Past 30 Weeks and Still Going….

Friends and Family:

I wanted to quickly let you know that all is well with the pregnancy and the boys. Our boys continue to show very good heart rates and from all we can tell, they are very healthy.

If you would be willing, we ask that you would continue to pray for our babies safety. They all continue to be at risk, but God has been faithful thus far in preserving their lives, praise Him!

Also, please pray for Jen’s physical comfort. As the boys grow and Jen gets stretched to the limit and beyond, her body is responding with a lot of aches and pains. And, this morning a new pain was added. As Jen turned over after having a sonogram, the boys took a major shift in position. Suddenly Jen was in a lot of pain and didn’t know why. Dr. Sumners came in a while later and explained that it sounds like she may have pulled/strained her round ligament. He says this ligament is attached to her pubic bone and runs up and over her belly. Evidently, one of the boys must have crashed down on top of this ligament when it was already pulled tight, injuring it in the process. This has been the most painful day yet during this pregnancy.
Would you pray that this sharp pain would go away soon?

Thank you all, we are getting so close now. In a few weeks, we should be giving you names and weights of our new baby boys!!

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