I’m HOME!!

Hey all, it’s Jen posting. I’m so thankful that the school let me borrow this laptop – even laying down, I’m able to keep in touch. Thanks Delaware Trail (esp. Jill Holstein and Cindi G.)!

Well, they let me out yesterday around 4:00pm. I was THRILLED to be back in my own bed last night. I’m on a mild medication to keep my uterus happy and so far the side effects haven’t been too bothersome. I’ve also started official “strict bed rest”. So far, so good. Between the affects of only getting an hour or so of sleep at the hospital and the drugs, I slept until about 11:15am this morning! That should make the day go quickly. I’m just so thankful to be in the comfort of my home, that they could strap me down and I wouldn’t care at this point. I’m also getting AMAZING care from Nurse Mom for a few days – how precious! It was also terrific to take a shower today. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The things we take for granted daily!

I’m not sure if the contractions have officially “stopped”, but they were comfortable enough with the intensity/amount that I was having to allow me to be home. Yesterday my homework was to figure out what a contraction felt like, since I still had yet to feel one. I don’t have any pain when I’m having one, and with 4 babies in there, it’s hard to distinguish between babies and tightness. I’m still learning – I can feel it with my hands now, but still not really with my brain. =) Hopefully, insurance will approve a home contraction monitor soon.

– Being home!!!! It’s HUGE!
– That the drugs aren’t affecting me too negatively
– The babies are safe
– My mom being able to take care of me (and Brad) for a few days

Prayer Request for Today:
– That I can figure out the contraction thing and not be too paranoid about whether or not I’m missing something
– That the medicine will work for a LONG time!
– Keeping the babies safe as long as possible (Friday will be 23 weeks)
– Comfort while I’m on bed rest
– Peace and assurance – it’s been a bit more of a mental battle the last few days. Even though I know that these babies belong to God, I still have to trust Him over and over each day. He is trustworthy! He is faithful! “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”
– Encouragement and strength for Brad and I as we face each new challenge

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