25w5d and Counting….

Friends and Family,

I just wanted to give you a quick update. The good news is, there really is no news on the pregnancy! Jen is still resting at home and the boys are still playing soccer with all of her internal organs! Its great that they get a chance to practice with each other even before birth.

On a more serious note, I have been researching our options for health insurance and any assistance that might be available to a family in our circumstances and have come upon some potentially unexpected help. Normally we would not qualify for any social programs, but due to the number of babies that will be present, Lord willing, in our home in a few months, it appears that we might qualify after all. As we continue to try to figure out how to get our finances in order, would you pray with us that the approval process would go smoothly and quickly? If this assistance does become available, it would be another small piece that would help me figure out how to survive financially with four wonderful blessings from God to feed!

Thanks friends!

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