Almost 24 Weeks – Simply Amazing!

Family and Friends,

I don’t know if everyone who reads this understands just how HUGE this Friday is for the babies, so I wanted to explain just in case.

At 23 weeks, most doctors would say that a baby has little chance of survival if born at this time. Even if survival is achieved, the chances that a baby survives without serious long-term health problems is very very slim. However, some amazing things happen during the 23rd week of pregnancy. At 24 weeks, often called viability, suddenly, the chances of survival start to rise rapidly. With each day that passes after the 24 week mark, our babies are taking huge strides toward getting ready to enter our world able to survive and thrive. Obviously, 24 weeks is not our goal, and is not what we are shooting for, but we are going to celebrate it none the less.

Please, please continue to pray diligently for Jen and the babies. If it sounds like I am begging for your prayers, you are reading correctly, I AM. I feel as though healthy babies are within our reach. Jen needs to carry these boys several more weeks before we can really start to breath a sigh of relief. 30-32 weeks is still the goal, so continue to pray for that, but I am just so excited that we are reaching our window of hope.

We love you all and thank you for your support and prayers!

Brad and Jen
(and the kickers!) 🙂

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