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I’ve had my share of horrendous spills in my life as a mom of four young boys.  Just this week it was a 1/2 a box of cereal and four cups of milk, which splashed all over my counters, cabinets, and floors, when a football landed in the middle of it.  You know that “No Ball in the House” Rule”? They just might be on to something there…

And as for the “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk” Rule, clearly that guy didn’t have kids when he wrote that one.

However, I would MUCH rather clean up cabinets, floors, counter tops over spills in the van.  There’s really not much worse on earth than scrubbing down car seats and upholstery in hopes of not having the residue spoil in the hot van. {Can I get an “AMEN”?} 

That’s why I’m soooooooo thankful for these No-Spill kids mugs I’ve found through my friends at Contigo®. They sent me four to try out and I was over the moon.  No leaks, no mess, no drips, no worries. They are ideal for on the go, and I’m thinking they’ll be perfect for school lunches. {Hold me – the “school” word makes me hyperventilate lately.}

Unlike sippy cups or straw cups, there are no valves, straws, or other random parts to keep track of – and they are easy for little hands to operate. The AUTOSEAL automatically seals the lid between sips with an easy press-to-sip, release-to-seal button making it 100 percent spill and leak-proof. Other things I love?  They are top-rack dishwasher safe,  BPA free, the design is super fun, and surprisingly very affordable at $5.99 suggested retail. {There’s a Set of 2 Kids Cups currently on Amazon for under $10!}

Contigo® is generously offering 25 No-Spill Kids Cups to my readers here at 4tunate! Twenty-Five!  The odds are ever in your favor, Friends!

Enter by leaving a comment to tell me:

“What’s the biggest spill you’ve ever cleaned up as a parent?”

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Thanks again to Contigo® for sponsoring this giveaway, allowing me to try out your product, and rewarding my time and efforts in promoting your brand!

180 thoughts on "Contigo® No-Spill Mug Giveaway"

  1. Summer says:

    While i have had many beverage spills in my life, the worst was probably wax from a candle onto a lace table cloth 🙁

  2. Jamie B says:

    Nothing is worse than red Kool Aid!

  3. Gretchen says:

    The biggest spill I’ve ever cleaned up as a parent wasn’t too huge, but I spilled my Dr. Pepper in our van while we were coming home from a beach vacation. It was on the ceiling of the van, it was in the compartment under the seat. We ended up getting the van detailed to get it out of the carpet. What a mess.

  4. Aimee says:

    I’ve also had many mishaps, infact, I DID cry over spilled milk at one {or maybe more} time in my life as a mom! 😉 My biggest mess though, had to be when I got Panera Bread soup for dinner one night and the container of soup leaked out of the container and through the paper bag and continued to drip as I walked it into the house…Not only did I have to clean the floor in my car, but I also had to clean the carpet in my family room {I came through the garage} and the floor in my kitchen. Talk about a mess!!

  5. Heather B says:

    As the mom of 4 year old twin boys, I clean up messes daily!! They leave lots of crumbs behind at meals, along with drink spills.

  6. Jen E. says:

    The worst spill I have had (that at least has to do with a child and not just me being 100% klutzy!) happened not too long ago. My husband, 1 year old daughter, and I were eating out at a restaurant and used the milk in DD’s sippy cup to mix in with her oatmeal cereal. After pouring in the perfect amount, I set the sippy with lid up on the table near DD. She grabbed it and tipped it back to drink from, when it sloshed all over her! Ooops-I had forgotten to screw the lid back on. It made a decent sized mess, especially when you consider it was all over DD, the high chair, high chair cover, table, and floor. Four ounces of milk can still make a mess! The worst part, however, was the fact that it scared our poor girl and got her soaked. 🙁 We’ve been more careful ever since… 😉

    I just went onto the Contigo website (cool stuff – I had never even heard of it before!) and sure did PIN the no-spill mug (in purple, of course) onto one of my Pinterest blogs!

  7. Lauren says:

    Hmmm probably when I noticed my toddler was being really quiet and found she had tried to “pour” milk from her sippy into an empty glass that she found… needless to say the milk was all over her and the ottoman! Would love to try one of these cups, thanks!!!!

  8. Jess K says:

    Wow. . .I have two boys and spills kind of come with the territory! The first one that comes to mind however is when we went to a restaurant and my son was playing with my husbands lemonade and spilled it all over me across the table. We were traveling so fortunately I had extra clothes in the car. I finished my meal in my sweatpants, but at least I was dry and not sticky!!

  9. Jenny says:

    A gallon of milk spilled in my basement!! Do you know how much milk is in there??!!

  10. Leah K. says:

    Grape juice on the ‘not allowed to eat in here! white carpet.’

  11. Amy says:

    I’m having a hard time thinking of the worst spill (I try to block them from memory). The most recent, though, was when my 1-yr-old helped himself to the granola, most of which ended up on the chair and the carpet. Fun times!

  12. Melissa Huffman says:

    Choolate milk out of the floor mats in my car… more that once.

  13. Heidi says:

    The worst thing in my eyes to spill is my breast milk. I was putting about 5 oz into a freezer bag and dropped the whole thing. That stuff is liquid gold in my eyes!

  14. Becky says:

    The worse spill I have ever cleaned up as a mom would be candle wax…all it does is smear…SUPER hard to clean up!

  15. Miranda says:

    A bottle of sunscreen squirted all over my comforter, bed….. and toddler 🙂

  16. Laura says:

    Not the largest spill but the worst was chocolate milk the cup holder in the back of my vehicle. What made it the worst…..didn’t know about it…..didn’t drive the vehicle for a few days and it sat in 90-100 degree temps. Opened the doors stunk like an animal crawled in and died. Oh I am gagging just reliving cleaning it up! Yuck!

