15 Weeks, Another Week Behind Us….

Posted by Brad:

Thank you all once again for lifting Jen and the babies up in your prayers this week. It has been an up and down week, but seems to be ending on a high note. Jen seems to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back in her recovery the last 2 weeks. She had a few rough days this week, but we are so thankful for all of you who have helped in various ways to make it easier. Jen has had a couple good days in a row and we are praying that the worst of the surgery recovery is now behind us.

I thought it might be kind of fun this weekend to ask you all for a little input. Jen and I have begun talking about names this week. As many of you now know, we found out recently that we have four boys on the way. And while we are not going to release any of our name ideas until the boys are all born, I thought it might be fun to get some nicknames started. Then, we will select our favorite from what you all suggest, and that is what we will refer to them as until the pregnancy is over. I have no idea how many people are even reading this blog, so we may only get one or two suggestions, who knows.

Here are the names that have been suggested so far, you can add to the list:
(Leave suggestions in the comments link at the bottom of this post)

-Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
-Eney,Meany,Miney, and Moe
-The Blue crew
-The Quad squad

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