s only three years old so I think as long as she’s building the habit of brushing her teeth and she’s being supervised by myself or Grandpa, that’s the most important thing at the moment.

  137. Sarah says:

    Usually we go with the type of toothpaste the dentist has recommended, though if it was up to the kids, they would just purchase something with cool packaging 🙂

  138. punkinmama says:

    I just chose a toothpaste because it didn’t have red dye, but it had blue. I will definitely check out Tom’s since it doesn’t have any. I didn’t even think about sucralose! Ugh.

  139. God Bless you. I only have 2 little sets of teech to brush each day and I know how much work it is, I couldn’t imagine doing it with 4!!!! Sad, but true I let my 4yr old pick it out and Dora had been the most popular choice recently. Now, that I read you post, I am really going to start looking for healthier options.

  140. Marishannon says:

    This is actually what my son uses 🙂 I picked it because it wasn’t full of yucky stuff and I got a good deal on it.

  141. Joy says:

    I use Tom’s for our kids! I always try to choose items with natural ingredients, both to keep nasty chemicals away from my babies and to support those companies who are willing to go the extra mile to provide safe products!

  142. Jessie Keckeisen says:

    We also let them choose by the character or what I have coupons for. I would love to try Tom’s!

  143. Jill says:

    I choose whatever my boys like! Thankfully they aren’t picky and love brushing their teeth.

  144. Mavis says:

    I have 5 children and 3 are now grown with beautiful smiles. I have always tried to use “natural” toothpaste with them, especially when they were young. I have often bought Tom’s of Maine. My favorite is Fennel. I recently received the Silly Strawberry sample and my 6 year old has been loving it and brushing on his own and well! I much prefer it over all mainstream toothpastes though I can often get them free with coupons. 🙂

  145. Janet says:

    We usually use mint toothpaste but the kids are asking for a fruit flavor and I’d like to find one that is healthy as well! Thanks for doing this!

  146. Robin Follmer says:

    My kids LOVE to brush and floss their teeth. Crazy, right? They are always asking to brush. Part of the reason is they like the Strawberry toothpaste.

  147. Jessica says:

    Price – that is my driving force. Whatever is on sale or whatever I have a coupon for. One child is still using safe-to-swallow toothpaste and the other is currently using some ‘blue’ stuff. I would love a free sample from Tom’s!

  148. Amy says:

    Ugh, I feel so bad…..I buy what I have coupons for…if it’s out there, it’s safe – right?? ;/

  149. Sarah S. says:

    We tried Tom’s of Maine before because I love how it is natural, but I couldn’t stand the plain taste. I’m excited that they have a strawberry kids version! The strawberries are really cute too :).

  150. Kristine says:

    Wow, I haven’t even looked at the ingredients, brushing teeth in our household is usually a crying event, for some reason, my four old doesn’t like his teeth brushed, so I let him pick out his own toothpaste. After seeing this post, I am defiently finding this toothpaste and we are switching. Thankyou

  151. Kathy says:

    I will def be trying out Tom’s!!!! thanks you!!!

  152. cathy says:

    I look for natural ones–we don’t need more sugar right before bedtime!

  153. Desiree says:

    We usually go for the all natural products. Sadly sometimes the princess toothpaste wins out over the naturals. 😉

  154. Cbrimm says:

    We choose toothpaste that won’t be deemed “spicy” by the children. Bubblegum and fruit flavors usually pass the non-spicy test.

    1. Angela Y says:

      LOL! I thought my child was the only one who thought toothpaste was spicy!.

  155. Jessica Miller says:

    I too an concerned about what is in the products I use for my daughter. She uses silly strawberry toothpaste too and loves it! I chose it after researching online for a toothpaste without sucrose in it. Thanks Toms of Maine for a great product!!

  156. Ashley H says:

    I have always chosen whatever is less expensive. I am excited to try Tom’s of Maine. It sounds great.

  157. Joy Martin says:

    It’s all about the taste. If they don’t like the taste, they won’t brush!

  158. I about died the other day when I discovered our three year old sneaks toothpaste and EATS it!! yuck!! I will have to pick up this next time I am out 🙂

  159. Kristan says:

    by flavor that is not too “spicy.” 😉

  160. Dawn says:

    Ive always picked based on flavor, and I think Tom’s strawberry flavored toothepaste would definatley pass the test!

  161. Hollie Heintz says:

    We already use Tom’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste! Our twins are so cute when they use it….as they are brushing, they say…”yummmmmmmmmmmm” the whole time 😉

    Way to go Tom’s!

  162. Toni Clark says:

    I like Tom’s, especially the fluoride free!!

  163. T^ammy Sharitt says:

    I got the free sample and my grandchildren loved it…. Funny how when my kids were little that I just bought whatever was cheapest, but now that my grandchildren spend lots of time at my house I want things that are better for them! I want them eating healthier and I want to protect their little bodies from harmful things!

  164. Kate says:

    If it has Dora on it and is kid safe we buy it.

  165. Cherie S says:

    We use the oral B for kids with Thomas on it. Waiting for our sample of Toms of Maine to see how that goes. 🙂

  166. Jenn says:

    We tried letting him pick out the character for his “big boy” tooth paste. That didn’t stop the “it’s too hot” freak out. Then we tried the one he couldn decorate himself. Still too hot. When I saw the first free sample from Tom’s I thought I should give it a try. I was so excited to get it in the mail that we went straight to brush his teeth. Yay! He loves it! Now there are no more tears and no yelling at brushing time and he still has clean teeth. I will definitely pay a little more for all of that. PLUS, it’s natural. So that’s a great bonus.

  167. Angela M. says:

    I struggle getting my 2 year old to let me brush his teeth. I have a sample of this Strawberry Toms and it is definitely helping.

  168. Liesel says:

    So far I let my kids use the infant toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride in it. They still don’t spit very thoroughly 🙂

  169. Amy says:

    I usually show my kids the ones they can choose from and let them take turns deciding which one to buy…I guess I never thought to look at the ingredients! eeeeek! :/

  170. Jessica says:

    I choose TOMS most of the time when I can find it in our area!! Love natural toothpastes so I can help protect our children! I just wished it didn’t have SLS in it.

  171. Renee Wright says:

    Typically we choose by flavor! Its the only way to get my kids to brush. I’m excited to try Tom’s though!

  172. Amy says:

    We end up choosing based on gentle flavoring. The kids would love to pick their favorite cartoon character, but they don’t like the taste when they brush. I am definitely going to try the Tom’s strawberry toothpaste! I am sure they will like the flavor and we won’t have to deal with dyes and unnecessary additives.

  173. Ellen Bordman says:

    It’s got to taste good to my kids or they won’t want to use it and won’t brush for very long. I’m also concerned about artificial sweeteners and colors. I am ambivalent about flouride so I like that Tom’s has some flouride-free versions.

  174. Momo says:

    I tend to look for natural, safe toothpastes for my son.

  175. Erica Tank says:

    I look for natural/organic ingredients, with a “not yucky” taste 🙂

  176. Nicole Mc says:

    I Look for all natural ones, my husband would like them to be fluoride free but it’s hard to find it without flouride for kids 🙂

  177. Celia says:

    My son likes any toothpastes that is not spicy. Never tried Tom’s of Maine before but after reading your post I’m sure it’s going to be his favorite. 🙂

  178. Cathy Burks says:

    Honestly if they will use it and not say it’s spicy I buy it!!

  179. Heather Bahney says:

    I try to find ones that are more natural but in the end the taste test makes the choice for me.

  180. Kim Jeffrey says:

    My son has just started using toothpaste and he picked it out because it had Thomas the Train on the package.

  181. Dee Salt says:

    The only ingredient I really keep an eye out for is fluoride. I know too much flouride is bad for their teeth but it never dawned on me to look at the other ingredients. My children do like anything strawberry so I would be willing to let them try this toothpaste.

  182. Heather says:

    We usually just get the free samples from the dentist! When those run out I just let my 7 year old choose whichever toothpaste he wants from the store. It is usually based on taste first (he doesn’t like mint!) and then character second. My 2 year old just gets some of that toddler toothpaste, there isn’t much option for those.

  183. Stefani S. says:

    We have always chosen based on what is appropriate for child’s age and the least expensive, however I am starting to lean towards the more natural products!

  184. Angela says:

    We’ve been using Tom’s Strawberry toothpaste for about 6 months and my kids love it!

  185. Tara S. says:

    We always choose our toothpaste by the flavor (if our daughter likes it, usually strawberry) and by her age group. We also love to make sure there’s nothing bad in it. lol. We actually use Tom’s silly strawberry flavor and she loves it!

  186. angela smith says:

    We have used this toothpaste for a couple years now. My kids prefer the taste because it does not burn their mouths. And I love it because it is all natural!!

  187. Katrina Kowal says:

    I like stuff that is dye-free and all natural. This looks like it’d be great.

  188. NeKisha Rowe says:

    We chose toothpaste based on flavor, and thus, we really like Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry. It is a bit more costly, so we don’t always get it, but it is ideal! Our three boys love it 🙂

  189. Amy says:

    I try to choose natural and recommended by our wonderful pediatric dentist.

  190. Jeanne says:

    Something not too minty. Thanks!

  191. Nikki Eddy says:

    In a toothpaste for my kids, besides a good price, I look for flouride and a nice taste.

  192. Sharon says:

    We choose a toothpaste that is natural, without scary stuff in it. Yummy flavors help, too! 🙂

  193. Stephanie Cowger says:

    I usually buy ones that they like the taste of, not too hot.

  194. Stephanie Willfong says:

    We normally choose an all-natural kids toothpaste, but the hardest thing to find is one that my children can agree on that tastes good!

  195. Kim Cleveland says:

    I love that it doesn’t have any dyes….not only is it better for my children, it doesn’t show up all over my counters/sinks/mirrors like the blue and red toothpastes do.

  196. nic says:

    We are also in the safe to swallow toothpaste stage and she picks her favorite character. I’m looking for silly strawberry the next chance I have.

  197. I usually let my kids pick and that normally means it’s done by a cartoon character. However, I’m sure if they loved the flavor, they would pick a different one.

  198. Veronica R says:

    I look for flavors or characters that get my kids excited about brushing their teeth!

  199. Mel says:

    I love the organic, natural toothpastes. It makes me feel better that my kids won’t be getting anything extra.