  17. Kim L says:

    I don’t know if it was the biggest but it is the one I am still cleaning up. I dropped a large container of blueberries on the floor and they have been found all over the kitchen. I think i still have some under the fridge!

  18. Sarah says:

    Our first baby is on the way but my husband and I have spilled a few things on our own! The worst? Dropping a brand new glass jar of salsa..! I also have been a nanny for the last 10 years and I’ve seen quite a few messes. The worst kid mess was discover a toddler using chocolate syrup to finger paint on the coffee table! I would love to win a spill proof cup for this sure to be messy baby!

  19. Dani says:

    I am not a parent, but I watch my friends child a lot. Right after they moved to their new house, he spilled a big glass of lemonade on their nice new white carpet! These would be a great help to my friend and her 2 year old!

  20. MollyH says:

    I agree with Heidi that spilled breast milk is the worst – I think I literally cried over a spill of pumped milk once! But the worst recently was a whole growler of beer (1.5 gallons). I picked it up from our local brewpub, put it in the back of the SUV and drove on home….only to realize that it had fallen over and the neck broke completely off, spilling all the beer in the back of my car. Smelled like yeast and fermentation for weeks!!

  21. JANET says:

    Knock on wood….nothing too major at my house. The biggest thing I’ve recently had to clean up was due to our recent potty training. I’ll spare you the rest of the details. 🙂 What a fun giveaway!

  22. leah says:

    I AM SO EXCITED YOU’RE HAVING THIS GIVEAWAY!!! I just registered for a 2-pack of these cups at Babies’R’Us and read all about them on last week. I would LOVE to give them a whirl, with all the little people at my house (one more in a few weeks)! The biggest spill is definitely when the toddler decides she’s done eating and just starts throwing the food…onto the floor, the counter, her hair, her siblings, etc. NO FUN.

  23. Beth says:

    So many to choose from…

    One I can’t forget is dropping a gallon of milk on the stairs to our basement. It is incredible how much of a mess one gallon makes! Incredible.

  24. Rachel G says:

    My worst spill ever was actually from my hubby – we had just moved into our first house with light beige carpet (why?) and he poured himself a ginormous glass of red kool-aid. He didn’t even take one drink before he knocked it over, sigh.

    A close 2nd would be my very big helper (2 yr) was helping me carry the brand new milk to the fridge – she dropped, the blastic shattered and it went everywhere. Thankfully we had linoleum – but boy, it went under the fridge and wall to wall over 1/2 our kitchen. Shew!

  25. Amanda says:

    grape juice on a carpet. I shudder thinking about it!

  26. Krista D says:

    I have a 3 year old and these cups look perfect!

    My little boy likes to help in the kitchen. Last fall we were decorating sugar cookies and I turned to get something else out — an entire container of sprinkles on one cookie…. and table, floor, chairs, etc. Food messes always become a rush to catch the dog before he eats too much of something he shouldn’t. I don’t want to have to clean up after the dog too!

    When I was a kid, there was a corner store that my mom sometime sent my sister and I to for an item or two. One time I was carrying home a gallon of milk and dropped it on our front sidewalk. Shattered. Glad it was outside so we only needed to get a hose to clean that one up.

  27. Sheila says:

    My worst was a huge 8-cup pyrex container of what was going to be iced tea. Only it wasn’t pyrex, and when I poured the boiling water in to steep, it shattered and flooded the hot water everywhere. Boiling water + shards of glass + a toddler underfoot = scary scary stuff. Fortunately other than a few drops of water that landed on me & scalded me slightly, there were no injuries.

  28. Mary Hill says:

    I am not a mom yet, but am currently pregnant with Quads, so I’m sure I am in for many messes in the future!!

    My favorite coffee cup is a Contigo!

  29. Molly says:

    My two year old twin boys spilled flour allllll over our tile flour (flour in grout is no fun!). It’s telling that I really just laughed since it provided entertainment for a good 10+ minutes.

  30. Kori Gammon says:

    Not a spill but mess still the same was my son’s name written in Sharpie on about 10 places all over the house including walls, cabinets, the piano, chairs when I woke up from a nap.

  31. Jennifer F says:

    A whole container of orange juice all over the floor

  32. Barbara says:

    Not the biggest spill ever, but the stinkiest was the pumpkin puree soup we transported in the family van for French Food day at school. Despite my best efforts, the soup sloshed over the sides of my crockpot and into the carpet. That car smelled vaguely pumpkin-y for years.

  33. Charity says:

    Bubbles all over my son….just happened tonight, burned his poor lil eyes and stickiness everywhere!

  34. Amy says:

    With five young children, I too, have had my share of spills. My least favorite spill is always juice. The sticky aftermath can drive me bananas!!!

  35. Krystina says:

    A dozen eggs! Have you ever tried to clean Eggs from a linoleum floor? It’s not fun or easy.

  36. Stephanie V says:

    I am the proud Mom of three boys (ages 4,5,&6)! The worst spill was red hi-c in the van! Man was that a mess! Thank goodness for oxi clean!
    I enjoy your blog and get great ideas for the boys!++++

  37. Sharon Dixon says:

    Lots of spils, but the worst was when my 5 year old spilled a milkshake in my 2 day old car. My fault for letting him have a milkshake in a brand new car, but heartbreaking none-the-less!

  38. Sharon Dixon says:

    I pinned their coffee mug on pinterest as well! Thanks.

  39. Cindy says:

    As a daycare provider for the last 25 years, plus raising 3 children and having 5 grandchildren visit, I have had my share of spills in my house. But the worse was a very diaherra diaper that had leaked on my light gray carpet. I had to have the carpet cleaner guy come clean up that mess!!! Those cups would be so awesome in my daycare. Going to go check them out on amazon right now.

