We Made It to Viability!

Friends and Family,

Please join us in praising God today for allowing Jen and the babies to hit this huge milestone in the pregnancy, 24 weeks! We are so excited that we have now entered this new phase in the pregnancy. If the boys were born today, they would stand a chance of healthy survival. From everything they can see, our ultrasound this morning showed four very healthy little babies growing inside of mom, praise God!

Now, we shift our focus to 28 weeks. Our doctor tells us that when we hit 28 weeks, our boys will have a 90%+ chance of healthy survival. So, between now and then, statistically, the numbers go from 40% to over 90%. That means that everyday between now and 28 weeks is a big step toward bringing home healthy babies. But, we also know that we do not trust only in numbers and statistics. Our God is capable of anything, so please pray that He would be willing to give us four more weeks.

Please pray:

– That Jen could continue to stay at home on bed rest with less than 4 contractions an hour. (she is averaging 1-2 right now)

– That our boys would continue to grow and stay healthy

– That God would give Jen and I peace and patience as we await the big day.

– That God would allow us to give Him all the glory with our lives and that we can share the good news of Jesus Christ during this Christmas season with others.

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