  200. Linda Bell says:

    Choosing a toothpaste for my child was a concern. The minty ones often burned his mouth and the sweet ones had too many artificial flavorings. I was thrilled to find Tom’s natural flavors. I like to use more natural products and avoid all the extra preservatives and flavorings.

  201. Ashley says:

    We choose toothpaste that is not spicy, and is natural:)

  202. Jennifer Davis says:

    I didn’t know Tom’s made a kids toothpaste but I will be trying it soon!

  203. Crystal Dahmes says:

    I haven’t really ever thought about it. Usually buy what is on sale or most appealing.

  204. Anna says:

    Almost a year ago my mother and I were at Target, picking up toothpaste for my kids. She happened to turn the tube around and glance at the ingredients. “Sucrose?? In toothpaste??” So, I immediately went to Tom’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste just down the aisle and bought it. It’s more expensive and there aren’t coupons often, but it’s worth it! That’s all we buy now. BTW, I’ve noticed the Wicked Mint flavor for aduls cleans better than other toothpastes too!

  205. Olivia says:

    We try to go with as natural a toothpaste as possible- although I do occasionally let my 4yr old daughter pick out the Disney princess kind. 🙂

  206. Courtney says:

    We try to choose natural products for our kids that are still affordable!

  207. Sheina Myer-Smith says:

    It’s all about price and finding a flavor the kids won’t gag on!

  208. Celica says:

    I don’t have kids but I would actually use this toothpaste. One of my favorite flavors. I have been using Tom’s and I feel like my teeth are cleaner and I love the array of natural flavors they have.

  209. Rachel says:

    Um, I just buy whatever’s on sale, but I’m thinking it’s time to think more about what’s in it.

  210. Debbie Nelson says:

    We always buy Toms – for the whole family. Natural and safe!

  211. Kristin Sexton says:

    My son is always complaining about the toothpaste, and he loves Strawberries! Hope i win.

  212. Katie says:

    I normally buy whatever my kids won’t complain about! And what I have a coupon for.

  213. JHanna says:

    we buy with coupons and get the boys the non-“spicy” ones we would LOVE to try strayberry toms…we have used toms in the past but not strayberry…”YUMMM”

  214. Diana M. says:

    I haven’t seen too many kinds of toddler toothpastes available in the store where I shop. I did try my son’s toothpaste once and did wonder where the sweetness was coming from. Now that I know that it is sugar that is in it I will try to find Tom’s at local store instead.

    1. Genevieve (MamaOnABudget) says:

      Not endorsing the store – just know that it’s “local” for many… I’ve found this at our local Wal-Mart with the other kids’ toothpastes.

  215. Valerie says:

    At this point, we do anything to get our 11, 5, and 3 year olds to brush their teeth. From fancy singing toothbrushes, their favorite character toothbrushes and toothpastes, to any flavor that isn’t “hot”. I am definitely going to try the strawberry toothpaste though. We have enough “junk” digested everyday.

  216. susan says:

    I try to pick out something that I know that they would like.

  217. Jackie says:

    I usually get it in a “flavor” that they will like, it makes it much easier for me when it’s time for them to brush their teeth!

  218. Jennifer H says:

    Honestly I just buy whatever he wants (usually character related) but if there was a healthier alternative that he would love that would be great. Can’t wait for the sample in the mail 🙂

  219. Stephanie says:

    We took the recommendation of our pediatrician and the request of berry flavor by our daughter!

  220. Carla M says:

    Can’t wait to try it!

  221. Angeline Cox says:

    we choose what tastes good to the kids and does not burn hei tongue

  222. Linds says:

    We love Tom’s Of Maine Toothpaste! This is the only toothpaste our kids have ever used and no artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners are important to me when choosing my kids toothpaste!

  223. Laura z says:

    I usually buy because of price.

  224. Iman Harrak says:

    I look for flouride and low abrasiveness as well as a kid friendly taste- minty flavors are usually too hot for kids.

  225. sarah taflinger says:

    I have 14 year old, who is very picky about toothpaste.. I bought several tubes and let him choose,, He did choose a not so spicy toothpaste. He is very picky about his teeth–I do babysit for a 2 year old, and we monitor what is inside the tube. We gave her the natural stuff and she loved it. She stands and brushes her teeth while I put clothes in the dryer from the washer. She is picky,, and would let you know if it is not good or not.

  226. Elizabeth says:

    I choose it because of the ingredients, as simple as the little one who uses it, nothing harmful for my little man! Love Toms!!!!!!

  227. Jenny says:

    The non-fluoride stuff is expensive, so I get whatever costs the least! For the older kids it’s pretty much the same: whatever is cheapest. I would love to get natural toothpaste though; it would be healthier.

  228. Emily says:

    I use Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry because I can choose it without flouride!

  229. I’m a dental hygienist so I use toothpaste with xylitol and fluoride for my kids!

  230. Amanda Anders says:

    Usually whatever is on sale or I have a coupon for. . .time to wake up! I’ll be shopping for tooth paste different now

  231. Jennifer Rearick says:

    Tom’s of Maine Strawberry is the only toothpaste my daughter doesn’t complain about! I wish I could find an effecctive toothpaste without flouride, but until then she’s going to be a Tom’s kid!

  232. Danielle says:

    My little one doesn’t have teeth yet, but we will be choosing an affordable and natural toothpaste!

  233. Karen says:

    My oldest son is autistic, and hates having a toothbrush or paste in his mouth. It used to be such a battle where it took 2 people to hold him down, one to hold him and his mouth open, the other to hold him and try to brush. Then we got a sample of Tom’s Strawberry in the mail and he LOVED it. He won’t tolerate the other flavors or any other brand, so now I order it by the case from Amazon!

  234. Brandi Rice says:

    As a registered dental hygienist, I am picky about brushing and the toothpaste we use. My children are young and cannot use a fluoridated toothpaste just yet. So I have to look hard to find products safe for them. While pregnant I developed a rash on my face from using fluoridated toothpaste and used Tom’s of Maine to brush and the rash disappeared!

  235. CarlyW says:

    We like to get Floride-free for our toddlers, so we usually use Jason’s or Tom’s.

  236. Kristan says:

    I generally narrow it down to a few brands that don’t have any “extra” things we don’t need (ie. dye, additives, etc) and them my 4-year-old gets to pick his favorite brand. I’m thankful because he doesn’t like the taste of the “regular” brands!

  237. We like natural toothpaste, but it has to also not be a minty or spicy flavor.

  238. Julie C says:

    We’ve always used what I’ve been able to get for “free”.

  239. Kathy Cunningham says:

    I like the toothpaste with no fluoride in it, especially for my youngest. And since we really don’t drink sweet drinks, we hardly ever get any cavities, so it must be fine without it in it. My daughter loves the strawberry taste and prefers it over the minty flavors. We don’t all have the same toothpaste, but definitely like the natural options out there!

  240. Hannah says:

    I have used Tom’s natural products for awhile because of certain health conditions that make me more sensetive to artifical ingredients and preservatives. We personally are concerned about added flouride and it is nice to have a brand that sells both flouridated and non flouride toothpaste. Unfortuantely, our local grocery store has stopped carrying the non flouride products. 🙁

  241. MaryAnn says:

    My kids are into “whitening” so I buy whatever is nearly free and choose the variety that claims to whiten.

  242. Anne says:

    I didn’t realize Tom’s made kids toothpaste but when I saw it and we tried it my boys immediately gave it two thumbs up and now silly strawberry is actually our toothpaste of choice.

  243. steve simon says:

    Tried Toms for strawberry flavor. after reading insert, i started to read the contents of a Crest kids tube. need a science degree to do so.

  244. Kathy says:

    hmmm I buy what is on sale, but hopefully since they aren’t swallowing the toothpaste, they will be ok.

  245. megan reitzel says:

    After my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with a cavity, we went shopping at Target. We first bought a Dora toothpaste; she hated the taste. I then went back and found Tom’s. She has not complained about the taste yet! Glad we made the switch to something natural and free of dyes 🙂

  246. Jodi Passer says:

    We choose a toothpaste based on not only the ingredients but by taste…My kids do not like a lot of the sweet sugary flavors so we have to go with a more natural flavoring…

  247. Alysia says:

    nothing too sweet or he just wants to eat it like candy 🙂

  248. Elizabeth K says:

    I choose a toothpaste for my kids that isn’t too hot/minty and of course has to have flouride! They usually have strong opinions of what they like and don’t like!

  249. Kristan H says:

    Normally we get what is on sale or what we have a coupon for. After seeing the sugar in it, we might be switching to a natural kind.

  250. Rachel M. says:

    We love Tom’s of Maine! I used it as a kid and it was my favorite and my boys really like the strawberry flavor. I appreciate the all-natural ingredients.

  251. Rachel says:

    Our dentist recommended Tom’s Strawberry flavored toothpaste for our very picky daughter. She LOVES it..

    1. Lori says:

      Our family friend recommended Tom’s Strawberry flavored toothpaste and we been using it every since and we love it

  252. Miriam M says:

    I found Tom’s toothpaste about 5 years ago at Whole Fooods. Now I’m glad it is sold in my local Target stores. We have 3 girls still at home, 16, 15 and 12. I was concerned about many of the ingrediants I could not even pronounce in oour toothpaste. Tom’s is a natrual toothpaste with great taste. I have purchased the children’s flavors, but the whole house uses them and we love it too! I used to buy only what I have a coupon for, but Tom’s is the best investment I can make for my famliy.

  253. Sandra says:

    They choose their toothpaste by how “spicy” it is. : )

  254. Stacie Cook says:

    I may have to try this for myself! I love Strawberry!

  255. Carrie D. says:

    We haven’t given it much thought really. I just got a sample of Tom’s so we’ll be giving that a try. Sounds like it would be much better for my boys!

  256. Lori_S says:

    We chose Burts Bee’s natural toothpaste. I’d never heard of Tom’s of Maine until now. Requested a sample and if it goes well we’ll definitely be making a switch because to bee honest we’re not that crazy about the other.

  257. Rachel Steinberg says:

    I choose a toothpaste based on ingredients first – all natural – then by flavor -my kids tend to prefer citrus, but since we all love strawberries I thought maybe we should try the Tom’s…

  258. Abbi Pena says:

    I will admit, I have not paid much attention to the toothpaste I buy for my son. But, I will definitely be giving Tom’s a try!!

  259. Meggan says:

    I usually let my kids choose — I want it to be something they are going to use!!

  260. Lucy gonzalez says:

    We always look for the natural ingredients and good taste. Silly strawberry is our current favorite!