  40. Cindy says:

    I just pinned the auto-seal trekker cup to my pin board.

  41. darci weinert says:

    when our identical boys were about 1.5 years old things got to quiet in the house-thei 3.5 year old sister I and headed to the kitchen to find them COVERED head to toe in maple syrup-Rhys was the one who figured out how to open the refridgerator and Seth used his little teeth to open the bottle lid. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and I didn’t think to get a photo!

  42. Well, I learned the hard way that I can’t even leave a glass of water on the end table with the toddlers running around. My husband and I were loading the boys in the car, and by the time we went back for the girls, they had spilled the cup all over themselves, the floor, and the power strip. The worst part was that we were trying to leave for a photo shoot for a magazine cover! And of course, I had to change my youngest and she didn’t match the other three anymore. *sigh*

  43. Jill says:

    These are awesome!

  44. Hope says:

    So many spills… the worst was baked beans on the living room carpet. That was thanks to my oldest thinking it was a good snack to eat in front of the tv and then forgetting to hold them up right in transport. Thankfully the carpet has specks of color in it and we had some good rug cleaner.

  45. Theresa says:

    As a mom of 22-month-old twins (boy/girl), spills happen. Thankfully, nothing too radical…no ball has flown through my kitchen (yet). However, my son figured out how to “spit”, so he would do what I call “sip and spit” and he was able to empty his entire sippy all over himself and the carpet in a matter of a few minutes (while I was prepping lunch and was not watching him). It was gross and he immediately went in for a bath!

  46. Julie Bradley says:

    The worst spill I have had is the gallon of milk in the back of the car….very bad.

  47. Heather says:

    Grape Juice on a cream carpet…

  48. Shannon says:

    I’m going with the non-liquid spill…a bottle of glitter. Not that big but we still find sparkles in our kitchen!

  49. Krista says:

    a whole jar of vaseline…”spilled” all over my bed and his body by my 2 year old nephew during “naptime” I was greasy for days!

  50. Angel says:

    The biggest spill I ever cleaned up was a 2L of grape soda all over my new beige carpet.

    1. Angel says:

      And I pinned it too.


  51. Amy says:

    We used to have a dog who would lick up anything we spilled. So, we cry over everything now….because we actually have to mop it up ourselves (myself).

  52. Rachel E. says:

    My worst spill was shattered nail polish bottles from the then-two-and-a-half-year-old (now six) I nannied for. She got into her mom’s bathroom drawer when I thought she was using the potty. It was EVERYWHERE and permanently stained the vanity.

  53. Alice says:

    I can’t think of a worse spill, but I’ve had so many messes over the last 11yrs. I think my mind has blurred them out!! Just the other day my toddler found the salt shaker and I walked barefoot into the kitchen to feel grit under my feet lol… that’s not really a “spill” though 😉

  54. Gail says:

    My son (five years old at the time) and his friend were playing in his room. They accidentally knocked over an African violet onto the floor resulting in all the dirt landing in the carpet. They thought they could clean it up by getting wet rags and cleaning it up…needless to say the carpet was quite muddy by the time they were done and I was left with a big mess!

  55. Michele says:

    The best spill was on a long airplane ride. Apple juice all over my son, myself, the seat and floor. Fun times. He was so upset that he was wet and sticky. Made for an enjoyable flight.

  56. Oh a Mom of 2 year old triplets can have so many stories so it is hard to narrow it down to just one. The messiest would have to be red Hawaiin Punch. I swear I would never buy it again – only bought it because the kids were sick and trying to encourage drinking. That red food coloring is the worst on carpet and like you mentioned all sippys leak some. These cups sound amazing and would love to try one or rather three of them out. I will have to look into them.

  57. Anna says:

    I’m not a parent, but I am a nurse, and I have cleaned up some spills/messes with the best of them! (I’ll spare you the details!) 😉

  58. Linda Stewart says:

    The worst spill I’ve had to clean up wasn’t actually a liquid spill. It was a 64oz container of Nestle Quick mix spilled on my living room carpet.

  59. Amy says:

    My worst spill happened when I forgot I placed an open cup of milk (poured for my son) in the fridge on the top shelf. I promptly forgot all about it and knocked it over. Milk went everywhere into to all the nooks and crannies of the inside of my refridgerator. Thanks for sharing a great giveaway!

  60. Katie says:

    the spill I never want to think about was when my daughter dropped a 32oz orange Hi-c in my new van (I had the van for maybe a month). the drink ran all they way up to my feet and we were still in the fast food parking lot. Hay when the 32oz is the same price as a small why not ge the big one right? Now I carry a smaller cup to poor some into. I used my carpet steamer to clean it up. I would love to try out this cup, my daughter will be in kindergarten also next year and I would love to have a way to send a drink so I am not sending a juice box everyday.

  61. Melissa says:

    Not a mom yet, but did teach pre-school for years. The worst was when I taught two year olds. The school believed in using adult-sized plastic cups for lunch milk… no sippies! There were many meals when there were 3 or 4 spills among my seven kiddos, and I was the only teacher. And each spill would go all over the table, other lunches, kids, floor, etc. When I was training newly-turned-twos, there were lunches where I didn’t eat because I was cleaning milk the whole time! (Actually, though, the kids would get pretty proficient with them and then not need a sippy by two and a half, which was awesome!)

  62. Marnie says:

    My twins boys are just 9 months old so we aren’t in the land of spills quite yet.

    However, one time I had purchased the largest vat-o-laundry soap they have (the kind with the spigot on the bottom) and put it on the shelf above my washer/dryer. I went away for the weekend and when I came home, discovered blue goo oozing out from under the laundry room door. Turns out, there was a crack in the container and it had slowly dripped away all weekend until 90% of it was on the washer and on the floor. Using water would have created a sudsy nightmare so I used a dustpan to push and scoop up as much as I could. Then, all the rags in the house to soak up as much of the residue as I could. Finally, some water.

