Almost to 30 – Keep Praying!

Friends and Family:

I wanted to write and give you all a quick update. Yesterday morning our boys underwent another biophysical profile and once again each scored 8/8. This test can last up to two hours, but only took about 30 minutes this time. Each baby needs to meet 4 criteria in thirty minutes or less, which did not turn out to be a problem.

Please continue to pray for the safety of our babies. 30 weeks is yet another huge milestone to achieve and we are thankful that we are drawing close to it.

Also, pray for Jen’s physical comfort and endurance as the rapid growth of the babies makes her more uncomfortable every day.

Last, Jen and I ask that you pray for her best friend Jamie who just had a baby at prematurely. Her little girl is still in the hospital. Jamie is also still in some discomfort. Would you all pray that Jamie could get some rest and be able to recover? Also pray that her little girl can come home soon.

Thanks friends!

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