  261. Becky R says:

    I go with what has a good taste and does a good job.

  262. Lesley Allizadeh says:

    My girls love will love this Silly Strawberry Smile flavor and I love the ingredients! Thanks for making a toothpaste that everyone can agree on… and for a reasonable price! Sincerely, Lesley Allizadeh

  263. RebeccaW says:

    Usually just buy what’s on sale.

  264. Angie Janowiec says:

    We typically just use Colgate or Crest, but right now my son is using Tom’s of Maine very berry toothpaste and it is nice to know that it is a natural product. Thanks for the opportunity to win $100 from Target!

  265. Jen M says:

    My kids like Colgate Junior. They are picky about their toothpaste flavors, but strawberry might be a hit for them.

  266. Gail says:

    My children are both adults, but I do have a 15 month old granddaughter (with 12 teeth), and she uses Tom’s toothpaste for children because of the natural ingredients and it is fluoride-free. I use Tom’s for my dog’s teeth because of the above mentioned reasons!

    Annapolis, MD

  267. Paola says:

    We are just starting to brush our young toddler’s teeth with flouride-free training toothpaste but will be using natural toothpaste soon. We like Tom’s strawberry floavored toothpaste.

  268. Diane G says:

    We purchase the Tom’s Silly Strawberry already. A great toothpaste my kids really like.

  269. Candy Apples says:

    I used to find the best toothpaste for my son… and myself!

  270. Leah says:

    Sadly, we usually just buy whatever is on sale.

  271. Jeanine C. says:

    I have tried every kind of toothpaste made for my son but everything except Aquafresh (horrible, I know) has been too spicy. I recently purchased Tom’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste for him though because when he saw the strawberries (his favorite food), he begged me to get it!! I was apprehensive until I saw the ADA which is very important to me, so I got it. He loves it!!! and I am very happy with the ingredients and the good results. Thank you!!

  272. Alicia says:

    We have 4 kids and about 6 different tooth pastes, because the kids are constantly complaining on the taste…so we just kept buying and trying more…until we got our sample of Tom’s strawberry in the mail. All 4 kids love it!! So out with all the others, and in with our new favorite!!! Makes for one happy Mom!

  273. Melissa Snyder says:

    I usually choose what is on sale, but not from discount stores because there has been some bad press about bad toothpaste at discount/overstock stores

  274. Carissa Helsdon says:

    I choose a toothpaste for my kids that helps with tartar and cavity protection.

  275. Ashley says:

    Wyatt is waiting for his Tom’s of Maine sample. He loves to do “teeth” at night before and/or after his bath. Such a great habit to get into. Gotta keep those teeth healthy and bright for 90 years to come! Thanks Toms of Maine

  276. Danielle Amaro says:

    We used to choose whatever flavor the kids wanted, but after noticing how much my little ones swallow, we made the choice to switch to Tom’s of Maine after trying it at Whole Foods. Natural really is best for us

  277. Chris says:

    I don’t like fluoride for young children at all! I’ve seen what it’s done to my niece’s teeth – capped at age 16 to cover the blemishes! Now I’m encouraging my neighbors to “fore go the fluoride” for their 21 month old. She love Tom’s Strawberry Natural! Thanks, Toms of Maine!

  278. Jennifer B. says:

    Natural ingredients and a low price.

  279. Sue thompson says:

    We try to choose products that are all natural and toothpaste that does not have flouride. Love all tom’s products!

  280. Michelle S says:

    I have already been using Tom’s toothpaste for myself for years, so it was only natural that as soon as I started brushing my two year old son Bodhi’s teeth that I use Tom’s for him too! <3 all of Tom's of Maine products!!

    It's comforting to know and understand exactly what is in the products I put in my body, and to also trust that those products will never be recalled because of some random ingredient that should have never been in there in the first place.

    Thanks, Tom's!

  281. We choose one that tastes good and is available in large quantities (ie: from Costco!).

  282. Angie says:

    I choose one that does not have a strong taste. My son is very picky.

  283. Holly Zeeb says:

    I choose a flavor my kids like and I always make sure it is all natural

  284. Jean says:

    We choose a toothpaste with a flavor the kids want to brush with!

  285. Candi Slezak says:

    We got a free sample of the Tom’s strawberry toothpaste (I never knew it was out there) and we are sold! My son loves it and I love that it is a natural product!

  286. Amy says:

    I usually let them pick by flavor. My one daughter is extremely picky and I grabbed a Tom’s of Maine (strawberry) and she LOVED it!

  287. Amy says:

    I usually let them pick by flavor. My one daughter is extremely picky and I grabbed a Tom’s of Maine (strawberry) and she LOVED it!

  288. angi says:

    Sadly enough…we pick based on what is inexpensive – But my goal is what is healthy!!

  289. Jennifer Huber says:

    I used to buy what was on sale, but now I’m more interested in natural ingredients.

  290. Cathy Piger says:

    I can’t wait to try it my kids don’t like the other brands of kids tooth paste, usually a fake bubblegum flavor.

  291. michelle says:

    we choose natural toothpaste….

  292. Amy W. says:

    We look for natural brands for our kid’s toothpaste as well, without artificial ingredients and other yucky things. They use Earth’s Best Toddler toothpaste right now.

  293. Kari says:

    Well, I’m trying to buy more “natural” products, but taste is definitely a key factor. If my boys can’t stand the taste of it in their mouths, there’s no sense wasting the money or nerves on it. I haven’t yet tried Tom’s Silly Strawberry, but strawberry anything sounds like a winner!!

  294. Kelly says:

    I always make sure everything I give my child is full of ingredients that are safe and natural.

  295. Stephanie Wolford says:

    I choose my children’s toothpaste by purchasing something mild that has good ingredients.

  296. Jennifer Marie says:

    Taste is very important to my kids. My kids do not like strong minty toothpastes. Instead they like fruity flavors best. I would love to give this type of toothpaste a try!

  297. Audrey says:

    I liked using non floride tp for my little one, but the dentist convinced me to start using floride tp for them as well. Now I’m torn. The kids loved Tom’s when we used it.

  298. Leslie says:

    My son has ADHD and I am always reading labels of what he eats. No HFCS, no artificial flavors or colors or anything high in sugar. It never occurred to me to check his toothpaste! Well wouldn’t you know it, the brand we were using was full of junk that is not good for any kid! I researched and found out about Tom’s. We switched and he loves it and so does his Mom!

  299. Rachel Cline says:

    My daughters love this toothpaste and I love letting them use it. There is no fight at night trying to get them to brush their teeth anymore, I just ask them if they want to use their yummy strawberry toothpaste and they run to the sink. Seriously it’s great!!

  300. Hannah Shefferd says:

    Just so it isn’t “Spicy”. I am excited to try this toothpast though because my sisters kids love it.

  301. Donna Thurman says:

    We have not tried this toothpaste. Our dentist reccomends Crest for kids so that’s what we have used. I would love to research this toothpaste a bit more and ask our dentist his opinion on it 🙂

    1. vali transtrum says:

      I chose my toothpaste according to what my dentist recommends. I also try to look at the price.

  302. Christine says:

    I choose a toothpaste by reading the ingredients and reviews at iherb.

  303. Jessica says:

    We switched to Tom’s when we found out that the discolorations and ridging that my now 12 year old daughter has was because of overdosing on fluoride as a smaller child 🙁 Since reading up on it and discovering that fluoride isn’t the save all like pushed on us by drs, dentists and media, we made the switch!! I wish I had known sooner, though, to save my daughter the humiliation that she has dealing w/ her teeth in middle school now. We are looking at vaneers for her when all her adult teeth are in :/

  304. Molly B says:

    We just try to choose one with the best ingredients…

  305. I chose a toothpaste by my dentist’s recommendation.

    samanthajocampen at gmail

  306. Miranda says:

    I usually let my kids pick out their own and they like any toothpaste that is not “spicy”. I have never looked at what is in them, but I will now. Looking forward to giving Toms a try. Thanks!

  307. Lisa says:

    Previously whatever was on sale … currently what is toxin free.

  308. Jen W says:

    I hate to say that I chose what we use based on there were only 2 choices at Target for Under-2 and the one we got had Thomas the train which my kids are bananas over. Not very scientific. I would love to try the Tom’s stuff for my kids.

  309. Rebekah Beasley says:

    We choose toothpaste based on our Dentist recommendations

  310. Sheila says:

    I usually go with the best-priced toothpaste that my kids will actually use. Your post, though, is making me reconsider. 🙂

  311. tawny says:

    I select toothpaste based on brand…I figure known brand, better quality? IDK. I have to be honest, I haven’t considered thinking about *natural* ingredients, duh. I do with food, why not with toothpaste?!? Thanks!

  312. Suzanne B. says:

    I have used Crest all my life…so naturally my kids use Crest. Would love to try Tom’s of Mains, but my son is allergic to strawberry…wonder if he would have a reaction to strawberry toothpaste.

  313. Sara Lester says:

    I generally choose my children’s toothpaste from the major brands.

  314. Jen Fields says:

    I have heard great thing about all of Tom’s products and would love for my boys to use an all natural toothpaste and not something fluorescent blue or red!

    I currently let my five year old choose the toothpaste, which means buzz lightyear is on the package.

  315. Ronya says:

    I usually look for a fun flavor and Floride. However I’m never sure if Floride is good or bad.

  316. Kristine Kennedy says:

    I use what I have coupons for.

  317. courtney says:

    the past few years I have been replacing all my soaps, shampoos, makeup and the like to natural products. The last thing is the toothpaste, I have yet to find a natural toothpaste that tastes good (maybe I need to switch to the kids ones!) I know though that my future kiddos will be raised using natural products from the start!

  318. Traela says:

    I choose based on what’s on sale and if I have a coupon.

  319. Jennifer Sessoms says:

    I’ll be honest, I buy what is on sale and what I have a coupon for usually Colgate, Crest or Oragel.

  320. Deanna Adkins says:

    We chose a tooth paste that was written by prescription by our dentist, because our daughter has braces.

  321. I usually use what the dentist recommends.

  322. Renae M says:

    Our dentist gives free mini tubes with checkups, and I buy whatever we have coupons for. With 6 kids we always have a selection of open tubes since the little ones don’t like the minty kinds, they say they taste too “hot”. I really like Tom’s for the kids and myself but can’t always afford it…

  323. Amy A. says:

    My daughter is only 2.5 but ever since she started brushing her teeth, she’s used Tom’s. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend, who uses it for the natural ingredients. Lucy loves it, and won’t use any other toothpaste.

