Coming Home????

Hey all,

So sorry that I have not been on to update in a while.

Awesome news flash: We may have two of our boys home within the next two days!! Isaac and Brooks are doing so well, that they are going to come home more than a month before their due date, praise God!!! This is only a guess, but it looks like Clark and Henry will be home within a week or two of their brothers.

God continues to do amazing work in the lives of our little boys. Please pray that they come home soon, and pray that God would give Jen and I the strength and wisdom to care for our little boys. Also, praise God, Jen’s fever broke and as of this morning, she has gone more than 36 hours without a fever! Looks like God may have healed her up just in time. She is still very weak from 12 weeks of bed rest, so please pray that God completely heals her and gives her some renewed strength.

Due to the short notice of their homecoming, we are going to have to get our help lined up. Cindy H., if you read this, give me a call sometime on the cell phone if you still have that number, Kirb and Sally have it if you do not.

We are so excited. Thank you all for praying!

Brad, Jen, and the miraculous quads!

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