    Two positives that came from this: I was able to use almost all of the soap that I scooped up and/or soaked up in the rags (1 soap saturated rag per wash did the trick) AND I discovered that if you need to move your washer/dryer and don’t have someone to help, a little soap on the floor makes them glide easily with just the push of a finger!

  63. Kathleen says:

    I’m sure it’s not the biggest spill we’ve ever had, but just this morning one of my 2-year-old twins was pouring milk on her leg (and the carpet) because the valve had fallen out of her sippy cup! 🙁

  64. Sallie E. says:

    Wow. These look great! We’ll definitely be checking this out!

  65. KatieC says:

    Does poop count as a spill? What about when poop “spills” out of a diaper? We were headed to my parents’ house for the first time with my then 6-week old daughter (190+ mile road trip) when she pooped so much it went all up her back, into her hair, all over the carseat, EVERYWHERE! I kind of wantd to resign from parenthood that day…but I’m oh so glad I didn’t, of course!

  66. Sarah Hall says:

    An entire uncooked casserole slipped out of my hands and spilled out all over the floor and the dish shattered. It was such a mess and I had to mop the floor three times!

  67. Leah K says:

    French salad dressing out of beige carpet, and I got it out!! 🙂

    1. Leah K says:

      Also pinned! 🙂

  68. Catherine Lambeth says:

    I don’t even know which one to choose.

    There was a period where we had lots of fans in the house (helps save on the a/c usage) and my 1 year old decided to dump a whole container of baby powder onto my bed. The series of fans throughout the house meant that *everything* was covered in a layer of baby powder. 3 years later, I’m still finding powder every time I dust.

  69. Jen Hep. says:

    My biggest spill was probably one time when I was near the end of a ketchup bottle and was whipping it back and forth to get the part that was left down to the cap. Alas, the cap opened up some how and out squirted what was left of the ketchup bottle all over the kitchen floor and cabinets. My husband had a funny one (after the fact). He was making friendship bread, the one with the starter bag that takes 2 weeks to make. He was adding something to it one day and had the bag sitting on the counter. For some reason it started to lean and ended up pouring out all over the counter, down the cabinets and under the stove. Yeah, not fun!!!

  70. Lori Carter says:

    I have 5 grandchildren and things get spilled, accidents happen, but would love to have one to try for the youngest of them. Chocolate milk is prob the worst but as I said accidents do happen!

  71. Sarah says:

    Orange crush on the old dated pink carpet. Needless to say it didn’t come clean and there was forever a faded orange, almost bleach like spot, in the middle of pink carpet.

  72. Sheri says:

    My 2 year old “spilled” half a bottle of sprinkles on her oatmeal last week. Crunchy, red oatmeal and she loved it of course. Gross!

  73. Candace G. says:

    My daughter turned four a couple of months ago and soon after that we had our first big spill. She decided since she was such a big girl she could surprise me and make her own breakfast in the morning. Well that didn’t really happen, she ran in a woke me up saying she spilt a little milk… Really it was half a gallon all over the kitchen floor! So far that’s the biggest spill 🙂

  74. Kristi says:

    How is this for irony…As I’m reading this post, one of my quad boys knocked his cereal bowl onto the floor! Cereal and milk went everywhere!

  75. Candace G. says:

    Here is the pin of my favorite Contigo product!

  76. Does a toilet overflowing count as a spill? 🙂 😉

    (COOL cups!!)

  77. Lindsey Hill says:

    My fresh McDonald’s Diet Coke slipped right out of little guy’s hands ( he knows Mommy’s DC is off limits)!!!

  78. Rachel says:

    I feel like I’m cleaning up spills daily (just part of life with a toddler!) The biggest spill I can think of was when I didn’t put the lid of my son’s sippy cup on right and he proceeded to spill water all over himself and the carseat…fun trip to town!

  79. muriel says:

    My worst spill was a full bottle of breastmilk. Luckily I had some extra.

  80. Julia says:

    Those look great.
    I have a funny spill story in addition to an extra messy one. One morning, I allowed my 2 year old to go downstairs while I got dressed. Mere moments later, I came downstairs to find him sitting in a pile of chocolate chips with plenty of evidence around his lips. His daddy and I are both chocoholics, so who can blame him? 🙂
    Another time, he wanted to help water plants. So my husband gave him a nalgene with just a little water in it. But instead of pour the water into the pot, we found him scooping dirt out of the plant and putting it into the nalgene. Unfortunately most of the wet soil ended up on the floor. Now we supervise watering. 🙂

  81. Amanda :) says:

    girl…not sure about worst…but perhaps just the sheer volume and variety over the past couple of weeks. nail polish, milk, milk, milk, milk, a bag of goldfish, more milk, dog pee (okay…not a spill per se…but kind of ;)…my coffee, more milk, a cup of flour dumped on the floor instead of in the mixer…and on and on. 🙂

    oh, and i LOVE these cups…and am super sad they stopped selling the kiddo variety at Costco…i need a luke color. 🙂 and they are my go to choice for coffee so that it doesn’t spill (because, as seen above, any other cup ends up all over!)

    1. Amanda :) says:

      oh…and i pinned their stainless steel kiddo cup to my pinterest board 🙂

  82. Josephine says:

    I’ve had MANY messes, but I think the night that 2 glasses of juice (which was a total treat) were spilled and dripped through the crack in the table (to put in another leaf to make it bigger!) all over my husband and I, so spill, sticky table, sticky floor, sticky parents, & crying kids….pretty sure I enjoyed quite the laugh!!
    The cups look awesome, I actually have one in my cart on Amazon for myself!! Hope I win!!

