Clark is Starting to Improve…

Friends and Family,

Join us in praising God that our precious little Clark has turned the corner and has had a better day today. They finally got control of his blood gas levels and got them normalized. Meanwhile, they have been able to wean him off of many of the medications that he was on last night and continues to improve.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that he has a problem with his heart that is more common with preemies born at 25-28 weeks, not 32 weeks. There is a heart valve that is open only during pregnancy that is suppose to close off within 24 hours of birth. Clark has been so sick, his body has not done this important task. So, they have started him on a medication that sometimes closes this valve for him. If this doesn’t work, the only other way to fix it would be surgery, which is not possible at this point because of how sick he is. The doctors are telling us that this is more likely to be a result of his problems, not the root of his problem. Unfortunately, they still cannot figure out why he is having such problems ventilating. Please continue to pray for Clark. He is less critical today, but a long ways from being out of the woods.

More good news:
Jen is doing remarkably better today. Her fever has all but disappeared and she seems to be on the road to recovery. She FINALLY was able to go up and spend some quality time with our beautiful boys this afternoon and tonight. She was lovin’ the time with her baby boys! Please pray that this continues and that tomorrow is an even better day for her.

Also, Henry, Brooks, and Isaac continue to thrive and are doing wonderfully. Isaac has been on a vent since the evening of his birthday, but he is doing very well on it and they anticipate him coming off of the vent in the near future. Henry and Brooks are doing wonderful and seem to be starting the race for who gets to go home first. Isaac may join them in that race in the near future. Since he has over a pound on him, who knows, he may beat everyone home once he comes off that ventilator.

We praise God for four days of life for our four little boys.

More later,

Brad, Jen, and the Blue Crew

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