My Favorite Snack: No-Bake Protein Balls


Let’s face it, my biggest dilemma most days is what can I EAT? I’m trying to make healthy choices and fill the belly with nutrients over empty calories, but one of the biggest challenges is finding something that fills me up longer than 10 minutes. {It’s so weird that I had to force myself to …

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My Favorite Cookbooks for Answering the “What’s For Dinner?” Question


I LOVE cookbooks!  I especially love when the author shares the stories behind the recipe, the traditions around their table, how they enjoy the meal, etc. Some of my favorites for this have been Pioneer Woman’s and Shauna Niequists‘ cookbooks. It’s so much more than just ingredients, it’s like sharing the table with them. On …

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Easy Homemade Granola Bars


I was looking for something quick and easy to take to church for our Sunday school class over the weekend, and decided to try homemade granola bars, after seeing some easy recipes floating around Pinterest.  I adapted this one for our tastes and to give it more of a protein punch.  The boys were happy …

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Essential Pumpkin Bread


Pumpkin is my favorite taste of fall.  Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin butter, my mom’s pumpkin pie (or Costco’s if I’m in a rush – it’s amazing and HUGE), pumpkin rolls, even those gummy pumpkins! =) Pumpkin Bread is one of my absolute favorites, and I like making a big batch so we can enjoy it most …

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Healthy Homemade Lemon Hummus


Welcome to the second stop on the second day of the Essentially Summer Recipe Tour! If you are coming over from The Pennington Point, welcome! Lisa is sharing a delicious recipe for guacamole using Lime essential oil. You should definitely check it out! I hadn’t really considered making homemade hummus. Little did I know what I was …

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31 Meal Solutions for Overwhelmed Moms


When life gets messy, complicated, broken, or crazy busy, sometimes it’s time to just take a step back and go back to the basics.  I picture Will Smith teaching Kevin James the basic step clap dance move. Less cue tip and making the pizza, and back to home. We had been graciously loved on with …

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45 Alternatives to PBJ for Lunches


It seems like this time of year, we all start to fall into a lunch rut (and I only have to pack 4 lunches once a week!). Same ole. Same ole.  Perhaps it’s the standby of PBJ, or maybe it’s a classic turkey sandwich that gets the most love in your lunchboxes. In case you’re …

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How to Turn Spaghetti Leftovers into Spaghetti Pie


There’s not very many comfort foods I love more than a warm plate of spaghetti.  My mom’s spaghetti sauce can take your mom’s any day of the week. It’s one of my favorite dishes on earth. And it’s one of those recipes she’s never written down, but made for decades. We ate spaghetti almost every …

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