  83. sarah smith says:

    One day, my 18 month old twins found a 2 liter of Sunkist on the counter and thought it looked fun. They knocked it off not knowing I had just poured a drink and hadn’t put the top on well. Trying to scrub orange off the ceiling, all the cabinets, the rug and the kids……tons of fun.

  84. Amanda says:

    The biggest one recently (I’m pretty sure I’ve blocked out older ones) was a can of Comet, all over the laundry pile.

  85. Trish says:

    With 4 kids the spills I’ve cleaned up are endless and too many to count. The “biggest spill” was when Henry my 1.5 year old decided to pour out the entire bag of dog food because Lucy was hungry. The “worst” spill was when I found a cup of chocolate milk on the floor in the back of the van that had been rotting for 3 days. Eek! It stunk!

  86. Sharon says:

    My twin boys once got a tube of butt cream out when they woke up from their nap, got it all over themselves, the floor, and the dresser!! It was a mess!

  87. Mar H says:

    Oh with twin boys we have had our share of spills…
    We had a kit for making garden stepping stones which I thought was put away. One boy opened it on the carpet in his room and some of the stone compound spilled. He decided to clean it up – with water. Basically made concrete on his carpeting.
    Glass jar of salsa in a plastic bag from the grocery which was pulled off the island – broken glass and salsa splashed from wall to wall…
    Full pitcher of lemonade spilled as little hands were trying to get it out of the door of the refrigerator – hate cleaning up all the cracks and crevices of the refrigerator!
    A recent one was maraschino cherry juice that splashed everywhere, from chair rungs to glass patio doors.
    The one that made me cry the hardest was when they were still in the NICU and I was pumping milk for them – somehow one of the bottles, which I had worked so hard for!, tipped out of the refrigerator and spilled all over. I definitely cried over spilt milk that day!

  88. These sounds AMAZING. What I wouldn’t have done for spill proof cups when my kids were smaller. And also, I love that they sent you FOUR. That is a company that knows who they are working with. 🙂

  89. Okay so I don’t read directions well. My biggest spill… oh gawsh. Um. That would probably be NAIL POLISH REMOVER on my nice oak kitchen table. Yeah. Top that. LOL.

  90. Melody Spangler says:

    Thank goodness it was just water, but it was a LOT of it! Nicolas somehow got a HUGE water balloon (full size balloon) into the kitchen and dropped it. I don’t know how many bath towels it took to clean up the water that went EVERYWHERE!

  91. We LOOOOVE our Contigo cups like this!!

    A few weeks ago I had to clean diarrhea off the bathroom floor and walls … I think that counts as a spill.

  92. Mia Everette says:

    I made a chocolate cake for one of the teachers at school. Homemade, great receipe, worked really hard on it. The teacher never got to taste it because my husband dropped it before getting it into the building. His khaki pants were ruined, cake all over the inside and outside of the car, cake in his shoes, and a trip back to the house to change his clothes. Did I mention it was raining too?! He had to go to the store and buy a cake, but it was nothing like the one I made. It tasted like a Hostess Suzy Q! :+)

  93. JessieLeigh says:

    The worst spill I can remember happened when I slipped on a piece of paper on my kitchen floor and bumped the speed lever on my Kitchenaid… all the way up to 10. It was SO not pretty…

  94. Carrie says:

    Worst spill we ever had was a FULL jug of juice that got dropped. It splashed the entire kitchen, there was even juice dripping off the ceiling! What a mess, and STICKY…

  95. Lori says:

    Probably hasn’t been the worst spill, but definitely the longest lasting, was when my sons dumped a container of round sprinkles all over the kitchen floor. No matter how many times I swept the floor, I could still hear them bouncing and rolling around for weeks.

  96. Pam says:

    My daughter spilled milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast on our recliner. It went between the arm and cushion and down the back of the cushion into the chair. These cups look like they would be great for my kids’ lunches instead of the heavy thermos they use now.

  97. Deanna says:

    One of our biggest spills was a HUGE box full of packing peanuts. Those suckers take forever to clean up–we were finding those things around the house for weeks!

  98. Lacie says:

    The worst spill I have ever had to clean up was a glass of milk…in the fridge. It spilled in all those cracks and crevices that you never really can get to, but we had to get to it! Who wants spoiled milk all over their fridge!?! Not fun. And thus the reason we need these cups! 🙂

  99. Cassie Chaplin says:

    Lliam loves to eat peanut butter crackers, but as of late the resulting spills of crumbs and peanut butter that we have had to clean up (due to his mobility) has been horrendous! When I was cleaning it all up a few weeks ago I hit an open glass of water that he and I had been drinking from. It fell strait on top of a power strip that was plugged in and on! Thankful that we were both ok, but clean up was a little bit scary! And water was everywhere!

  100. Sarah L says:

    Well, just last night I dropped a glass “Tupperware”–I know not an actual Tupperware as I was getting my daughter’s dinner ready. It shattered everywhere. Since it was by the fridge, it went into the laundry area, through the hall, and also into the dining room. Quite the mess!

  101. Honestly?? My toddler feeding my dog chalk the same day the dog got into the used diaper and wipe bag (the one day we didn’t go cloth!)….leading to 3 vet visits in a row…and being told how to “help” out our poor pup as she was sick (hence keeping plastic gloves in my pocket for a week)….oh my….narrowly escaped surgery…thank goodness…
    Did you really want to ask?? 🙂

  102. Allyson says:

    dinner drinking glass …. cleaning up teeny tiny glass pieces on a white floor = no fun especially when we all like to walk around bare foot!!

