16 Healthy Weeks with Our Boys….

Posted by Brad:

Hey all, just a quick update to let you all know that our doctors appointment went really well this morning. The boys are all healthy and doing really well. They told us this morning that although Jen is only 16 weeks pregnant, she is already measuring 23 weeks! This is pretty normal for Quad pregnancies, so nothing to be alarmed about.

We would, however, like to ask specifically for prayer in regard to Jen’s growth. They told us this morning that they would expect her to start having contractions when she measures 25-26 weeks. This would mean bed rest until the babies come. So, we would ask you to join us in praying that the Lord would allow Jen’s body to hold off contractions longer than that. We would love for Jen to have several more weeks of freedom before she is sent to bed rest. We know that He is capable of all things, so we ask that God would allow us to go beyond “normal”.

I also wanted to share some pictures from the sonogram this morning. Click on the pictures to see them full size. (see posts below)

Thanks all!


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