Amazing Blessings for our “Pumpkins”….

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share an amazing blessing that God provided tonight through my sister, Kristy. Kristy is an HR professional at a company in Lafayette. Her company had AAA out today for a child safety day. Kristy was not even sure she was going to go to it, but decided that she should go and make sure everything was going okay. After talking with one of the AAA representatives that was there about our situation, they offered her four brand new car seat/carriers! (shown below) I am convinced that God was involved in having Kristy at the right place, at the right time today.

God is providing for “our pumpkins” everyday in ways that blow our minds. We already have one car seat that we can use when they are a little older, we have a double stroller on the way, a nearly new larger capacity dryer last week, and then these brand new car seats tonight. This does not even count all of the food, baby clothes, maternity clothes, and other services that you all are providing.

Our “pumpkins” new seats!

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