A Bump in the Road….


Well, we hit a bit of a bump in the road this evening. We were suspicious that Jen might be having some contractions today, so we called our doctor to find out what we should do. They told us to come in so that they could monitor her to see if she was having contractions or not.

After hooking her up, it became clear that she was indeed having some contractions. So, to be cautious, they decided to admit her for the night and give her some mild medication to calm the contractions. If all goes well and the contractions are stopped, Jen should be able to go home tomorrow.

Please pray:
-That the Great Physician, our Lord, would allow Jen’s body to stop contractions
-That Jen would be able to go home tomorrow.
-That God would supernaturally protect our boys and Jen at this time.
-That Jen could have peace and sleep tonight here in the hospital.

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