  324. Sara Scott says:

    We are still in training having just turned two so we do training paste for the quads, but Drew uses what our dentist recommended. He doesn’t care about it’s taste he’s more concerned about his teeth sparking! 🙂

  325. Amber W. says:

    I usually just get what’s on sale, because I also have 4 little mouths full of teeth to brush 🙂

  326. Tammy says:

    Just bought this for my kids to try a week ago! Wanted something gentle, natural, and effective. My gang loves it! Thanks Tom’s.

  327. Tricia R. says:

    We actually just switched to Tom’s of Maine and I do feel pretty good abut using it!! My kids love the taste…especially my 2 year old who is known for sucking the paste right off the brush. At least with Tom’s I know it’s all natural ingredients 🙂

  328. Katie B. says:

    I usually just let my kids pick the toothpaste with the character on it they want….never even thought about looking at ingredients.

  329. Heather says:

    I’ve usually picked toothpaste based on the characters in the package because I’d let my boys chose. But after many wasted tubes becsuse they liked the packaging and hated the flavor I picked up a tube of Toms in sale recently and all four boys have not complained. It’s a keeper.

  330. Johanna says:

    I usually chose what is on sale. I have been wanting to try Tom’s of Maine so hopefully my daughters will love it and we can switch.

  331. Jennifer says:

    The last time I chose toothpaste it was based on the flavor. My twins are only 18 months and still on the training paste. I definitely want to look into Toms now that you mentioned it.

  332. Jessica smith says:

    When I choose a toothpaste I make sure their is no dyes or artificial sweeteners in them. Thanks!

  333. Heather S. says:

    I just make sure the toothpaste for my littlest one has no fluoride and the bigger kids get a flavor they like. I’ve heard great things about Tom’s and can’t wait to let them try it!

  334. Stephanie C. says:

    We love this toothpaste and chose it because it’s not only good for you it taste good too. 🙂

  335. Tatiana Duncan says:

    My daugther (2 years old) LOVEEEES it. We have to pack the small ones on her backpack just in case bc She wont try anyother kind no matter how funny and playfull we make it. Thanks … we even got an small sample perfect size for traveling. 🙂

  336. Jess T says:

    We use what we get from the dentist. I figured if he thinks its good enough to give away it must be good enough. I hadn’t ever thought to consider natural toothpaste… which is wierd because I read labels on food ALL the time!

  337. maren says:

    By what’s cheapest!

  338. Jenna says:

    I first tried Toms of Maine kids because my oldest (now 11) didn’t like the taste of any of the others. And now she uses the adult Toms of Maine and I just bought my first tube of Silly Strawberry for my 4yr old son.

  339. Jennifer says:

    I choose toothpaste based on whether it is all natural. I only use all natural or organic products.

  340. Amy Conklin says:

    I choose my kids toothpaste based on flavor and brands I trust. They don’t like minty flavored toothpaste, so Tom’s Silly Strawberry Smiles is perfect for us. And I love that it is natural!!!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  341. Bridget Burritt says:

    Recently I have been choosing by lowest price.

  342. becky says:

    Haven’t found a toothpaste my son likes yet, maybe this will be it.

  343. Amy says:

    I usually buy what’s on sale!

  344. Kristen P. says:

    I usually just stick with the top brands, whichever I have a coupon for at the time. 🙂

  345. Ashleigh Bailey says:

    Never tried Tom’s and never really put a lot of thought into the toothpaste. I will definately be looking into ingredients now and not just doing the grab-no-go at the store. Thank you!

  346. Jennifer V says:

    Sometimes we choose a favorite character to get my kids excited to brush but if it were up to me I would only choose ones with all natural ingredients!

  347. Janet says:

    I’ve actually been looking for something new. So, i will definitely check this out. My girls were using a generic CVS brand baby toothpaste. I recently decided that it was time to switch to something other than “baby” toothpaste. Everything I find….they tell me that it tastes yucky. I will have to try Toms!

  348. Erin says:

    I like to ensure that my child gets things with the most natural items in it, and that it’s affordable.

  349. Amy Jo says:

    I choose based on flavor:)

  350. gail says:

    I have children’s toothpaste on hand for overnights with my grandkids and haven’t tried this one. I am interested because I want to provide natural products that won’t put nasty chemicals into my sweet little people!

  351. Carrie DeZ says:

    it’s SpongeBobSquarePants in this silly house. I know, it is a terrible reason to buy toothpaste, but it does the trick in getting my three crazy boys to brush! They also love the firefly light-up toothbrushes!

  352. MichelleD. says:

    I have honestly never thought about it before- just choose from the major brands and flavors my kids don’t think are too “hot”. I was not aware of Toms natural toothpaste until today. I am excited to try it- thx!

  353. Aimee says:

    I choose a toothpaste for my special needs daughter that is natural in case she swallows it.

  354. Alayna says:

    We struggle with getting our kids to brush their teeth. So we’re willing to try just about anything. For them, it has to taste good, and not “spicy” like grown up toothpaste.

  355. Angi says:

    We use a variety of toothpaste. It depends on what is on sale, what coupons I have and how much household money I have in my envelope.

  356. Sandi says:

    I usually choose a toothpaste that my 3yo will use. He says some of the flavors burn his mouth. I’m really excited to try the Tom’s Strawberry, though, because that is his favorite flavor everything – oatmeal, milk, cupcake, jello, etc. 🙂

  357. Melanie says:

    My 5 year old doesn’t like toothpaste that has a minty flavor to it, but she is too old for the toddler toothpaste. I have not tried Tom’s yet, but I think I will have to just to see if she will like it.

  358. Amy K says:

    I have always used Crest Kids. I don’t really know why:) I will definitely be trying this Tom’s Silly Strawberry!

  359. Laurie Martelli says:

    I would previously buy bubble-mint toothpaste because that is what my kids would tolerate for taste. I got a free sample of Tom’s Strawberry a few months back and they LOVE it! The fact that its organic makes me feel so much better about what they’re putting in their mouths or swallowing for the little ones that don’t quite get the spitting out part yet. LOL

  360. Cara says:

    I buy Tom’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste for my kids 🙂

  361. Tara says:

    We got this sample a couple weeks ago. Looking at your pictures reminded me of my house! We have 5 boys so I totally understand the task of just getting everyone to brush their teeth! All of my boys (except the 3 year old) liked this kind.

  362. Kelly D. says:

    We’ve been using Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry for about a year now. The kids love the taste and I’m happy that it’s all natural.

  363. alena demery says:

    We use crest because thats what our dentist recommends.

  364. julia k. says:

    I too choose toothpaste based on whether its on sale. But I’m thinking maybe I should change that for my kiddos, who seem to swallow a lot.

  365. Erika Solidum says:

    I choose toothpaste by looking at the ingredients and by doing a little research. Love Tom’s!

  366. Heather Holloway says:

    Reviews and research on the internet help me to decide which toothpaste would be best.

  367. Helen says:

    I choose by the price and the flavor.

  368. We buy toothpaste that is as simple & natural as possible. Toms is good stuff!

  369. Marija W says:

    We love Tom’s!

  370. Martha Francis says:

    By the ingredients….and reviews!

  371. Lisa Layton says:

    My husband and I use Toms toothpaste, but I’ve never tried it with the kids yet. I’m gonna try out the free sample offer. Thanks so much.

  372. Rachel says:

    My son prefers toothpaste based on the characters on the box. I am, however, excited about a natural alternative. I am sure he will like the strawberry flavor.

  373. Priscilla says:

    For most of our family, 8 of us, usually I go with what is on sale, with a coupon is preferred. For myself I prefer Tom’s as I have sensitive teeth/gums receding in places…tried going back to Aim, my did that taste too sweet & not good. Interesting I had gotten use to less sweet toothpaste. Why is it that some toothpaste adds sugars…kind of seems like it is going against what you are attempting when brushing your teeth. I’m about to start finding my own homemade toothpaste recipe for 8 of us it has to be cheaper & still good for us.

  374. Cynthia says:

    Honestly I buy the cheapest out there, but would love one with healthier ingredients…

  375. Priscilla says:

    For most of our family, 8 of us, usually I go with what is on sale, with a coupon is preferred. For myself I prefer Tom’s as I have sensitive teeth/gums receding in places…tried going back to Aim, my did that taste too sweet & not good. Interesting I had gotten use to less sweet toothpaste. Why is it that some toothpaste adds sugars…kind of seems like it is going against what you are attempting when brushing your teeth. I’m about to start finding my own homemade toothpaste recipe, for 8 of us it has to be cheaper & still good for us.

  376. wendy says:

    we look for a toothpaste with the most natural ingredients possible with no flouride added.

  377. Melissa Dompierre says:

    My kids tend to be a little picky so I have to find a toothpaste where they like the taste. Tom’s Silly Strawberry is perfect because it appeals to what I like…good/natural ingredients and the kids love the taste!

  378. Mindy M says:

    I choose a toothpaste based on value and natural ingredients. Would love to win!

  379. Lilly says:

    We’ve only used the Burt’s Bees kids toothpaste because it also has all natural ingredients and my daughter likes the way it tastes. She’s not even 3 yet and eats most of the toothpaste so we’re still using flouride-free for the time being!

  380. Sheena Gossett says:

    I’m a horrible mom. I just get whatever “kids” toothpaste I can for the cheapest amount. Guess I need to be more proactive in my kids’ dental health. I should try this.

  381. Erika Clarendon says:

    My kids love the Toms of Maine products. We only use the floride free one. About 5-6 years ago we were going back and forth with different brands but what made us change completely to Toms for the whole family was non floride choice with the natural ingredients.

  382. Jen says:

    My kids use regular toothpaste, and I usually just buy whatever I can get for (almost) free.

  383. angie cisneros says:

    I prefer natural toothpaste but usually my kids use whatever I have a coupon for. They do not like anything minty though.

  384. Jennifer M. says:

    We love all brands of Tom’s toothpaste and that is the only brand we use. We will use no other and are willing to pay the prices for good toothpaste. We especially like the kinds that are fluoride free!

  385. Brandi W says:

    I have used Toms for years on and off. When I gave it to my children to try, my one daughter loved it so much that she won’t use any other toothpaste… they get enough sugar in their treats..why would you want them to brush with sweeteners?

