29 Amazing Weeks….

Friends and Family:

We wanted to let you know that our 29 week appointment went very well! The boys got measured today and we were pleasantly surprised to find that all four of our babies have cleared two pounds. We are so excited about this. The only issue that presented itself that we would ask that you bath in prayer has to do with our two identical boys, C and D. (Yes, they do have names, be we aren’t telling….) Dr. Sumners assures us that it is not a problem to be alarmed about, but it is one that he wants to keep an eye on.

Babies C and D are smaller in general, but this is to be expected because they share a placenta which often does not allow quite as much nutrients to reach them. What is not expected is the fact that their abdominal measurement was a little smaller than expected for their size. Dr. Sumners says that when their tummy’s measurement is small, it can sometimes be an indicator that their growth is beginning to be restricted.

So What Now?
First, Dr. Sumners ordered that Jen get a round of steroids to bolster the boys lung development. This will prepare them for arrival in case the problem persists and Dr. Sumners decides to schedule a c-section next week. Next, he ordered a test known as a biophysical profile. This test is done with an ultrasound machine and simply watches for things such as movement, amniotic fluid levels, and breathing movements. The best possible score for this test is an 8, and each of our four boys scored 8 out of 8! Praise God, what a relief! This gave us the confidence that we should easily be able to wait the recommended 48 hours after steroids so that their lungs get that extra boost. Monday we should have another biophysical profile to help Dr. Sumners determine their continued well being.

Baby A: 2lbs. – 6oz. (Small forward)
Baby B: 3lbs. – 4oz. (Power forward)
Baby C: 2lbs. – 2oz. (Guard)
Baby D: 2lbs. – 2oz. (Point Guard)

(I think we need to adopt a fifth child whose parents were very tall. Neither Jen, nor I are probably going to produce a Center.)

Please continue to pray for the health and lives of our little baby boys. Also, pray that God would give our doctors wisdom as they seek to do the right thing for our babies. We are still praying for 32 weeks in spite of this new development. But, if the boys are born in the next week or two, please pray that they would thrive after birth.

We are almost their friends, thank you so much for all the encouragement and support through this blog, phone calls, and cards. We will never be able to repay you for the kindness you have displayed. We still plan to post a list of anticipated needs soon so that you can begin telling us what you might be willing to do. Please never feel obligated as we realize everyone has their own responsibilities, but we will post the needs in case any of you would like to help us further when the babies finally get to come home to us.

We had one anonymous post this week asking us to give them a list of things we need. Whoever you are, could you please specify which kind of needs you were inquiring about? We would be happy to tell you, but were not sure what kind of needs you were referring to. (current hospital needs, material needs, helping hands, baby stuff??)

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