  103. Rachel says:

    One of my boys spilled his full glass of chocolate milk in the dining room. It splashed all over the walls, the curtains, and the kitchen floor too. I thought I finally had it all cleaned up until my husband got home from work and went down to the basement. He came back up and asked if something got spilled because it was leaking through the floor to the basement! What a mess!

  104. Joy says:

    The worst spill I can recall is when my niece was over and decided to help herself to some milk from the fridge. The gallon had just been opened and was a bit too heavy for her. She dropped it and it spilled all over the kitchen floor, under the fridge and even splashed onto the walls. It was quite a mess!

  105. Ann Y says:

    With 6 children and myself being the klutziest of the whole bunch, there are too many accidents to pick a worst one. Something is spilled several times a day around here…. coffee, milk, who knows what. I think these cups would be great, even for me! lol

  106. Jodi says:

    Spills? Nah not in my house… BAHAHAHAHAHA
    the worst though? a giant box of styrafoam bits… I had to buy a new vacuum after that one.

  107. Sonja says:

    An entire gallon glass jar of RAW cows milk….shattered glass & milk everywhere-under the frig, stove, cupboards. A gallon is a lot of milk!

  108. Candace G. says:

    My favorite Contigo Produce and its in my daughters favorite color!!!

  109. Candace G. says:

    These cups sound great! Its so hard to find a cup with a lid that doesnt look like a (baby cup as my daughter would say) and one that doesnt leak!!

    I have to say my biggest spill so far what right after our daughter turned four a few months age. She said she was a big girl and wanted to surprise me by gatting her own breakfast (cereal w/milk) I was 9 month pregnant at the time and just didnt want to get up right away so I let her. A few minutes later she came in the bedroom saying she spilt a little milk. It was not a little… It was a whole half a gallon of milk all over the kitchen floor. Needless to say I really cried over spilt milk!

  110. Peggy says:

    With 3 kids, I’m sure we had plenty of spills, but it’s been too long to remember specific ones; but, we have a grand-daughter on the way! 🙂 I’m sure these cups would be very useful in the future! I went to the website, and the water bottles look great, too.

  111. My biggest spill was when I (not the kids!) accidentally removed the bottom of the blender when I tried to take it off the stand. My berry smoothing gushed out the bottom and ALL OVER the scapbook page I had just finished!! waaaah!!

    Thanks for the give-away! With 4 kids 5 & under – we could use some spill-proof-ness in our lives!! (:

  112. Carmen says:

    Molasses. Two weeks ago.

  113. kelly says:

    The worst spill I’ve had to clean up would be grape juice all over our light colored couch.

  114. Nail polish on the floor and the clothes. Arg!

  115. Jen W says:

    One of my darlings swiped a half-gallon of milk off the counter and dumped it on the laundry room floor. Our LL Bean water hog mat caught it all. But it wasn’t fun to clean up, for sure!

  116. Ann Wilke says:

    Biggest spill was by far FRUIT PUNCH all over kitchen from my crazy quads. I was trying to let them drink from open cups….ugh!! What was I thinking?!?! Lol

  117. Jen says:

    Picture Costco and just buy a big slushie drink and the two girls have to go to the bathroom. Ages 2 & 4.
    I set the drink on top of the hand towel dispenser only for it to some sliding off and covering us in purple slushie and the whole entire bathroom. The girls are freaking out and I am highly annoyed.

    After wiping up what I could I pick up the cup to give it a toss into the garbage and it hits the rim and the rest of the drinks splatters again.

    An innocent trip to the washroom turned out to be a quite an experience.

  118. Kim says:

    Probably our biggest mess is when my oldest daughter, who’s our most clumsy, dropped a full 2L of soda on the kitchen floor. Got it cleaned up but found sticky spots for days here and there. A nice sticky mess!! Repinned on pinterest too!!!

  119. Suzy says:

    I’m lucky because my husband is the one who cleans up the big spills. 🙂 My FAVORITE spill has to be the time that one of my kids projectile spit up from my lap right into the baby papasan next to me. The entire contents of her stomach landed in the chair … easiest cleanup ever! LOL

  120. Rachel says:

    Worst spills? Throw up…hands down.

  121. Rachel says:

    I pinned the Autospout water bottle.

  122. Senika says:

    My quads are 5 months old now so we have yet to have “spills”. I am getting prepared though!!

  123. Mary says:

    A dropped brand new glass bottle of olive oil. All over the kitchen!

  124. Correen says:

    A bowl of spaghetti on my white floor, white cabinets & fair blond haired boy. Can i just say marinera sauce is easily airborne?

    And, at the risk of being gross, a training potty of poop. The boy went potty all by himself! & I was nursing the baby. In an effort to be extra helpful he tried to dump it into the big potty himself. And didn’t quite succeed,

  125. krista says:

    I can’t think of a grand disaster at the moment but with three kids under four and four more on the way spills are part of our daily life. Even my two year old knows how to clean up his messes before momma sees them!

  126. Kathleen says:

    Spaghetti on he rug!

  127. Cathrine says:

    Nothing to crazy, but when my niece went to get the milk carton from the fridge and it fell and went EVERYWHERE.

  128. ellie says:

    My son once threw up all the way down the hall. My sister and I cleaned it up and had to laugh at where we found, um, his dinner. That’s a spill, right? That’s really the only one he had, I was blessed with a tidy kid. He’s grown now, and I wish I could say the same about him…but at least he cleans up his own messes.

  129. Deanna says:

    Pee :-), spit-up, dinner plate dumped up-side down, and sand in the shoes from the beach that we forget to empty before we go into the house.

  130. erica harker says:

    Love this! My husband & I were just talking about finding new cups! My most ‘memorable’ spill was a few months ago when my twins figured out how to open the fridge & started tossing eggs on the floor while I was (ahem) occupied in the restroom. I heard the splats but couldn’t do a thing about it 🙂 had to laugh … and buy a better fridge lock 😉

  131. Kathy says:

    A ketchup bottle fell on the floor. Busted. Ketchup was all over my kitchen and pantry door. It was sticky and yucky.