  386. Alisha says:

    I choose a toothpaste by checking the ingredients, whether she’s liked the taste in the past, and of course any coupons I have. 🙂

  387. Karli says:

    I choose toothpaste based on the ingredients & the flavor. Just recently got Tom’s of Maine!

  388. Bekah Rhoads says:

    We used to use crest but recently recieved a free sample of toms silly strawberry and my daughter LOVES it!

  389. We actually just recently switched to Tom’s. We had received a sample and my girls liked it so much better than the other gross “kids” toothpastes. Also, we were excited that it was all natural 🙂

  390. Michelle Baker says:

    My sister is a hygenist so usually we get the blue Spongebob toothpaste from her!

  391. Rosemary says:

    I let my kid’s pick their own toothpaste–makes them more likely to enjoy brushing. :O)

  392. Amanda W. says:

    I use so little toothpaste on my daughter’s toothbrush that I don’t worry too much about which kind I use, but I’m definitely willing to try something new!

  393. Pamela McCoy says:

    My daughter loves brushing her teeth, thank goodness. She was excited to find out some strawberry toothpaste was coming in the mail for her. You might have found a life long customer in her.

  394. Lacy says:

    About a year ago we all switched to natural toothpastes for the same reasons you listed. Tom’s is the only brand my kids like (and only the kids version, they don’t like the adult/regular kinds)

  395. Gillian C says:

    Honestly, I just let my kids pick whatever toothpaste they want. I never thought of the ingredients that could be in there though, I’ll definitely be checking that out.

  396. LisaG says:

    We listen to our pediatric dentist’s suggestions, but also look for toothpastes that have good taste and ideally no sodium-lauryl-sulfates.

  397. Jill says:

    I choose a toothpaste based on what my kids will use. They don’t like many. I haven’t tried Tom’s but would love to. We are trying to switch to as much all natural ingredient products as possible.

  398. Jo Ann says:

    We choose our toothpaste based on ingredients.

  399. Morgan says:

    Try to pick the best ingredients and best taste!

  400. holly adams says:

    I usually just get what I used to use as a kid, but we have recently tried Toms silly strawberry, and we love it! I will most definately be checking the ingredients in my kids toothpaste for now on, thank you!

  401. Laura says:

    Love Tom’s! I buy it when I can get a good deal on it – cost is a factor when it comes to buying our toothpaste.

  402. Bobbi says:

    would love to get a sample of their toothpaste to try.

  403. Connor says:

    I’m trying to get my daughter to use something other than what it full of glitter and weird fake bubblegum flavor. So far, it isn’t working. She is all about the flavor, and if she thinks it tastes good, then she’s happy to brush.

  404. Jenny Woodward says:

    Thanks for the great info and great post!

  405. Allison Brady says:

    I usually chose toothpaste for our family based on what is on sale and if I have a coupon. However, if my children are with me, it seems to become a battle of the characters … amazing how that marketing works at such a young age! 🙂

  406. susan miller says:

    my grandkids have used the sample from Toms, no complaints from them!!

  407. Amber D. says:

    I’ve been using the Oral-B for the kiddos but now after reading this I will likely make the switch! I haven’t seen anything else I trusted till now : )

  408. Jen says:

    I have tried Tom’s Strawberry. Both my preschoolers love it. It’s going to be our next purchase.

  409. Kristy says:

    My little neice (2.5 years old) is having terrible allergies. They are trying everything to find out what she is allergic too. I am requesting a sample of this toothpaste for her to try.

  410. nina says:

    I try to find one that my boys like, they don’t like certain brands but they LOVE Tom’s of maine strawberry!

  411. Abigail Perry says:

    So far…. I’ve had to choose what’s available. We’re still using fluoride free toothpaste since my kids don’t like to spit much yet and I can’t find any natural versions of that where we usually shop. I plan to switch to Tom’s of Maine (available at Target where I usually shop) once we get the spitting thing down!

  412. Rebecca says:

    I choose a toothpaste based on ingredients- I’ve actually been a tom’s of maine fan for years, starting with their Cinnamint…..I haven’t tried the strawberry yet.

  413. Kelly G says:

    I use what our Dentist recommends.

  414. Chris says:

    Try to be healthy with the kids – for the adults, it’s whatever’s cheapest

  415. I always go for the ones without so many chemicals! Good price helps too. 🙂

  416. amy says:

    I love love Tom’s of maine and other natural toothpastes without added ingredients. But it also has to be something that has a taste my daughter can tolerate.

  417. connie helland says:

    I switched to a more natural paste during chemo and then had my kiddos do the same, and I like knowing that there is less chemicals in the toothpaste.

  418. Natalie says:

    I go with a combination of ingredients list and doctor recommendation.

  419. Victoria says:

    We try to use a ‘natural’ toothpaste like Tom’s or KissMyFace…whichever is best price with least chemicals!

  420. Right now my kids, 6 of them, use Crest or something that I get wtih a coupon. My goal is to keep trying new products that keep their health as a priority. I sometimes use a mixture of baking soda and essential oils for myself but I don’t think they are ready for that. 🙂

  421. Yolanda says:

    In the past, I have chosen toothpaste based on taste. After reading about this toothpaste, I am on board to try toothpaste made from natural ingredients. I think my kids will love the strawberry taste and I love that it is made with all natural ingredients!

  422. Laundry Lady says:

    I like Tom’s of Maine because I wanted a kids toothpaste without all kind of artificial ingredients, but also with flouride. Since my daughter is only 2, we use a tiny little bit, but it is helping with the tooth brushing struggle.

  423. Annemarie says:

    I use very natural products in our home and look forward to adding Tom’s toothpaste now that my little one is 1 year old, we have just brushed with water until now. I am sure he will love the strawberry taste and I love that it doesn’t have floride!

  424. Heather near Atlanta says:

    Well, usually what’s on sale, to be honest, except my kid prefers this Crest or Colgate thing with sparkles? Now that I think about it, that doesn’t sound good.

  425. melissa says:

    I purchased our last toothpaste (Crest Kids) based on a really good coupon, coupled with a sale at a store. I prefer natural toothpastes, but couldn’t turn down the really good price. I haven’t tried Toms yet (we’ve used Weleda and Earth’s Best), but would love to! I like their toothpaste for me!

  426. Juli says:

    I choose a toothpaste for my kids based on what their denist suggests, but good taste never hurts either.

  427. Amanda B. says:

    If my kids like it, then I buy it. So simple but the honest truth. They have to like the taste, character on the package, etc before they will use it. So sometimes I spend a little extra for the Spongebob just to ensure they will keep their teeth healthy!

  428. Jessica says:

    I use whatever toothpaste my kids will actually use!

  429. Amara says:

    We go with our dentist’s recommendations, though I probably need to do some more research! 🙂

  430. Natalie says:

    Cost and natural ingredients are important to me… right now we’re experimenting with DIY tooth powder, but none of us like the taste much so we may switch… would love to try out Toms!

  431. Michelle says:

    I never thought of looking at the ingredients of toothpaste. But now that I am aware of what could be in it, I definitely will. Honestly, I just bought whatever I had a coupon for. Now I will be more conscious of what I buy!

  432. Jennifer T says:

    We purchase whatever children’s toothpaste is on sale and flouride-free. We are excited to try Tom’s and I think my boys are going to LOVE it!!

  433. Nicole says:

    I typically buy whatever is on sale and/or have coupons for. I tried Toms of Maine toothpaste a few months ago, as I was able to get it very inexpensively, and really liked it. So I’m excited to be able to have my kids try it as well!

  434. Nicole says:

    I typically buy whatever is on sale and/or whatever I have coupons for. But we’re excited to try Toms of Maine!

  435. Jessica Wilhite says:

    I have 4 boys 5 and under so we are currently just starting to buy kids toothpaste from the training toothpaste. I’m not set on a certain brand yet, but I would love to try this Tom’s toothpaste out with my oldest to see if he would like it.

  436. Heather Gratz says:

    My niece stays with us every weekend. She has not been raised to brush her teeth regularly, so it is a challenge to instill this habit in her. I think something that has the word ‘strawberry’ will appeal to her (and I’ll feel good knowing it’s not sugar!).

  437. Heather says:

    I tend toward natural products, as I do with most everything in our home. So, that’s how I choose the toothpaste my toddler uses. Esp. b/c she doesn’t really know how to spit out yet.

  438. Catherine says:

    I don’t have any kids quite yet but have a feeling I’ll be buying them Tom’s Silly Strawberry when they do come!

  439. vivian says:

    I ussually just gey whaever is on sale

  440. Jodi says:

    I started getting money wise over the last year and just happen to run across Tom’s toothpaste. During my frugal journey I started realizing all the harmful not necessary ingredients in cleansers and health care products including toothpaste. I am pleased with Tom’s cost as well as effectiveness, the healthier part is just a huge bonus. Thanks for a great product–the kids use what they like and your product steps up to the plate and scores.

  441. Angie says:

    I really do tend to buy what is one sale but also what the kids like does come into play. I do want them to actually like brushing their teeth!

  442. Rachel says:

    I usually choose what is the best price, but would love to try Tom’s. I guess packaging also impacts my decision…the stand-up Crest tubes always turn into a mess with our kids.

  443. angela says:

    i choose a toothpaste based on the health of it and if there isn’t floride.

  444. Rebecca Brazell says:

    I usually get toothpaste from my dentist, my husband gets a tube from his and both of my children get a tube from theirs. I usually don’t buy but maybe two tubes a year because of this so then it’s usually whatever is on sale and has a coupon. I like the idea of a more natural toothpaste without additives though. That would probably be well worth the effort and expense to use instead of whatever is on sale!!!

  445. Brandi Ogg says:

    We try to buy whats on sale and what we have a coupon for. Saving money where we can.

  446. Kelli says:

    I choose toothpaste for my kids based on the taste they will tolerate/enjoy!

  447. Jen L says:

    I’ve never tried Tom’s of Maine, but I’ve heard great things from friends of mine. I would love to have my son try it!

  448. Kalyn says:

    I’ve always been looking for a good, natural toothpaste, and this looks like a winner!

  449. kellye says:

    my grandkids will love this

  450. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    I use the Colgate toothpaste which I like bc it’s minty and makes their yucky breath smell good (remember the days when they were babies and their breath was as sweet as can be?!). However, they HATE the way it tastes…they like strawberry everything else, so I’m glad to get the sample to try and see if we both like!

  451. Michelle says:

    I used to choose toothpaste based on price…but now I actually really look at the bottle and assess which one has the least artificial crap in it.

