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Before I get to the new information that some of you might not have heard about, I will give you the update from our appointment today. We were able to see all of our babies heartbeats this morning and Jen is healing very well according to our doctors. I dont think we could ask for anything to go any better than it is at this point, and we praise our God for that. So far, He has deemed it His will for our babies to thrive, and we are so thankful.

Some of you might have noticed that for the last few weeks, I have been referring to our babies in plural, but not specifically by number. Well, our doctors originally told us we had triplets because they saw three sacks which traditionally each have one baby in them. But, the babies were so small at that point that you could not see them very well. You can probably see where this is going, we now know that we are having quadruplets, not triplets. One of those three sacks has had 2 babies in it all along. So, please be praying for our 4 little babies, not three.

The obvious question that comes up is, doesnt this make this pregnancy much higher risk? Well, yes, in fact, the risk has gone up substantially. But, we also know that we serve a God who created the universe in 7 days, parted the red sea, and sent His one and only Son to take the penalty for all of our sins. So, it is no big deal for Him to deliver 4 healthy babies. We know that God is completely able to do this, but what we do not know is whether He will choose to do so. We trust Him either way and will be praying that He will do so. Lets not be told some day that we have not, because we asked not, lets bombard our God with pleads to bring our four babies home to us!

We love you all, thank you for praying,


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  1. Milk Mama says:

    Praise God He is good! 😀 I was curious to see when you found out it was quadruplets! I am blessed by your story!

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

    Phil 4: 13

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