  132. Chris says:

    Olive oil. My daughter spilt an entire bottle of olive oil all over the kitchen.

  133. Amy says:

    A full sippy cup of milk… on the minivan passenger seat….in 100 degree weather. It apparently spilled early on in our travels b/c it had plenty of time to completely soak the seat. I worked and worked to get it cleaned up but after leaving the windows closed for a few hours….it stunk. Yuck! This no leak cup would be such a blessing!

  134. Crystal says:

    Well, my little sister spooned an entire jar of Vaseline into her hair once. Trust me, it NEVER comes out!

  135. SarahW says:

    With 4 kids ages 4 and under, we’ve definitely had our share of spills. Pee, poop, vomit, sand from the sandbox, cups, plates of food…sometimes all of the above at the same time. 🙂

  136. Carrie says:

    i just had my 4th boy, so spills are frequent at my house!! the worst spill in recent history, however, happened a couple of months ago. we were staying with my soon-to-be brother-in-law at his house for the first time. he has white carpet all over the dining room, living room and hallways, so i knew there was a disaster in the making! one of my 5 year olds was messing around and spilled my coffee mug (which, of course, i had only taken one sip of so it was full!) off the table. it flew across the room, got all over the white carpet, two throw pillows and the recliner in the living room. yikes. thankfully, the b-i-l wasn’t home and i was able to get most of it cleaned up before he got home!! the house smelled like coffee the rest of the weekend though!

  137. Nicole says:

    Go-gurt! They need to make these in toddler proof packages. My almost 21 month old LOVES them, but she doesn’t quite get the “if you squeeze it, it comes out of the top”. We get yogurt on hands, which travels to our face, which makes it to the hair, clothes, floor. Ugh. What can I say, she loves yogurt though.

    I hope you don’t get this twice!

  138. SandyC says:

    The biggest spill I ever had to clean up was actually on the ceiling!!
    My daughter was in her high chair eating ramon noodles in tomato soup…. she had decided that she had had her fill. Proceeded to pick up her bowl to make her point.

    The Bowl was a suction cup bowl and held for a while, the POP…. the tomato soup went everywhere…. including the ceiling!!

  139. Susie Auman says:

    My son was going through food allergy tests and one of the things he could have was apricot nector. He took the can out of the refrigerator and held it upside down while it all ran out. If you have never had apricot nector, it is very thick and kind of gooey. The worst part was that we had kitchen carpet at the time. (Who thought that was a good idea?)

  140. Liz says:

    We haven’t had too many really bad spills with either of our two kids, but we have had some that seem to escalate from something simple to a chain of spills in a short amount of time. It makes us laugh!

  141. Morgan says:

    I currently have a melted orange crayon on the seat of my car. I’m not sure how to clean it!

  142. Shannon says:

    My biggest spill just happened 2 days ago! A FULL sippy cup of milk all over the car seat. She is 2, and some how the valve came out of the cup and she poured it all over herself and her seat. Since she’s rearfacing, I had no idea she had done it until I went to get her out. It was a MESS to clean up! LOL

  143. AmyK says:

    Our biggest spill to clean up was when my toddler decided to try and help me make coffee. She went for the canister of grounds and dropped it in the pantry. The lid came off and I had grounds EVERYWHERE (in fact, I am still finding them)

  144. Sarah says:

    Out to dinner with family…full glass of diet coke narrowly saved from toddler’s wrath, only to be knocked across the table by Grandma.

  145. Christ says:

    I have two:
    A whole bottle of glitter that my nine month old crawled through and left a trail through the house.

    And a gallon of milk inside my two week old minivan.

  146. AmyK says:

    pinned their Autoseal Elle Travel Mug

  147. Karen says:

    Vomit all over a brand new Britax car seat! Such an ordeal to remove the cover, wash, dry, put back on the seat, thread straps correctly, etc!

  148. Leesa says:

    My son is not a very good eater so we supplement him with PEDIA sure chocolate drinks. He likes to shake them up really good, swears they taste better when they’re frosty. Last week he shook his up so good not realizing the top of his cup came shooting off and PEDIA sure covered my wood blinds, white cabinets, floors and walls. I wanted to cry!

  149. Rachael says:

    Hands down, waking up in the middle of the night to a kiddo fussing, only to find she’s had diarreah all over. After changing her, she proceeds to throw up not once, not twice, not 3 times, but 5 times in the course of an hour. Our rag bucket was empty by morning and we all needed showers… As far as spills from cups (because I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re looking for not “those” spills lol) my 2 year old wanting to act like mommy, tries to take a drink from my coffee mug and proceeds to spill it all over the couch and carpet in revolt of the taste 🙂 Maybe we should start with a carmel macciato before we go black huh…

  150. Sami Thomson says:

    The largest spill i ever cleaned up was when my twins learned that there was a hole in their rice pack which we’d use on one of their legs for growing pains – the spread the rice all over their room – then dumped it into the sink – thinking they were gonna get in trouble they tried washing it down… i spent 2 hours cleaning soggy rice out of the drain and their room.

  151. 4littlewinebrenners says:

    Right after the quaddles were all home I was up making bottles in the middle of the night. We were using premixed Neosure. I was so tired after I broke the seal on the top I forgot to tighten the lid before I started to shake it up, lol. The lid flew off and I threw formula all over my kitchen- the windows, the cabinets, the ceiling, the stove, the countertops, the fridge, the floor and myself and mother in-law. I was SO upset I cried. Mom was laughing at me and told me to go to bed that she would take care of the babies and the cleanup. It was the worst mess EVER and SO STICKY!!! I can laugh about it now, but I did not think it was even a little funny then 🙂

  152. Susan says:

    The biggest spill I’ve ever cleaned up as a parent would probably be the day I tripped over the baby gate bring my twin daughters each a full plate of food for lunch! You would be surprised how far 2 plates of food goes when it is on your floor!!

