31 Weeks = Crunch Time!

Friends and Family:

We come to you today only with a prayer request. .

Dr. Sumners says that these groups of multiples typically have larger and smaller babies. The smaller babies almost always do better at birth than the larger ones. They are not certain why this is, but it is almost always the case. There is a theory that the smaller ones have had to fight for resources for so long that they are just better fighters.

The Plan:
So, here is the plan. One week from now, Dr. Sumners will perform an amniocentesis on the two larger babies, baby A and baby B. This test will be done to determine lung maturity. He says that if babies A and B have mature lungs, then babies C and D (our identicals) are almost sure to be okay. If this is the case, he says it will be time for birth!!

If babies A and B have lungs that are too immature for safe birth, we will be forced to wait another week, and try it again.

First, praise God that we even have to go through this process! We would have never dreamed that we would need to make a decision about when to do the c-section based on these variables. It was assumed from the beginning that we would just go as far as Jen’s body would allow, then deal with extremely premature babies and pray for the best. At this point, our babies will still be preemie’s, but not the extreme preemies that we were prepared for. Praise God!! Praise God that He has provided doctors with such experience and training to help us through this process!

So, here is our MAJOR prayer request this week:

Please pray that the amniocentesis comes back positive next week. The sooner our babies are ready for birth, the sooner we can get them out of danger of a cord accident. God is in control, and I will trust His timing, but would you pray with us that His timing would be this coming week? If their lungs are mature enough to avoid respirators, there is no reason to leave them inside where they could hurt each other.

Thank you everyone, please pray hard for maturity!!

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