  452. Jeanine Bagley says:

    I use Tom’s of Maine because my kids love the strawberry. I never realized until reading this that it was the better choice. Thanks!

  453. Sandra says:

    I like the natural ingredients and it sounds like a flavor for kids!

  454. Danae says:

    I try to choose the products that contain the most natural ingredients.

  455. Darrell says:

    We choose toothpaste and mouthwash that has ADA approval-it’s amazing how many toothpastes (cheapo ones and whitening ones) that don’t have it.

  456. Jennifer says:

    I love Tom’s toothpaste! I know my little girl will love the strawberry flavor, too!

  457. Jeanine Bagley says:

    My kids love strawberry! THis will make bedtime easier. Thanks!

  458. Jeanine Bagley says:

    My kids will love the strawberry flavor. Thanks!

  459. Suzanne R. says:

    We recently switched from Crest to Tom’s. Our 2yo LOVES it. I actually have to ask her to stop brushing her teeth!

  460. mary says:

    Taste of thoothpaste is the biggest factor for us. I am so excited to try the Tom’s strawberry flavor, i hope they like it!

  461. Danielle says:

    I would love to try this for my kids! Especially the really little ones 🙂 And the gift card to target would be awesome too!

  462. Miriam says:

    Usually i buy some sort of Crest or Colgate for my kids but what 5 year old wouldn’t want to try strawberry toothpaste instead…I know mine can’t wait to get the sample in the mail! I wouldn’t complain if the 100.00 giftcard arrived in my mail either, wink wink…Thanks for giving back to the community, here in Maine, also..

  463. Jennifer Pappas says:


    Choosing the “right” products has been tough for me since my son was born 4 years ago; I want to offer him only natural things because I know they are safer both for him and for the environment… But I find myself wanting to give him the same things I had growing up…. A sense of nostalgia, I guess? McDonald’s Happy Meals, Avon bath soaps, Kraft mac n cheese, cookies that would stay fresh through an apocalypse…. I also want to buy everything for him! Am I the only person that wages an internal battle in the Target isle over Johnson and Johnson?! I know it’s bad, but it smells like my childhood– Ahhhhhh!

  464. Amy says:

    I buy kid’s toothpaste based on what’s on sale and what I have a coupon for. Fortunately, my son’s not picky!

  465. Melody says:

    I have switched to Tom’s natural toothpaste after getting tyroid issues and learning how floride affects. I am so happy to hear that there are new flavors and the word is spreading to use more naturak products that use more natural ingredients.

  466. Jaime says:

    Yuck! Saccharin?? Apparently I don’t research toothpaste as well as I ought. In the past, I’ve gone for what seems like it would most inspire my child to brush – usually, cute packaging. I think I’ll be changing that!

  467. Gail Clements says:

    My son doesn’t like mint flavored anything, or bubble gum either. I bought so many different types of tooth paste and wasted just as many. I finally found Tom’s Silly Strawberry and he won’t use anything else. I also like the fact that it is made in the U.S.A. It is very reasonably priced, but since it is such a great product I would be willing to pay extra!

  468. Devin says:

    We are SO careful about diet…but until recently, I never even gave THOUGHT to personal care items! There is so much junk in things like toothpaste and shampoo….I LOVE Tom’s!

  469. Kristin says:

    I am a full-time nanny to twins and do all the household shopping. We always use Crest kids with the kids and there have never been any complaints!

  470. Eva Gomez says:

    I usually get either Crest or Colgate for my kids. When there is a good sale I get Tom’s of Maine. I love their products!

  471. Karen M. says:

    I usually try to buy a brand that is on sale. Though after reading this post I am going to stick with Tom’s!

  472. Stephanie says:

    Right now we choose the most pleasant sounding baby toothpaste.

  473. Phyllis says:

    My kids love this toothpaste a
    nd I love it because it does not contain fluoride.

  474. Kristi says:

    I usually get what my dental hygenist recommends. She has been cleaning and helping me take care of my teeth since I was a kid…I’ve never had any problems. I now take my 2 year old son with me:-) She doesn’t believe in using or putting anything on your teeth or gums that is too harsh-this would be perfect for us to try.

  475. Michelle says:

    We usually purchase whatever is on sale or we have coupons for, or both. That seems to usually be Oral-B, but we also use crest and colgate for kids. We have tried silly strawberry and my daughter likes it, but it is usually more expensive and I don’t find coupons too often.

  476. Irma says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. A free sample would help. 😉
    My 5yo would probably like it, but I wonder if they make flouride-free so my 3yo can try some?

  477. Eve Auksel says:

    I pick a toothpaste based on balance between value and health. Thanks for the chance!

  478. Kemily Palmer says:

    I usually use whatever is cheapest.

  479. Awna says:

    We just switched to Tom’s and my two toddlers love it! They are always asking to brush their teeth. (:

  480. Jessica Cote says:

    I just get a few different types and see which ones my kids like and stick with it

  481. Samantha Masrhall says:

    To tell you the truth, I spend more time picking out my toothpaste than my children’s. I usually pick out something with a fun bottle for them. Where as for myself, it is flouride free, sensitive, all natural…the list goes on.

  482. Rachel Gontz says:

    We try to pick a toothpaste that tastes good but doesn’t have tons of fake flavorings, colors and sugars….I def think we might be giving this a try after reading this post.

  483. I know this sounds bad, but never really thought of checking toothpaste ingredients. On my way to do that now! My kids love strawberry toothpaste!

  484. amanda brunk says:

    I like healthy and cheep tooth paste! Would love to win free tooth paste and Target gift card.

  485. Beth says:

    We have been trying to make the switch to more natural beauty/toiletry products and just started using the silly strawberry toothpaste for our kids. They love it!

  486. Melvin says:

    Usually what is on sale with a coupon

  487. Michelle says:

    I also look for a toothpaste with natural ingredients…no yucky chemicals for us, please. Of course, cost is certainly a large factor, too, though. I was so excited to find Tom’s of Maine one day @ our local discount grocer. We love it!

  488. Dawn says:

    Since i really like to use their deoderant, i thought this is a good opprotunity to go “natural” for the children too!

  489. I’ve always been particular about toothpaste. I only like Colgate, because I hate toothpaste with a strong mint scent or baking soda flavor. For my kids, I’ve used whatever kids toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride I can find at the store.

  490. Amber says:

    Our kids are fans of any fruity-flavored toothpaste. Strawberry should be a big hit!

  491. kelly ring says:

    I go for the natural toothpaste. Presently using Burt’s without fluoride. The long term damage from ingesting fluoride can cause isn’t worth the risk. More I read up on it – more it skeeves me out!!

  492. JenB says:

    I have been really careful about what we eat, but I had never given much thought about toothpaste! I had just allowed the kids to pick whatever flavor/brand that they would actually use. I am now rethinking that decision.

  493. Kelly Powell says:

    I look for flavors my kids will love.

  494. Barb says:

    The strawberry flavor is a hit at our house. It’s so hard to find anything these days that has only natural ingredients. Tom’s of Maine does. I LOVE IT!!

  495. Josie Stamps says:

    I would love to always use products with natural ingredients…unfortunately, that’s not always affordable for us right now.

  496. Sara says:

    I usually buy what is on sale with a coupon….I do like the natural toothpaste but the other stuff is what is usually cheaper. It seems like its more difficult to find coupons/sales for natural products.

  497. kelli says:

    Our family is in process of changing to all natural products…it is nice to get a sample to see how it is…we have heard of toms before!

  498. Jen says:

    As a struggling single parent, if I am being honest, I get what is cheapest. I would like the kids to try a natural product though.

  499. Heather says:

    We are a Tom’s family already. We try to keep it natural/holistic in our house, and Tom’s is by far the best tasting toothpaste we have tried, bar none!

  500. maureen says:

    They like the fruity stuff but w/out fluoride. I really like the Tom’s sensitive w/out fluoride.

  501. barbara stephens says:

    My grandchildren love Tom’s of Maine and their mother loves that it’s healthy.

  502. Heather says:

    I like to look for toothpastes that are natural and don’t have a lot of colors, etc added. Hope I win!

  503. Michelle says:

    We usually get what is on sale, but I really do prefer Tom’s. I feel like they get a cleaner-clean without the added sweetening that they don’t need right before bed. They like the strawberry flavor, too!

  504. Laura S. says:

    I use a natural toothpaste – because I HAVE read all those ingredients. All the ones I’ve found, though, are too minty for my kids. So, they use the regular kids bubble gum flavored stuff. I love that now there’s a natural, kid-flavored option!!

  505. Janelle Higgs says:

    I usually choose what’s on sale, but I just requested a free sample of Tom’s for kids. I’m willing to give it a shot if my daughter seems to like it:)

  506. Elizabeth says:

    I generally choose toothpaste based on what is on sale when I need to buy more, although I really prefer wholesome, natural products.

  507. Jenny Burkett says:

    We’re all about the taste here:)

  508. Lynn Stein says:

    I buy Crest. I grew up with it so I now buy for the grandkids so they have something here when they stay all night. One less thing to pack!

  509. Amanda T says:

    I’m not too picky when it comes to tooth paste. If it’s not “spicy” and my daughter will actually use it in her mouth, it’s a winner…..she’s 3.

  510. nicole mccafferty says:

    I choose a toothpaste with a flavor I know my daughter will like.

  511. Darcy Wiley says:

    I use a Tom’s of Main non-flouride toothpaste for myself. I am always looking for stuff with more natural ingredients for my kids and me (and my husband when I can sneak it in), things that you don’t have to look up in a dictionary when you read the list on the label. 🙂

  512. j says:

    I look for cheap ones, or free samples.

  513. Joy Fry says:

    I like toothpaste that is all-natural and healthy for my kids’ teeth!

  514. Amy says:

    Whatever is least expensive!

  515. Sarah Thompson says:

    We love Tom’s of Maine because it is natural and I still like the flavor and feel my teeth are clean.

  516. I choose the most organic and natural toothpaste for my kids!

  517. mallorie says:

    I like products that are natural, so when looking for toothpaste i’m looking for one that uses natural products like Tom’s

  518. Ashley says:

    My child is still learning how to brush his teeth so a toothpaste with natural ingredients is a must. Who knows what he is swallowing with other brands.

  519. Amanda says:

    I’m so excited to try Tom’s of Maine. Our family has been making the switch to all natural cleaners and personal products and I’m excited to try my free sample!!