  153. Susan says:

    I pinned their AUTOSEAL® Kids Trekker Cup!

  154. Betsy says:

    This spill was before I was a parent, but it was by far the worst. My mother-in-law used my car to buy groceries and forgot that she bought a gallon of milk and left it in my trunk. It was there for a week before I discovered it and it was horrendous! My car smelled like rotten milk for months. Nothing could get the smell out. I pray nothing like that ever happens again, ha!

  155. Carole says:

    My son recently spilled an entire glass of Dr. Pepper all over himself and the couch. It was just after he’d had a bath, and I had told him NOT to get a drink because it was too late to be drinking a soft drink. He disobeyed, got all wet and sticky, and the couch will never be the same! Needless to say, the wet/sticky part was punishment enough for both of us! 🙂

  156. Meg says:

    One of our sort spills I was responsible for (shocker, still a klutz).it was a crockpot full of sloppy joes at church on the new floor and newly painted walls. Oh, and i had on an ivory colored shirt….

  157. Biggest spill….hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m sure it involved either water OR poop, unfortunately…..

  158. Megan says:

    when my daughter found a straw cup and flipped up the straw lid allowing the fermented juice inside to EXPLODE all the way to the other side of the room, on the walls, curtians, ceiling, ceiling fan, rugs, freshly folded and sorted laundry

  159. Leigh says:

    The biggest mess had to be when the kids got in the pantry and pulled chocolate, sprinkles, marshmallows and ice cream up stairs to their room. It was a huge sticky mess.

  160. Christie says:

    I have a 3 week old, so I’m dealing with my clumbsiness at 3am when I spilled my precious milk that I’d just spent a half hour pumping.

  161. Kristen says:

    Worst spill, a full, glass bottle of Franks Hot Sauce in my pantry. I had two boys under two at the time, I just closed the pantry door and waited for my husband to get home before even tried to clean it up. What a mess! I LOVE Contigo products, I just picked up some of their stainless steel waterbottles at Costco for my kiddos and they LOVE them!

  162. Kristen says:

    Just pinned their Stainless Steel Water Bottle on Pinterest. Love it…

  163. Carrie M says:

    Milk! Full glass, big dinner table, lots of cracks, drips onto floor, etc. Biggest mess for liquid so far.

  164. a bag of flour all over the floor. it was a HUGE mess!

  165. Tracey says:

    Dropping a whole pitcher of orange juice in front of the open refrigerator door was a sticky mess all over the floor, cabinets AND every shelf and drawer of the fridge. Yuck!

    I would love to try these cups for my 3 little ones!

  166. Kari J says:

    My son just spilled most of a bottle of root beer in the van over the weekend. It just happened to be on top of everything (the kids’ toys, blankets, etc) that were on the floor as we traveled. What a sticky mess!

  167. Bannon says:

    The worst spill I’ve had was when my kids spilled a whole gallon of milk all over my kitchen table, floor and onto my carpet. It was horrible to clean up.

  168. sharon says:

    wow, guess i’m fortunate enough not to really remember a specific big spill although we’ve had plenty .. my guess would be a glass full of milk all over – so grateful we don’t have carpet!! ;D

  169. Bannon says:

    I pinned the stainless steel scout cup to my boards on pinterest.

  170. Amy says:

    There have been so many spills over the years. Where do I begin? I, too, have had the classic milk spilled all over the kitchen table, down through the cracks and dripping onto floor. What mother of boys wouldn’t have the ocassional popsicle left unwanted somewhere, to melt, drip all over, and get everything sticky? But, my most recent spill came all on my own. I was entering the kitchen, via the garage, while holding a can of Mt Dew in one hand and about eight bottles of fingernail polish in another hand. All of a sudden, my flip flop caught on the bottom step, and I went tumbling down. I couldn’t catch myself, so my left knee to the weight of my fall – and, after four kids, that’s a lot of weight (unfortunately). Bottles of fingernail polish went flying; luckily, they didn’t break. However, the Mt. Dew was a different story…all over me, all over the floor, all over the cabinets, countertops, etc. What a sticky mess!!!!

  171. jenny lloyd says:

    My biggest and most expensive spill happened when my oldest was just a few months old. He was a preemie and drank high calorie formula that had to be mixed a certain way (like a science experiment). I had just finished mixing a pitcher of formula and turned to answer the phone and knocked over the pitcher. I cried.

  172. Julieann Hasler says:

    Worst spill that I can think of today was not actually a spill but a baby oil fight between two of my triplets. Yep! Baby oil all over the walls of the bathroom, play loft & their bedroom & the carpet! The second “spill” was the Vicks Vapor Rub they rubbed on each other & the carpet & walls again of the play loft.

  173. Stephani says:

    Oh gosh…what haven’t I had to clean up? I think any spill in a carseat! It always soaks through the cover and drips onto the seat of the car…and then into the crevice between the cushions…such a pain to get rid of!

  174. ally walker says:

    Gatorade on the (not cheap) throw rug or a dominoes effect of a crockpot and slew of glasses falling off of a counter top to the tile floor.

  175. nancyann says:

    Ketchup!! It was an open bottle that landed flat on the bottom in the kitchen. It splattered EVERYWHERE!!

  176. Anne-Marie says:

    My 2 years old kids but Kool aid ALL over my new carpet that cost me 300$ OUFF i was so sad !!! and it was the blue one so never could clean it 🙁

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