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On February 2, 2007, we became parents to quadruplet boys: Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac. Originally, this blog started as a way to keep family and friends on board with updates and prayer requests during our extreme high-risk pregnancy. Since then, it has “multiplied” into a collection of our family adventures, frugal living on a “quad budget”, our faith journey, family-friendly foods, and finding joy in the every day.

We thank God for His immeasurable blessings and hope that our blog can be a source of encouragement to your faith as well!

{Jen aka “QuatroMama”}

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I could have never imagined that I would become a mama of quadruplets – let alone all BOYS!  This life has certainly been an adventure, and I could not have survived it without my faith in Christ, and my best friend by my side.  God has been faithful to provide for us every step along the way: through the difficult days of infertility, the uncertain days of my high-risk pregnancy, the trials of the NICU, and the journey of parenthood x4. My heart is to be an encouragement to you through sharing glimpses of our lives with you. We have been so blown away by your outstanding support for our family these last five years!

You can also find me on twitter, facebook, and pinterest. Or shoot me a message at 4tunate.net{at}gmail{dot}com.



Brad is the father of these four energetic little boys. He runs his web design business from home which blesses him with the opportunity to be a nearly constant influence on them.

When he is not parenting, Brad and his team at 4tunate Design are giving their clients a fresh opportunity to market their services online.  Check his work out at www.4tunatedesign.com.



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Henry is the first-born, and the small but mighty of the four. He started off at 2 lbs. 12 oz, but needed very little assistance from the get-go.  He continues to exhibit that same independent spirit. Henry is confident, outgoing, and social.  He enjoys figuring out how things work, playing tackle, and screen time.





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Brooks is an identical twin to Clark, and it’s fascinating to observe their bond. Brooks and Clark survived a complicated pregnancy scenario which made them mono-mono twins, meaning they shared not only a outside sac (as most identical twins do), but also an inner sac as well. God spared their lives from cord twisting/knotting, and insufficient nutrient sharing to survive the pregnancy, and Brooks has thrived ever since. He is a polite, sweet, and imaginative kid. He loves to color, write, and pretend with his brothers.



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Clark survived a rough both a complicated pregnancy scenario, along with a rough, uncertain NICU stay with severe respiratory distress. He continues to surprise us all with his spunk and determination.  Clark is animated, sympathetic, and a great sense of humor.  He enjoys entertaining others, playing rough, and acting out creative adventures with his identical twin, Brooks.





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Isaac is a passionate child with a innate love for anything sports. He learned to walk with a ball in his hands, and has hardly put one down since.  Isaac is energetic, joyful, encouraging, and is an excellent listener (even when he’s not the one being spoken to). He loves playing basketball every single day, playing games, and building with blocks.

11 thoughts on "About Us"

  1. Pam Johnston says:

    They are all just precious……love those “angel kisse” or as some call them in these parts of the country, “cowlicks” ! My children all have them also and I keep looking for one with my grand daughter too. Anyway, I love the new look, your family is just beautiful……you are so blessed and you’ll do a wonderful job with parenting! I love reading your blog, thanks for sharing a small part of your life with us!

  2. I really love the new format and the updated pictures are super. I really, really,want copies of the individual shots. (Photos are one thing that I beg for)
    If someone would have told me a few ;years ago that I would be able to see my family via internet, I would have laughed it off. Just thankful every day for healthy energetic boys.

  3. Oh you must let me shoot y’all again soon.

    1. QuatroMama says:

      In an instant! xoxo

  4. Heather says:

    Hi Jen. A friend came across your blog and shared it with me. I am also the mother of quad boys with two identical and two fraternal. My boys are 17 and will be seniors in high school this year. They were born at 28 weeks, and are all big and healthy. You’d never know they were premature. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Heather

    1. QuatroMama says:

      I’m always amazed and eager to meet another quad mom – especially a quad boy mom! So thankful to hear how well they are doing! Keep in touch and have a great summer with those almost seniors! Wow.

  5. Audrey says:

    Hi Jen,

    I found your blog after spending my daily lunch time ritual of reading Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience. My first thought after reading your story is Lord willing, you will have all four boys go off to college at the same time..which will be here before you know it! I have been going through “mourning” as we are preparing to send our 4th child off to college this fall (we had 4 in 5 years) and our home will be empty. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have all four leave at once…a house way too clean, not enough laundry for a full load, instantly meals for 6 down to meals for 2…etc…Cherish this time with your boys…you will be sharing them with girls before you know it!…it all good…because of Him.

  6. Victor & Marla Perez says:

    Love to see another quad family and all boys. Ours turned four years in June. They were not June 4 2008. We are blessed for them to be healthy boys!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      We are so incredibly blessed, right? So much gratitude. Congrats on making through thus far! =)

  7. Chris says:

    they are adorable. My wife just gave birth to momo twin girls, cant imagine how hard it was for you, but what a blessing.

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