  520. Susan says:

    We look for something that’s flouride-free and without harsh chemicals…in fact, we use T O M Silly Strawberry, non-flouride, for our kids! 🙂

  521. Krista says:

    I have such a hard time with getting my daughter to brush her teeth because she is picky about flavors. So, we just tried a little of everything until we found something she didn’t hate! However, I am thankful for samples because that’s how we were able to try a wide variety of options without having to buy whole tubes of stuff that we would have to throw out and waste money on. I heart samples!

  522. brittany says:

    I choose a toothpaste that has flouride in it and one they like the taste of.

  523. Liz says:

    Well for my two kids it’s all about taste. One likes mint and the other fruity. I go for flavor and flouride for them.

  524. Natalie M. says:

    I buy whatever brand I have a coupon for….

  525. Jade =) says:

    I usually pick whichever kid’s brand is cheapest and in a flavor I know my kiddo will be ok with. We’ve used the Silly Strawberry before and my son LOVED IT!

  526. Katherine says:

    I haven’t had to buy toothpaste in a long time but I think next time I’ll choose by looking at the ingredients!

  527. amy pegg says:

    We tend to use whatever!

  528. michelle says:

    whatever is on sale!

  529. Jana says:

    My daughter is so picky about flavor. She will not touch minty toothpaste. It is so difficult to find one that she likes and has flouride.

  530. Ronda says:

    What a wonderful idea to get the kids brushing thier teeth. Wow!! It’s a win/win for all of us. My grandchildren hate the minty flavors (they say they are to hot.) of toothpaste and I love the fact that it’s made from all natural ingredients. Who wouldn’t love the strawberry flavor. My grandchildren will love it. Thank you for the sample.

  531. kelly says:

    I love the new toothpastes that have come out that are more natural & healthy for kids. Especially when they don’t spit it out yet!

  532. Melody Spangler says:

    I am still using the no fluoride toothpaste for NIcolas, so there are only a couple different brands to choose from, which we alternate between depending on price and/or coupons. I think he may be ready to try a fluoride toothpaste though, so I requested the free sample!

  533. Melissa says:

    Mother Knows Best! I give my kids what my mom gave me!

  534. We’ve tried Tom’s Kids toothpaste and love it too! I like that it has natural ingredients. We still have a few other brands floating around that I’m trying to use up, but I plan on buying Toms in the future!

  535. am says:

    i have to buy 3 different kinds of toothpaste my preschool, tween, and myself so what every is cheap not to minty for children over 3 and one in the 6-12 range
    and my whiting

  536. Heather says:

    Usually, I choose by what isn’t too strongly flavored (my Aspergers son detests cinnamon) and how much it costs. Free is my favorite.

  537. Brittany says:

    I choose a toothpaste for the kids based on the packaging. If there is a really cute smile and character on the front of the package, I find the kids like the toothpaste much more! 🙂

  538. Rachel Horne says:

    I choose this toothpaste because it is all-natural. Some of the ingredients in our previous toothpaste are just downright scary.

  539. Annie says:

    I love Tom’s of Maine. I just recently tried it for my little girl. It took the fight out of toothbrushing.

  540. Yvonne says:

    I look for toothpaste that isnt too minty and without artificial colors. I also look for what will be healthy for his teeth,

  541. Leah says:

    We have always used whatever for toothpaste, but usually end up with Aquafresh. I’d certainly be interested in a more natural product!

  542. Melissa Warren says:

    We only have ever used Tom’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste for our kids. They love it and I love it because its good for them! Tom’s Outrageous Orange Mango is a hit too!

  543. billie says:

    We chose Tom’s of Maine because of the all natural ingredients. Dyes and “extras” like it kinda make me uneasy. 🙂

  544. S Moenh says:

    I love Tom’s because of the readable and natural ingredients and it is the only toothpaste my children will use.

  545. jenna says:

    The toothpaste that’s right for my kids is the kind I can get for free. I have talked with our dentist about toothpastes, and she emphasizes brushing more than the actual brand of toothpaste. But when I can find a good deal on Tom’s of Maine, I am sure to pick it up.

  546. Kristen says:

    My daughter is super picky about taste! We have 5 tubes of all different brands that she refuses to use. Currently using Orajel, but hoping for a new winner with Tom’s strawberry flavor!

  547. Bethany m. says:

    I try and use this toothpaste. I just started with a free sample but kid love it. Love organic and natural products.

  548. Susan S. says:

    I choose toothpaste for my daughter by the flavor. If she doesn’t like the taste, she won’t brush. I think Strawberry flavored toothpaste sounds like a winner!

  549. Miriam says:

    I’ve never tried tom’s for my four little ones but im excited to try it I like the idea of the natural ingredients. I usually buy whats cheapest.

  550. Melissa Bergstrom says:

    Usually depends on taste for my kid!!

  551. Trisha says:

    We usually buy the Thomas the Train toothpaste because my son loves everything Thomas! Would love to try Tom’s natural toothpaste.

  552. Even though my son is grown we enjoy trying different things and this was a very interesting toothpaste.

  553. DeeAnn Dubois says:

    Word of mouth goes a long way with me!

  554. Pam says:

    I like one with whitening, tartar control, and mint flavor. I also prefer a screw cap

  555. Krista Dearey says:

    I’m always looking for a natural toothpaste for my kids. Nothing artificial, no dyes, etc. Excited about this giveaway!

  556. Sarah Z says:

    We have been using colgate kids, but I will be looking for a new brand at the store next week. I will be taking a close look at the ingredients!

  557. Beth Medina says:

    My 9 yr old son has many allergies. He is also finicky. And..he hates minty toothpastes. Pure…tasty…fruity… I don’t believe it could get any better for him!! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product!!

  558. nieish brown says:

    I am very picky about my daughters toothpaste…I love her being able to enjoy her daily toothpaste routine in the AM and it has to have properties that are natural…I have been using natural toothpaste since I realized my teeth were becoming too sensitive to the touch so I changed to Natures Gate…because in the short I dont want my daughter to have that issue, but I would love to let her try it, considering Natures Gate taste like mint wax lol!

  559. Beth Simms says:

    I recently discovered the Tom’s brand & would like to give it a try

  560. Diane M Raphael says:

    Hello! I hope that I can enter. My nephew is learning how to brush his teeth! I know how important it is to have good dental hygiene! I lost a lot of my teeth at a very young age–and I dont want Henry to go through anything like I did–although what happened to me was many years ago! I try and find interesting ways to make it fun to brush his teeth! And Strawberry Toothpaste is fun–tastes great–and is a great product to help him keep his teeth healthy! So I would love to win something for HIM! Thanks!

  561. Karla says:

    I look for fluoride free first. Tom’s Silly Strawberry- fluoride free has been in our household for a couple years already!

  562. Jenn says:

    we are Tom’s lovers here. Toothpaste is something that I don’t know much about. I tend to buy Tom’s for the girls and the cheap stuff for myself and my husband. Maybe I should do more research…

  563. Melissa Ringold says:

    One of my sons has autism, so getting him to brush his teeth is hard due to his sensory issues. Fruit flavored toothpaste would be a huge help!

  564. R. Madison says:

    I look for non-minty toothpaste for my kids!

  565. Marcia McCoy says:

    Have just been using the training toothpaste. I am sure my granddaughter would like the strawberry.

  566. sandy says:

    We choose the toothpaste that has the best fruit flavor, or the cutest character on the bottle.

  567. Heather says:

    I usually have my kids choose based on the coupons we have available.

  568. Ginny says:

    We use Crest Original, but are willing to try something new!

  569. Kristie says:

    We like a toothpaste that tastes good and has a easy to open cap. We like trying new flavors and kinds.

  570. Jill says:

    I usually let my son pick out the “kid” toothpaste he likes based on the character on the tube but I think you’ve convinced me to re-consider that! I always seem to care about what is added into foods……..why wouldn’t I think about it with toothpaste?

  571. Rita says:

    Usually buy Crest with coupons, but would love to try a natural toothpaste!

  572. Kathy Linklater says:

    I usually just buy whatever toothpaste is on sale.

  573. Amanda Witmer says:

    We have tried other natural toothpastes and Tom’s is our favorite!!!

  574. Jamie Ivey says:

    I like to choose a toothpaste based on ingredients. don’t want any nasty stuff in my kids mouths!

  575. Kelli says:

    I usually end up with whatever is on sale!

  576. Abby says:

    My daughter has just started brushing her teeth and it’s one of her favorite parts of the day. We’ve only tried one tube so far and I just bought what was on sale. 🙂 I hadn’t even considered looking deeper into what we’re using with her.

  577. Kristen C says:

    My son is almost ready to start brushing with toothpaste. I’d love to try the Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry!

  578. Sara siefert says:

    We usually go for toothpaste that is not too minty (spicy ;)). They like the fruity or bubblegum flavors.

  579. Karen says:

    We look for a toothpaste without floride and not artificial sugars, flavors or colors. But One of my doughters does not like mint flavored toothpaste and that makes it hard.

  580. June Stewart says:

    We like the bubble gum flavors and the older kids like to get a little minty. 🙂

  581. Nancy says:

    My youngest makes an excuse that he doesn’t like the mint flavors…now he will be ready to brush away with your great flavors.

  582. Erin Raleigh says:

    We have always picked toothpastes based on flavor. My youngest doesn’t like anything mint or bubble gum. We are always on the look-out for new flavors!

  583. Candice Storm says:

    I have been choosing my toothpaste for my kids and myself based on natural ingredients for the past 6 months.

  584. melissa dudley says:

    i look for organic choices for my kids!

  585. Zory says:

    I prefer more natural toothpaste for my little one, like Tom’s.

  586. Elizabeth says:

    I am on the look for something my children will use without a fight. My four year old has already had 3 root canals and has anxiety just talking about his teeth I hope this is the answer I have been looking for!

  587. Amy Lambert says:

    My little kids use the training toothpaste so as not to swallow the fluoride. My older son uses whichever cool character is on a bottle that does contain fluoride.

  588. Michelle says:

    I try to steer clear of the minty flavors, since they are too strong for my girls, and I definitely love to go for toothpaste with more natural ingredients when it’s affordable!

  589. cat says:

    we love anything with baking soda.

  590. Donna Conzett says:

    I choose Tom’s Strawberry for my daughter because it is natural and doesn’t have harsh chemicals.

  591. Jessica says:

    We’ve used Tom’s since grammy introduced us to it. Its comforting, knowing that our 2 year old may swallow a little bit, that its safe. I feel this is a really important time to be super aware of the ingredients in the products we’re encouraging our daughter to use.

