Hospital Visiting/Card Writing….

Family and Friends,

We are having another great day today. I am at work, but was just able to run over to the hospital at lunch for a monitoring session. All of our babies are doing great and are showing all the right signs to the nurses to let them know that they are all doing well so far. Hopefully this shows that there are no current problems with cord compression or knotting to worry about, but we will keep watching!

Fun stuff:
We did have a couple of fun milestones that we reached this week that are very encouraging. First, when the initial sonogram was done when we checked into the hospital, the doctor doing the scan noticed that she was able to detect breathing movements in our boys. At about 28 weeks, babies are suppose to begin this movement to “practice breathing” before they are born. They still get all of their oxygen supply from Jen, but this will help to develop the muscles necessary to begin to breath when they are born. The other thing that happened for the first time this weekend is the famed fetal hiccups. Jen has now felt hiccups in two of the boys. I think it will be really funny sometime if they are all doing this at once!

Last, we have had some people ask about visiting while Jen is in the hospital. She would love to have visitors while she is there and we welcome all of you. The only thing we ask, for your own convenience, is that you call before you come. This way you will not drive all the way to the hospital only to find that Jen is being monitored and cannot have visitors. If you would like the address for the hospital along with Jen’s room number, feel free to e-mail me and I will get that info to you. (

Thanks for your prayers, God continues to preserve the life of our precious boys!

Brad, Jen, and the hiccupers….is that a word?? 🙂

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