Brooks and Isaac are HOME!!!

Hey all,

Not much time, but I wanted to post a quick message to tell you all that Isaac and Brooks made it home last night at about 8pm. Jen and I decided we wanted to spend our first night home with the boys alone, but after one very fun and exciting night, Jen’s mom is coming up this afternoon to give us a hand.

It is an amazing joy to have two of our boys home so quickly, we are praising God for this amazing day in our lives.

Please pray for Henry and Clark. They are doing well so far, but need to begin gaining weight and eating better. They are really having trouble getting them to gain, so we ask you to join us in going to the Great Physician to allow them to begin to grow as needed.

Thank you all, here is our first complete family picture since the boys were born, then one of Brooks and Isaac when they got home.

First Family Photo!

Brooks (left) and Isaac (right)

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