  592. Katie says:

    I usually buy whatever is on sale and cheapest as we are struggling right now.

  593. Rebecca Konegen says:

    I choose toothpaste for my kids mostly by what they’ll actually use. If I can convince them to use something natural, that’s my preference, but I confess that usability is our first criteria.

  594. Shannon says:

    When looking for a toothpaste for my children I look for the ADA seal, all natural ingredients and a appealing flavor for my little ones. The fewer ingredients the better.

  595. sonia suleiman says:

    I always buy anything that has DORA on it thats the only way my daughter brushes her teeth,but would love to try TOMS.

  596. jennifer says:

    we buy tom’s of main toothpaste! i love not having to worry about chemicals & my daughter loves the taste!

  597. Shelly Goguen says:

    Taste is really important to my daughter – so we base our decision on taste alone. Thank you!

  598. Liz says:

    I want a safe toothpaste for my children. The toothpaste must be non-abrasive, gentle on their teeth. Next, flavor-not overpowering, their preference. It helps if the opening of the tube is small so that the children can slowly squeeze just the right amount out on their toothbrush. My children have always enjoyed brushing their teeth. All four are cavity free! Thanks for making great products!

  599. Hmmmm…haven’t thought much about it but now I’m going to check out their toothpaste! Maybe I’ll make the switch!

  600. Kristi says:

    We choose to use Tom’s because of the natural ingredients, lack of dyes, and the great taste. 🙂

  601. DeAnn Shannon says:

    We try to use products made with natural ingredients when we can, but when we tried Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste a few years ago the kids were less than impressed. I’m hoping this one is more well received!

  602. Carlene Eby says:

    I usually use the kind my sister gives me. She works in a dentist office.
    I will be trying the Tom’s. Thanks for the details.

  603. sarah says:

    I love it because it’s natural!

  604. Dyanne says:

    We usually choose toothpaste based on flavors – the kids don’t like the minty ones too much. They like the bubblegum and fruit flavors.

  605. I usually choose by price by couponing, but thankfully since Tom’s has gone mainstream there have been deals for it in the past year!

  606. Christie Henderson says:

    We usually by Colgate, I grew up on it and it says its good. Have never really thought about the ingredients. Now I will, thank you and I will give Toms a try.

  607. Heather says:

    We have always just bought the oragel kids toothpaste because of the characters on the tube, Thomas the Train, and the flavor. Will have to give this kind a try. I would feel better about it being more natural and without all the added stuff they probably shouldn’t be ingesting.

  608. Christine says:

    my foster kids used to brush without drama but in last 3wks suddenly dislike their regular toothpaste. as single foster parent trying to make a difference I can’t afford to buy full size tubes to test out. so i’ve just been getting trials sizes hoping to find something that satisfies everyone – alas never see any trial/travel size Tom’s brand.

  609. Catherine Oakley says:

    We love, love, love the Tom’s Silly Strawberry around here….actually we love all the Tom’s toothpastes in our household. There’s lots of yucky stuff in the “un-natural” toothpastes – with Tom’s we don’t have to worry about that.

  610. Sherri says:

    We love Tom’s Silly Strawberry, my kids love the flavor and I love the ingredients, or lack of 😉

  611. Becky Jacobs says:

    I have a 15 mo. old who LOVES to brush her 8 teeth, note-she loves to do this by HERSELF (oh the love of little independent girls). Especially with a little one who is just learning to brush, I trust only a safe product with natural ingredients.

  612. Pam says:

    My son is 10 so finding a toothpaste he likes can be a challenge. Maybe this one will be something his tastebuds can handle!

  613. Brittany says:

    I normally pick one that I have coupons for… I grew up on AIM though and it’s great!

  614. Christina says:

    I use Tom’s for myself, but just brush the kids’ teeth without toothpaste. My dentist told me that toothpaste is really necessary, what matters is HOW you brush the teeth. However, I have been thinking about getting some of their strawberry toothpaste to see if my kids wouldn’t mind it.

  615. Sheila Shapley says:

    I don’t have children at home anymore but will have to check out Tom’s of Maine toothpaste to have for when my grandchildren come to visit.

  616. Erin says:

    We are still using the baby toothpastes because my son is still working on learning to spit! Will have to try the Tom’s….maybe for myself, too. 🙂

  617. trish says:

    love this toothpaste

  618. Gale says:

    Ask my child’s dentist for a recommendation! I hope I win!!!!

  619. Tina M says:

    We use Crest Original.I talk with my dentist and ask for his advice.

  620. Kathleen says:

    We have been using the colgate kids samples from the dentist just to use them up but I would prefer to use natural and have used from Melaleuca

  621. Cara Hicks says:

    I usually am not very picky with toothpaste, but my little one is. He hates to brush his teeth so anything that tastes good that will help him like it a little bit better would be great!

  622. holly j says:

    Honestly I tend to just use all the free samples of toothpaste on a regular basis. If we happen to run out I will just go pickup whatever kind that I can get for free or darn near free with my coupons. If the kids give me any issues about using it I drop some food coloring and and squeeze it all up and then they are happy. That’s how I pick out their toothpaste!

  623. lilysy says:

    My son loves the strawberry taste. If he didn’t like it than teeth brushing becomes more of a hassle.

  624. Lydia Graves says:

    We just pick out whatever non-fluoride toothpaste is on sale! Thanks for the giveaway!

  625. Kristen says:

    My mother in law is a dental hygenist so I feel confident asking her about the best products to use!

  626. Nicola Rushing says:

    I look for something that’s made for kids, and a flavor I know they will like, so they will actually want to brush their teeth!

  627. Terah says:

    I choose the any toothpaste that my kid will be excited about – which ranges from exciting packaging to yummy flavors – whatever he’s into during our shopping trip!

  628. Kala says:

    I would love to try this. My kids usually end up using whatever mommy and daddy are using

  629. Kim says:

    I choose a toothpaste that my son won’t spit out until needed, and won’t be harmed if he swallowed a bit! Life with a two year old 🙂

  630. Crystal Harris says:

    Has to be one thats not hot..

  631. Jennifer C says:

    I recently switched to Tom’s of Maine toothpaste for my daughter because I was also concerned about what was in her toothpaste. So far she likes it!

  632. Jillian S says:

    I have a cautious 11yr old. By that I mean that he reads the back of the toothpaste and anything that he uses. He yells at his younger brothers as they are brushing their teeth, reminding them not to swallow. It has gotten so bad that he began to want to refuse to brush his teeth ( I said want to because he is such a good boy that he does not do anything without asking if it is ok first.) Anyhow, to make a long story short, I have been making him toothpaste using a recipe that I found online. The problem with that is it does not taste that great, I would love to be able to offer him something that he will not be afraid to use and has a nice taste. 🙂

  633. Marlene Schwark says:

    I have been using the kind that my dentist recommened. I think my children would rather use something that tastes good and I would like it because it is all natural.

  634. Amanda says:

    I have never thought of the ingredients in toothpaste. My kids go by flavor….bubble gum or fruity. I will try this kind now since it’s strawberry flavor. Thanks!

  635. Kim says:

    We love Tom’s of Maine! I switched over a year ago.

  636. latonya r says:

    I choose toothpaste based on the flavor then ingredients.

  637. Gloria Mays says:

    We usually try to pick one that our youngest (11) likes the taste of. He is very difiicult to get to brush his teeth. Can’t wait to try this new one.

    Gloria M.

  638. Jamie C. says:

    I always look for something that covers all the categories – cavity fighting, gum cleansing, breath freshening…and then of course a flavor my kiddos will like! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  639. amy thomas says:

    Been wanting to try this product..have heard alot of good about it!

  640. Jenn says:

    I like to choose toothpastes and other health products that are free of fillers, food coloring, and preservatives, etc. My health, and my family’s is worth it.

  641. Lauren says:

    Well, no kids at the moment but I think i’d consult my dentist if I did. 🙂

  642. Jeni says:

    We choose natural to avoid ingredients that are not as good for us.

  643. Elliot says:

    Easy. If my kid spits it out, it’s a no-go. If he doesn’t, of course its a win!

  644. Samantha Dunlow says:

    I usually look for a flavor I am sure my little one would like. I am looking forward to my sample and trying a toothpaste with natural ingredients. Thank you for the change to win.

  645. Leigh says:

    I been looking for a kid friendly all natural one and didn’t know Toms made one. I’ll be switching immediately!!

  646. Michelle B. says:

    I used to choose Kids Crest toothpaste, but I received the sample of Tom’s Silly Strawberry and my daughter loves it and I love that it’s made of natural ingredients. I will be buying Tom’s of Maine toothpaste for my daughter and for my husband and I from now on. Thank you Tom’s!

  647. Amy Ritchie says:

    I’ve always just chosen what I could get the cheapest 🙁 I’d love to be able to get the toothpaste that is the best for them. I guess I really need to start looking into it

  648. clay says:

    i buy the best recommended kind with sparkles. The kids love it! 🙂

  649. El says:

    I generally base my purchase on price. I search for organic / natural coupons but if I can’t find any, then this family of 8 kiddoes uses the best quality we can afford.

  650. Joyce Cole says:

    We try to use natural toothpaste whenever possible for our family

  651. Carmen says:

    We haven’t tried Tom’s toothpaste yet, but I’ve wanted to. Thanks for the chance to win!

  652. sioby says:

    I buy Tom’s for my nieces/nephews! That’s what my sisters buy for them. I use Tom’s Deodorant tho hehe 🙂

  653. Michelle says:

    We let our kids choose the kind…and this is making me realize I should look at the ingredients!

  654. Julia says:

    My twins aren’t old enough to use toothpaste yet but when we start I will try Tom’s!

  655. Julia says:

    As long as it’s on the cheaper side and by a brand I know, I’ll get it for them– I’ve only recently learned about the phosphates, etc in toothpastes and would like to do more natural if were more available and cheaper!

  656. cheryl says:

    We’ve recently switched to Tom’s and LOVE it! I had a hard time convincing my oldest to make the transition, but our whole family is using it now. What a great giveaway!

  657. Wanita says:

    When our kids were younger, I was more diligent about looking for natural ingredients so that if they accidentally swallowed some, it was safe. Now, I still would prefer all natural ingredients, but don’t always buy those.

  658. Beth Lalli says:

    hi, my husband is gluten free so our whole house always has Tom’s toothpaste.

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