Happy New Year! Roll Call!

Hello all,

Happy New Year from the Murray clan. We are so excited that our boys are still in the oven in 2007! Thank you for your prayers as we enter this new and final phase of the pregnancy, hospitalization. (Starting this Friday)

We know that there are a lot of you out there checking in on us somewhat regularly, but we really have no way of knowing who you are unless you leave a comment. I thought it would be encouraging to Jen to see just how many of you are out there checking this website. Would you be so kind as to leave a comment with your name, just letting us know that you are there. Even if you do not know us well or at all, we would love to know you are out there.

To leave a comment, simply click the word “comment 0” at the bottom of this post. Once there, click the “anonymous” option below the message, then type your message in the box provided. Please be sure to leave your name! 🙂

We love you all, thank you for your prayers,

Brad and Jen

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One thought on "Happy New Year! Roll Call!"

  1. Milk Mama says:

    Wow! Jen you did such a great job carrying those boys!!!

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